What? Sunflower water?

BOOM! Immediately, Gu Huayan's face turned so red that blood could drip out. He clenched his hands into fists as he glared at Gu Qingyi with widened eyes. He angrily scolded: "Nonsense, you ? Don't talk nonsense! "

Although she had left her mother's side ever since she was a child to raise her, she still knew what Sunflower Dew was.

To think that this little slut would speak of such a secretive matter in front of so many people. How could she still have the face to meet anyone in the future? With her eyes bloodshot, Gu Huaiyan viciously waited for Gu Qingyi. She really wanted to rush up and eat her flesh and bite her bones. He was so angry that his entire body was trembling ?

"Aiya, why does your face look so ugly? Is it because your lower abdomen is swollen, your waist is sore, and there is a warm current flowing in your stomach?" Gu Qingyi wasn't stupid, so she naturally knew that Gu Huayan must have been angered silly by her. However, as a prized disciple of the Godly Doctor Ghost Teacher, she was extremely clear on the symptoms of her arrival.

Speaking of which, she had to thank Gu Xi.

If Gu Xi hadn't pointed out that there was blood on her skirt, Gu Qingyi wouldn't have been able to recall it even after a while.

In his previous life, after he had fallen into the water, Gu Huayan had also been injured. Xuanyuan Lian, Mu Qingwu, Yao Yao, and that person had all come to visit him.

However, this time ?

Heh heh, she wanted to see if they had the face to look around.

As long as they shamelessly came to visit, she would have the ability to let the entire capital know ?

"You ? "You're talking nonsense ?"

Gu Huayan was so angry that her face was flushed red. She quivered as she pointed at Gu Qingyi without saying a word. The confused Gu Xi looked at her doubtfully and curiously asked: "What is Sunflower Dew?"

"Little girl!"

Without waiting for Gu Huayan to reply, Feng Yue screamed and pulled Gu Xi to her side. With a darkened face, she scolded in a low voice, "Child, don't speak nonsense! "Hurry up and come back with me!"

At this moment, she only had one thought in her mind. It was too embarrassing to leave so quickly.

Even if she was someone who had already given birth to a child, the matter of Sunflower Dew was already something of a private matter for a girl. Now that she said it in front of so many people, even though it wasn't her, she still felt her face turn red. Especially when she saw Gu Yannan's gloomy eyes, she felt a burst of panic in her heart.

Originally, she didn't really like her adopted daughter much either. She had a son, and his son was the future master of the Gu palace. As a little girl, she naturally wouldn't care about him. Previously, when she saw a few of the children making a ruckus here, she had thought of using this opportunity to scare Gu Qingyi before trying to get on her good side. No matter what, she was the prince's biological daughter. But she had never thought that this would be the case.

"No, I haven't made myself clear. I'm not leaving. Gu Qingyi, who do you know, what Sunflower Dew is! Don't think that you can do this just because you've bullied people! Royal father, you also saw that your cousin was bleeding. She was the one who ? "

"Gu Xi!" "Shut up!"

Lian Feng Yue was about to die from anger. She covered Gu Xi's mouth and fiercely glared at him. "This matter will be decided by your Royal Father. What does a child like you know?!"

Normally, she wouldn't hold Gu Xi back, so she knew that he was close to Gu Huayan. It was just that the prince had always been good to this girl, so she was happy to see him do it.

I just didn't expect ? She actually took her son into the ditch ? Even though Feng Yue didn't say it out loud, she secretly hated her in her heart ?

"Let me go ?"

"You guys are blind, hurry up and bring your young master back!"

Gu Xi wanted to say something, but how could Feng Yue give him the chance to do so? She directly ordered her servants to drag it out.

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