With a gloomy face, Gu Yan Nian panted heavily as his chest heaved.

Immediately, everyone lowered their heads in fear, not even daring to breathe. This was especially so for Gu Huaiyan. Her feet were already wet, and she was leaning against the servant girl with a lifeless look in her eyes.

After an unknown amount of time, Gu Yan Nian slowly recovered. "Alright, everyone, listen to me. Today, I have called everyone here to announce a few things."

"No one is allowed to bring up the matter of the garden today." Although Gu Yan Nian wanted to admonish Gu Huaiyan, he could only sigh when he saw her frightened expression. Ever since she was young, her physical body had been in a bad state. It seemed that she had been greatly frightened today. It could be said that she had received a lesson.



He had thought that today would be a disaster, or at least he would be reprimanded. He hadn't thought that his father would say that he wasn't allowed to bring it up again. Although she was still young and her facial features had yet to open, it was still possible to tell just how elegant she would be in two years time.

Even if she wanted to say something, Gu Yinian could only suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart.

After all, he was still a child, and he hadn't been able to think of this child in the past few years.

"Unknowingly, you have also grown up. I was careless all these years. I remember that you once said you liked the Wutong Gardens, so you should move in tomorrow. "

"Father... Father... "Thank you, father."

Wutong Garden? His father actually asked him to move to the Wutong Courtyard?

Gu Huayan was in disbelief at what she had heard. A radiant smile blossomed on her face, and even her complexion had improved greatly.

Wutong Courtyard. This was the best courtyard in Prince Gu's estate apart from the imperial concubine's Phoenix Nest Courtyard. She remembered that she had just entered the palace and heard from the people below that this wutong garden had originally been prepared for the young princess of the prince's mansion. Back then, it was as if she had wanted to live there and had secretly mentioned it to Princess Anping.

Princess Anping didn't respond. She pretended not to hear him, and was secretly angry for a long time.

"Gu Xi is also ten years old. She should have her own courtyard. Tomorrow, we'll have someone move to the Clear Bamboo Residence in the front courtyard. "

"Little girl, quick, quick, thank your father."

When she first heard that Gu Huayan was going to move to the Wutong Courtyard, Feng Yue felt a wave of discomfort. However, when she heard that Gu Xi was going to move to the Pure Bamboo House, she immediately smiled happily.

The Pure Bamboo Residence was built by the King himself in the past. He personally picked out every single plant in the place and built them for the Crown Prince's son. Originally, there was only one son in this manor, so naturally, the position of crown prince belonged to him. However, as time passed, she became uneasy.

But now, since Xiao'er had come to live in the Pure Bamboo House, that meant that the prince had approved of her.

"Thank you, royal father!"

Gu Xi naturally didn't understand how this Qingzhu residence was different, but he was still very happy to be able to live in a courtyard.

"And you. All these years, you've been living in the Phoenix Artefact Academy's side courtyard. It's not a long term solution ?"

This... Was the prince going to let him stay in the main courtyard of the Feng Yi Yuan School? Even Feng Yue held her breath in excitement. In the past, she had accompanied Princess An Ping into the palace, and all these years she had been living in the Phoenix Nest Courtyard's side yard ? Had she finally arrived? Lian Feng Yue was so excited that her eyes lit up and her body trembled slightly ?

He was already prepared to kneel down and express his gratitude.

However ?

"You can move to the Sunset Pavilion tomorrow."

"Thank you ?" What... Your Highness, you, you said ? "You mean the Sunset Pavilion?"

In an instant, Lian Feng Yue's expression changed as the smile condensed at the corner of her mouth.

Gu Yan Nian didn't look at her, but continued, "Qing Yi, from now on, you will live in this Phoenix Department Courtyard. Since the girls in the house were already old, it was time for the backyard to be separated. From now on, males from the outer court were not allowed to enter the inner court. In two days, this king will invite two mama into the palace. Since I have already grown up, I will be at ease in learning the rules at the Wutong Courtyard. "

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