"Humph!" Unrighteous Mastering Yao! Normally, everyone would be fine, but at a critical moment, they actually turned around and ran. " Xuanyuan Lian and Mu Shou had come to the Gu palace often, and were as familiar with it as if they were entering and exiting their own backyard. Occasionally, he would encounter some inconvenience from the front door, so he couldn't be more familiar with the back door.

Originally, Xuanyuan Lian and Mu Jiuzhu had always been in a state of constant focus, inseparable from each other.

But today, only Xuanyuan Lian was left.

He carefully opened a small hidden door with a large bag of herbs in his hands. After he entered, he found the back door of the Phoenix Artefact Academy. Usually, there were almost no people around and they had even accidentally discovered this.

Regardless of whether it was Gu Xi and Gu Huayan who were trying to sneak out, or Xuanyuan Lian and Mu Jinglei who wanted to enter King Gu's Estate without making a sound, all of them had entered through this door.

Never been discovered.

But today...

"Strange, could it be that I've thought too much?"

Gu Qingyi walked around the Feng Yi Hall but didn't discover anything. She suspected that she was overthinking it. Could it be that that matter really had nothing to do with Feng Yue and her son? If it was just one person, he would not have said much about Feng Yue, but she didn't forget how much Gu Xi had protected Gu Huayan. Without mentioning anything else, he had already remembered to stomp his feet even before doing anything to Gu Huayan. In his previous life, he had married the man Gu Huayan liked. How could Gu Xi just stand by and watch? Even with his toes, he knew it was impossible.

However ?

"Forget it, there's still a lot of time in the future. This Phoenix-Rites Courtyard has already become my courtyard, and I'll have plenty of time in the future."

Originally, the matter of the Phoenix Artefact Academy was not the most important matter at the moment. After all, she was still young. Even if there were people who were preparing to kill her, they would not be in a hurry. She was so anxious that she wanted to look around, but she was worried that she would live here. If she didn't check out the situation here, she would feel uneasy.

She was worried that if Lian Feng Yue got too angry, she would give herself some trouble.

But since she couldn't find it, then forget it. In the future, she would have plenty of time to slowly loot it inch by inch.

"Eh? Isn't that Xuanyuan Lian? Why is he here? "

After searching for a while, he still couldn't find anything wrong with it. Gu Qingyi was just about to head back. After all, it was getting dark and it wouldn't be good for her to randomly transfer people to meet with her. However, just as she was about to go back, she saw a familiar figure flash by.

Who else could it be other than Xuanyuan Lian?

He looked around to make sure no one was around before quickly passing through the rock garden and heading towards the courtyard.

"Tsk, tsk. They aren't really here to give supplements to Gu Huayan, are they?"

There was still some distance between the two of them, so Gu Qingyi didn't see it too clearly. However, she could vaguely tell that he was carrying a big and small bag in his hand.

However, it was just a casual comment.

After all ?

"Hehe, then you can send me off properly."

Tsk tsk, that joke from before was made quite big. Even Gu Xi knew what was going on. Even if Xuanyuan Lian's brain wasn't working properly, he should still know, right?

Therefore, Gu Qingyi didn't take it to heart.

As for her, she had never liked trouble. As long as trouble didn't trouble her, she wouldn't trouble anyone else. In her previous life, she was used to swallowing her anger and working hard on her own matters. She would always be careful around anyone, but now it was different ? If someone dares to provoke her, then don't blame her for being impolite ?

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