Only after watching Xuanyuan Lian leave and making sure that he had walked far away did Gu Qingyi carefully walk out of the corner. She quickly glanced around and only after making sure that there was no one around her, did she finally walk towards the direction that Xuanyuan Lian had come from.

"Tsk tsk ?" This Xuanyuan Lian, could he have flipped over the wall and entered through it? "

Originally, Gu Qingyi had no interest in Xuanyuan Lian who had sneakily ran over to find a happy face. However, just as she was about to go back, she suddenly thought of something.

This was the reason why Xuanyuan Lian and Mu Jinglei had been chased out by Gu Yinian. Logically speaking, even if the gatekeeper had let them in, they still wouldn't have had the face to do so and come knocking on the door again.

Furthermore, Xuanyuan Liankang's earlier appearance was so extreme that it seemed as if he was deeply afraid of being discovered. Thus, Gu Qingyi was certain that he had not entered in broad daylight ?

"I've never heard that Xuanyuan Liangzhi knows kung fu."

Since they were not going through the main entrance openly, they could only sneak in. This place was quite far from the main entrance, and even the back door had some distance to cover. Xuanyuan Lian appeared here... If it's over the wall... Since Gu Yan Nian was born as a martial general, he had spent most of his time in the army camp. In addition to the fact that there were no elders in King Gu's Estate, there was only a group of women in the household. For the safety of the household, Prince Gu had not only brought some wounded and disabled soldiers from the battlefield to be in charge of the mansion's safety, but the mansion's outer wall was also the tallest.

It was impossible to cross the outer walls of the palace by hand without having a solid foundation. This was also the reason why she suspected that there was a problem with Feng Yue's Phoenix Nest Courtyard after what happened that year.

In the entire Duke Palaces, only the Phoenix Nest Courtyard was next to the outer wall. However, in her previous life, she had listened to everything Lian Feng Yue said, and even though she had doubts in her heart, she swore that Lian Feng Yue was scolding the heavens and scolding the earth. She swore that, in short, she was wrongly accusing him. Even though she was unwilling, she did not continue pursuing the matter under that person's "care" and "coaxing".

Now that he thought about it, even Feng Yue was increasingly suspicious of him. It was just that at that time, his mind was muddled by the so-called "not leaving, not abandoning" love. He couldn't care less about anything, and he couldn't care less about anything. On the contrary, he was glad that the person had appeared, allowing him to clearly see the person's' love '.

What a joke.

"Forget it, let's take a look at what's over there first."

She suddenly woke up to discover that she had been reborn. Furthermore, when she had just returned to the Royal Mansion, she didn't even have the time to catch her breath before she had made a move against a group of people. At this moment, Gu Qingyi's mind was still in chaos. Especially in the past, what he cared about the most ? Now that I think about it, it's just a joke.

Gu Qingyi forced herself to calm down as she quickly walked in the direction that Xuanyuan Lian had disappeared in.

"This... There is actually a small door! "

Right, Gu Qingyi followed the direction that Xuanyuan Lian had come from and searched back and forth several times before finally finding a small door behind an inconspicuous rock garden. The small door was only half a meter tall, and its surroundings were covered with moss. With the protection of the fake mountain, even if they deliberately searched, they might not be able to find it.

"So that's how it is ~"

With the corners of her mouth raised, Gu Qingyi could not help but sneer.

She hadn't thought that there would be such a small door in this Phoenix Courtyard. It was hidden so well that it made sense why that person would be able to quietly climb onto her bed back then.

"Lian Fengyue, ah Lian Fengyue, it seems that I have not only underestimated you."

A cold light flashed in her eyes. The first person that came to Gu Qingyi's mind was naturally Feng Yue.

She could be considered to be the one who had lived in the Phoenix Courtyard for the longest time. Other than her, Gu Qingyi really couldn't think of anyone else.

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