A flash of bright yellow light appeared at the door, but it did not escape Gu Qingyi's eyes.

Sure enough, he was there too.

He felt slightly bitter, as if something was stuck in his throat. He couldn't spit it out, nor could he swallow it down.

Resisting the pain with great difficulty, Gu Qingyi slowly stood up and gently patted off the dust on her skirt. She removed the crooked hairpin and untied the messy braid, allowing her long hair to drift freely.

Gu Qingyi straightened her back and met Gu Xi's eyes, which were filled with anger, without fear. "Gu Xi, why are you so ignorant? Bringing an outsider to barge in at a time like this, aren't you deliberately making things difficult for little sister Huaiyan?"

There was no explanation, no rebuttal. Instead, he directly changed the topic.

In an instant...

Gu Xi, Xuanyuan Lian, and Mu Ji, who originally had explosive fighting strength, were stupefied. Even Gu Huayan, who was hiding in Gu Xi's arms and pretended to be sobbing, couldn't help but raise his head and widen his eyes ? A pair of black and white eyes stared at him doubtfully. Where in the world would one find tears?

"Cousin Huaiyan, don't be embarrassed. The two of them are as good as Gu Xi as if they're wearing the same pants. Just treat them as little brothers, there's nothing to be embarrassed about."

He was still too inexperienced. If he didn't follow the plan, what else could he do? He had probably planned this long ago. However, he didn't know if it was Gu Huaiyan's idea alone or the other three people's idea.

However, it's alright, elder sister has plenty of time to slowly clean up one by one.

Without waiting for Gu Xi and the rest to react, Gu Qingyi had already quickly walked over, carefully supporting Gu Xi. She blinked her eyes at Gu Xi and said, "I know your relationship with Cousin Huan Yan is good, but you're a boy ? Something... Not to mention cousins, even siblings couldn't do it ? Aunt Lian has been nagging at you these past few days. Since you've returned, you should go and visit her first ? "Let me do it here ?"

Gu Qingyi did not forget to emphasize her cousin.

Yes, no matter how intimate you are with Gu Huayan, you are still just a distant cousin that cannot be helped.

And I, Gu Qingyi, am your first wife ?

At the same time, he didn't forget to remind Gu Xi of his identity!

It was just a concubine born to an aunt!

Gu Qingyi's father Gu Yan was young and hadn't had much of an heir, so he wasn't suspicious at all. He only had Gu Qingyi and Gu Xi as his two children, and because of the accident that year, Gu Qingyi had been out in the world for thirteen years before coming back.

As for Gu Huaiyan ? A relationship of three thousand miles could not even be described with words. Gu Yan had lost both his parents in the early years of his year, so he joined the army at a young age. His achievements in the war had been great. His Majesty had bestowed the marriage to his current direct sister, Princess Anping ? And then ? Princess Anping had suffered a great blow from losing her child. Gu Yannan had found Gu Huayan, who was about the same age as Gu Qingyi, and had raised him at home in order to relieve the pain of having a loving wife and missing a daughter ? Unexpectedly, Princess Anping was still unable to hold on. Her body continued to deteriorate and five years later, she finally passed away. It was just that Gu Huaiyan continued to live here ?

"Cousin Huayan, let's go."

"I... I... "Let go ?"

This, this was completely different from what she had imagined. Gu Huayan was somewhat anxious. It wasn't easy for her to find out that he would come ? She had secretly heard that her uncle wanted to seal Gu Qingyi ? If he stopped it, it would definitely be ? But now ?

"Gu Qingyi, you're crazy ?" "Let go of Cousin ?" She never thought that Gu Qingyi would actually mention it in front of her friend. She was angry and angry at the same time, but just as she was about to extend her hand to pull Gu Ruoyun away, she suddenly saw that her skirt was covered in blood ?

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