Eating them would increase one's intelligence.

Naturally, she wouldn't stay here any longer, but she had to find a chance slowly and not be in a rush.

"Miss ? I... "I ?"

The young maid raised her head in shock and stared blankly at Gu Qingyi. She could not believe her own ears and was so shocked that she forgot about her servant. Miss had been shy ever since she returned to the manor less than half a month ago. Even when she was with these servants, she had always been cautious. It wasn't the first time she had complained to her in such a manner.

In the past, she would always apologize with a smile, but this time ?

"You don't have to be too wronged. In a while, I'll go and tell Aunt Lian that I really don't have any good fortune in accepting the people around her." Gu Qingyi stared at the maidservant coldly before she turned around and continued walking forward with an expressionless face.

Since this academy was now his, she had to take a good look at it.

Of course, her main purpose was to visit Aunt Lian ?

Hehe, she really doesn't have many hobbies. Seeing them unhappy, she felt refreshed.

"Miss, Miss ?"

Seeing Gu Qingyi walk far away, the young maid finally reacted after a long time. She felt a chill run down her spine.

Only then did she realize that the matter seemed to be getting serious.

What should I do... What should I do... If she found Aunt Lian, then ? Then wouldn't I die for sure?

"No, no ?"

In this kind of situation, she only had two choices. One was to beat them to death, and the other was her master to sell their family, but no matter which one was which, they were all dead ends for her.

Normally, they wouldn't dare to use a servant like her who was sold in the palace. For instance, if she was sold, the only place she could go would be the fireworks. When she thought about where she would end up, the young maid trembled in fear.

"You forced me to do this, don't blame me!"

That's right, that's right, she forced him to do this. If she didn't want to chase him away, he wouldn't ?


Taking a deep breath, the young maid quickly scanned her surroundings to confirm that there was no one around. Then, she pulled on her skirt and quickly ran towards the side yard where Aunt Lian lived.

"All of you, hurry up. Aunt is in a bad mood today!" Be careful not to get punished! "

"Yes, yes ?"

In the distance, the maidservant, under the lead of a few mama, lowered her head and quickly moved about.

Although he couldn't see their faces clearly, he could vaguely hear what they were saying.

Tsk tsk ? Not in a good mood...

Heh heh, that's right, how could he be in a good mood?

She could clearly remember how dark Aunt Lian's face had been when her father had told her to move to the Wutong Courtyard.

She was not the least bit surprised by Gu Huayan's Wu Tong Garden. After all, the Wu Tong Garden from her previous life belonged to her.

To this end, the person even played a song for her. Back then, he didn't know anything about such a naked confession. He was also very pleased with himself and secretly happy that he valued his relatives. He had always been a fool.

Since Gu Ruoyun had already mentally prepared herself, there was naturally nothing to be surprised or unhappy about. Not only did Aunt Lian see Gu Huanyan move into the Parasol Tree Courtyard specially built for her daughter, but she also wanted to move out of the Phoenix Arch Courtyard. It would be strange if she was in a good mood.

However, all of this had nothing to do with her ?

Now, she had to search carefully ? While he was still in the Phoenix Nest Courtyard ?

She didn't forget that she was almost kicked out of the manor because of that incident.


Yes, it was an affair. A naked man had appeared in the room of a dignified young lady of the Crown Prince's Palace.

Hehe ? Afterwards, she had carefully checked and found that neither the front nor the back door led in. The person was over a hundred years old, and every step he took caused him to be out of breath ? It wasn't that she didn't think there was a problem with the Phoenix Nest Courtyard. It was just that at that time, they had already belonged to Aunt Lian, so she had no right to search them ?

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