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C1 Husband Having Threesome

"Brigitta, since your beloved husband has just travelled, why don't you come to the club to have fun with us?" The person speaking on the other end of the phone was her bestfriend, Cassie.

"Why not? It's been a long time..." Brigitta answered. Since she got married, she hadn't had the time for clubs and had always been busy with her husband. But since her husband had travelled abroad two days ago for a business meeting and would be back in three days time, she decided to use this period to have fun. Afterall, being at home alone has been boring.

"Good. Just come to room 090, I have a surprise for you," Cassie said gleefully.

"Can't wait, expect me there in a jiffy," Brigitta said merrily and hung the call up.

A few minutes later, she stepped out of her car and walked straight inside the club. She then began to walk to the room that Cassie had told her to come, she was anxious to see what 'sort of surprise' her bestfriend had for her.

On getting before room 090, she raised her knuckles in an attempt to plant it on the door but she paused at the sounds and moans coming from the room.

"Oh yeah... Alex... You are driving me crazy... Deeper baby..." The voice was loud and clear. The voice was familiar and sounded like that of her stepsister.

She was confused. Isn't this the room that Cassie told her to come? Why was she hearing a voice like that of her stepsister plus the name she was hearing her stepsister call was similar to her husband's name. Her husband isn't in the country so she was sure it wasn't her husband in there.

She then decided to call Cassie in a bit to confirm the room number she wanted her to come but before she could dial the number, she heard a voice that sounded exactly like that of her husband, "Cassie, go down and suck. Ambrose, bring it up here, let me eat you out."

Brigitta furrowed her brow in shock. Cassie? Ambrose? Cassie was her bestfriend while Ambrose was her stepsister. What's going on? Brigitta's heart began to thump heavily. Could it be what she was thinking?

Her husband had never lied to her and she trusted him with her life. Or is this a prank? Brigitta thought and when she couldn't help her troubled heart anymore, she twisted the knob of the door and pushed the door open.

To her surprise, she saw two naked ladies on her husband, one was sucking his dick aggressively while he was eating the second lady's pussy passionately. Seeing that these two naked women on her husband were truly her bestfriend and her stepsister, her heart ripped into pieces and her jaw dropped in a painful shock.

Her husband had lied to her that he was travelling. So he didn't actually travel, he was here fornicating with the two women who are closest to him.

Alex who had been passionately enjoying the moment suddenly sighted a strange woman standing in the room, seeing that this woman was his wife, he pushed the ladies away at once and covered himself with a towel, "Brigitta, let me explain."

Tears streamed down from Brigitta's face and she immediately turned her face away from him. She felt a sharp pang in her heart, it was as if she was being stabbed with the sharpest knife. She looked at him and spoke with the little strength left in her, "I thought you love me..."she sobbed aggressively.

"Brigitta, I do... I really do... Please...let me explain..." Alex stuttered.

Brigitta looked at her stepsister and her bestfriend who had a sardonic smile on their lips. It was as if they intentionally made this happen.

Brigitta never expected that her husband can ever lie to her talkless of cheating on her. She loved him with everything within her.

"This is the end of our marriage... Alex..." Brigitta's mouth shivered as she said this, tears kept rushing down her face, she walked outside quickly. Alex tried to catch up with her but before he could get to the door, Brigitta already slammed the door of the room and locked it from outside.

"Oh gosh! This hurts...it hurts! It hurts so badly..." She said as she walked aimlessly through the hallway of the club. Despite all she had done for Alex, she never expected that he would be bold enough to betray her.

She suddenly paused beside a slightly opened room, from where she stood, she saw a tall man getting undressed. Seeing how hot and sexy he looked, Brigitta knew at once that he would be one of the gigolos that works in the club. She had no sense of morality anymore since her husband betrayed her.

She walked inside and suddenly slammed her weak body on the man, still crying quietly, She wouldn't mind getting fucked hard by a hot gigolo right now.

The man turned off the light in the room and tossed her at once to the bed. He had a rendezvous sex with her after which he threw her out of his room. Then his phone rang and he answered it, "sir, apology for the delay, the woman we sent to your room mistakenly went into another room, I have immediately arranged for another woman to come to your room." His assistant said.

"But there was a woman in this room few seconds ago... Find her and bring her to me!" It dawned on him that he had slept with a totally innocent woman, no wonder that woman was crying.

Whereas, Brigitta was already inside a train taking her to a new city. She didn't ever want to see Alex again and as for that hot gigolo who threw her out after fucking her as if she was slut, she hoped never to meet him again. She didn't even get to see his face so she wouldn't recognize him even if they meet in the future.

All of a sudden, she noticed that the jade necklace her mother gifted to her before she died was missing. She furrowed her brow in shock! Did it fell from her neck while the gigolo was pounding hard on her?

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