Hidden Secret/C3 Sabotage and cruelty
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Hidden Secret/C3 Sabotage and cruelty
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C3 Sabotage and cruelty

After a very long search and talk with all of George's friends, Isabella was finally able to pick one. It was a tough decision to make. George almost quit in the middle

It was either Isabella say she was too strict for Mark, or too stylish, or too soft. Mark would definitely cheat any lady that is too sloppy.

Finally someone who seem to fit Mark's temperament, Sarah Desmond. Known to work in SD Global, but the major position there isn't known. That didn't bother Isabella but what really caught her attention is that Sarah isn't sloppy or tough. She is just simply perfect for Mark.

She is homely and according to the research made, she already own her own place. Which makes her hard working and dependable. Moreover her parents are important people in the society. Maybe she could rub some of her good character and influence on Mark

"Mum please am tired of going on these random dates"

Do you even have any right to complain. Look at you looking so beautiful and elegant yet no man, wasting every gift you have. Moreover this is different, his parents are also desperate like us to get their child settled

But am not desperate mum, Sarah could only complain knowing that her mother is hard to communicate with when it comes to marriage

Mrs Desmond and Sarah Desmond can be said to be very intimate except for the part of getting a man in her life


Don't mum me there. "I want a grandchild". My friends looks at me and say "Bunmi, are you satisfied with your daughter being single all these while?"

I am not forcing you to have many, just give me one that I can show off with to my friends, just to shut their gossip mouth for once. If I had many children, I won't waste my time on you. I don't have options and so do you

Sarah bit her lip in pain as she doesn't seem to know how to escape this time.

How can you even think like this mum, "is my life and future children something you should use to boast to your friends"

Yes! Oh yes!!

Look at all my friends, they have grandchildren, you are the richest among them, you have your own company that is rooted almost all over the world, even if they don't know you own it. I would have boasted so much if not for your insistence that I don't publicise you, all my friends show off with their children. You are very wierd.

I don't know why you won't let me rub it on my friends face, they do the same too. Bunmi felt wronged as Sarah would not let her expose their wealth.

Sarah isn't happy to be single but she loves her life. She is wealthy and all and have enough peace of mind, what else does a woman need. She could adopt if she wants children but her mum rejected the idea also, just immediately she told her about it

They don't have as much as you but they are married with children, Bunmi continued to nag Sarah

"I want children not money"


she pretends to cry as she increases her voice

Can you please stop, I promise you, I will find someone soon.

Mrs Desmond quickly dries her eyes, you don't have to trouble yourself with that, you know you are very busy and all.

She hugs Sarah by the waist, I already found you one. And Bunmi dropped the bomb shell on Sarah

What!! Sarah could not believe her ears. When did this happen?

Mrs Desmond laughed at her daughter. Your fathers friend actually has this sweet boy who is also like you

Sarah is out of words to rebuke her mother, "like me, how?"

"single and ready to marry" she laughs again happily.

Mum please you can't do this to me. She holds Mrs Desmond by the hand. I already have a boyfriend.

Sarah had to come up with an excuse to get the witty old Bunmi off her back and off her trail. This is just too much to accept, she can't allow this arrangement to work, not this time.

What boyfriend! You are trying to play smart. Bunmi knows Sarah too well and saying she has a boyfriend seems like an easy way to escape her, but that won't happen under her watch. It took a lot of effort to find this presentable family for her daughter. There was no way this opportunity would slip through her fingers. If she would have to drag Sarah to the alter, then so be it

"I do have a boyfriend, I just haven't brought him home"

Fine, bring him home by weekend for assessment. She looks at her and jerks Sarah pleading hand off, as she smirks and walked away

"am sure she doesn't have a boyfriend" Mrs Desmond murmur, let's wait to see. I can play this game too

Sarah bangs her fist on the small table beside her. If I knew this is what she was going to say I wouldn't have come home

Ha! This is sabotage, pure evil sabotage. This woman is just too cruel, it's just impossible to doubt the DNA it's more like doubting myself

A phone vibrates "what is love when I can give myself plenty of it", Sarah picks the ringing cell phone. I am not in the mood, what is it

There is a slight problem at the company that needs your attention, Alice responded lightly from the phone. Hearing Sarah say she isn't in the mood means she has to be fast in whatever she has to say

"I will be right there" Sarah responded

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