"Uncle Gu Wang, it's not like Gu Xi did anything wrong. It was her after all ?" Seeing that Gu Xi had been pulled down, Xuanyuan Lian reflexively jumped up to cry for his injustice. However, before he could finish his words, Shun Jin, who was standing next to him, immediately covered his mouth.

"Shut up!"

Coldly sweeping a glance at Xuanyuan Lian, Muji lowered his voice and scolded, both his cheeks blushing red.

Xuanyuan Lian and Gu Xi might not know what Sunflower Dew was, but he knew it very well. As for the three elder sisters on top of him, they knew quite a bit.

"Your Highness, please save him ?" He is still young and inexperienced ? "It was my fault. In the blink of an eye, I grew up to be an adult ?"


A little girl accompanied by marriage was able to reach this step and hold the entire palace in her hands. Although most of the reason was due to the matter of Gu Yinian and his wife, it couldn't be denied that Feng Yue was a smart woman. However, she had never thought that regardless of the major matters, she would always be able to handle them properly, making it so that no one from the top to the bottom could find anything wrong with her.

An unmarried girl, not only did she dye her skirt red in front of so many foreign men, but she also ?

"Father... "I ?"

"Drip, drip, drip ?"

Seeing that everyone was looking at her with a strange expression, Gu Huayan felt a burst of anger in her heart. Her teary eyes hazily looked at Gu Yan Nian, wanting to say something. Suddenly, she felt a warm feeling in her stomach, as if something was flowing out.

She lowered her head and saw that her feet were blood-red. She was so frightened that her entire body trembled and her face turned pale. "Blood, blood ?"

"Men, help your young mistress back!"

At this point, there was no need for him to explain. As long as it was someone with eyes, they would understand what was going on. With a gloomy expression, Gu Yinian coldly glanced at the trembling young maid who was hiding at the side.

Immediately, the young maid felt as if a cold wind had blown past her like a knife. With a pale face, she quickly walked forward and supported Gu Huaiyan as they retreated in haste.

"Prince, please calm your anger ?" "Prince ?"

Although Gu Yan Nian's face was expressionless, even Feng Yue had been by his side for so many years. Naturally, he could feel his anger ? Although he had a bad temper, he was rarely angry ? The last time I saw her was twelve years ago ? Back then, it had been lost because of the young prefecture lord's birth. But this time ? Even Feng Yue glanced at Gu Qingyi, who was standing at the side with a smile, without leaving a trace. For some reason, her heart felt heavy ?

"I have something to take care of at home today, so I won't greet you two. I'll invite you two over when I'm free next time."

Glancing coldly at Feng Yue, Gu Yinian expressionlessly nodded at Xuanyuan Liankang and Muji Yao before he opened his mouth and chased them away.

Even until now, Xuanyuan Liangzhi still had not figured out what had happened. He wanted to say a few words, but was stopped by Mu Jingyao, "It's getting late, we should also take our leave. Next time, we'll pay a visit to the Prince's Mansion."

"Eh? Leaving just like that? Aren't we going to take a look at Gu Huaiyan? That's right, this woman has sunflower water as the initial tide, her blood essence is damaged, and today she was frightened and lonely. Your next visit, it would be best if you could bring her some nutritious foods that can help her replenish her energy and blood. "

Tsk tsk, he left just like that? I haven't had enough fun yet.

Gu Qingyi waved her hands as she roared at the backs of the two men.

Sure enough, after hearing her explanation, Mu Jin Yao paused for a moment, but she didn't turn around. Instead, she pulled on Xuanyuan Lian and increased her speed.

"Qing Yi, don't even think about ?" Gu Yan Nian glared at Gu Qingyi, wanting to berate her, but thinking about how they had forced her into a corner earlier, he stopped himself from speaking and only waved his hand: "Come, follow me to the main hall."

"Butler, inform everyone to come to the main hall!"

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