"Father, listen to my explanation ?" Xuanyuan Jing's face was pale as he knelt on the ground, his body shivering.

Ever since he was young, he had always been cautious in everything he did, being able to progress step by step until now. However, he had never thought that seeing success right in front of his eyes, he would actually ?

He did not have the mind to ponder over the matter of enmity. At that moment, his mind was filled with only one thought, and that was that he did not want to die, nor did he want to die this unwillingly. He had planned for so many years, and seeing that everything was about to come to fruition, he turned into what he was now.

"Pull it out! Pull it out! Pull it out immediately!" I do not have such a disloyal, unfilial grandson! " Before the emperor could speak, the empress dowager roared in anger.

In one night, she seemed to have aged by several tens of years. Her originally murky eyes became even more cloudy. If it wasn't for the fact that she still had a determination in her heart, she might collapse at any moment.

She hadn't thought that he would poison Qing Yi with poison, let alone frame Gu Yinian.

"Imperial Mother, please calm your anger. It is not worth it to ruin your body!" The emperor hurried forward and patted the empress dowager's back with his own hands to ease her mood.

To be honest, he had too many sons, so he didn't mind losing one more, let alone such a cruel and merciless one. Although he didn't do anything to her this time, the emperor still broke out in a cold sweat at the thought of him actually being able to do such a thing.

All these years, whenever the opportunity presented itself to him, he would appear before him. This meant that if he ever wanted to make a move on him, he wouldn't be on guard at all.

When he thought of this, his eyes became even colder, and even the last bit of reluctance disappeared in an instant.

That's right, how could such a vicious person allow him to continue living?

"Ah, my son, my life is miserable! I only have you and An Ping as my children. An Ping has a bitter life, so he left very early. It wasn't easy to find Qing Yi, who knew ? "Who knows ?"

The empress dowager wiped her eyes as she complained. Tears rolled down her face.

She was already used to seeing life and death when she was in the palace. She also knew about the so-called emotionless family of heaven. All these years, she had been in her own palace and had never disturbed the emperor. It wasn't that she didn't care about her son, but rather that she didn't want to erase her only affection.

And this time she was really sad.

"Imperial Mother, don't be sad, didn't the old Divine Doctor say ?"

"My poor Qingyi, she is still unconscious. If anything bad happens to you, my grandmother will go with you!" Otherwise, how will Grandmother explain herself to your mother when we reach the ground? "

If it wasn't for the fact that the Ghost Teacher had arrived in time, Gu Qingyi really might have died.

It had to be said that Xuanyuan Jing had really used all of his effort this time. Poison was a rare sight in this world, and even though Gu Qingyi had been nurtured by Ghost Teacher since she was young, she still hadn't escaped this calamity.

"Someone come!" Take this unfilial son out and behead him immediately! " The emperor rubbed the sweat off his face and shouted with a gloomy face.

He knew in his heart that if he did not give up on this son of his this time, then his mother would have difficulty calming down.

Although he also loathed this evil son of his and didn't dare to keep him by his side, he was still his son. If he really wanted to kill him, the emperor wouldn't feel at ease, not to mention being forced by the empress dowager.

"Imperial Mother, rest assured, I will never let this unfilial son go!" To think that he would actually do such a heinous thing, I will definitely give Qing Yi and the rest an explanation. "

The emperor's face was solemn, without the slightest hint of a smile on it.

He was very clear in his heart that the reason for his royal sister marrying Gu Yinian was for himself. In the past, when his royal sister died, he was even more clear that his mountains would never allow such a privilege to exist. Moreover, it was a privilege that threatened his position, so she had to die.

He did not know if his mother knew or not.

The Queen Mother had never been a simple woman. Otherwise, she would never have been able to protect her sister in the chaotic harem.

Perhaps she knew that she hadn't stopped him just because she had tacitly allowed all of this to happen.

All these years his mother had been locked in the palace, unable to see him.

He was somewhat clear on this in his heart.

Perhaps this was a knot in her heart, a knot that could not be untied. In her heart, she and her little sister might be just as important. They were both the flesh that had fallen from her stomach and were both children that she had protected with her life.

But from the moment he sat in that position, everything changed.

She wasn't a simple mother, but the exalted empress dowager.

As for the little girl who used to smile at him and call him big brother while holding his hand, who occasionally got a piece of cake but had to carefully hide it away, she was no longer that unfavoured little girl from back then.

He was his own sister, the only sister of the emperor.

In this position, it was impossible for her to live a simple life like before.

When he recalled his dream at midnight, it was not like he had not asked himself if he regretted it.

Whether or not he had made the decision all those years ago, the result was that he did not regret at all.

Yes, no regrets.

He was the exalted and exalted Emperor. All his decisions had been made on behalf of the land and the land. All his decisions had been made on behalf of the people of Dawn. How could he regret that?

How could he not control the mountains and rivers that he had painstakingly obtained with his life on the line? For the sake of the power in his hands, and the mountains beneath him, no matter what price he had to pay, it was all worth it.

"Muhou ?"

"I'm tired. Your Majesty, please return!"

She waved her hand and half closed her eyes.

She was tired, really tired. For the first half of her life, all of her time had been spent protecting her two children, constantly mixing in the chaotic palace fighting. She had to open her eyes and prick her ears every second to carefully listen, attentively listening without the slightest negligence.

Because she couldn't afford to lose.

Her child could not afford to lose.

They had no rights, no status, no one to protect them. They had to be strong, and only by growing strong like the grass at the corner of the wall could they survive in this man-eating palace.

She had never thought that she would one day be able to sit in this position.

The empress dowager, a position that all the women in the palace wanted by sharpening their necks.

But to her, it wasn't as good as having children.

She hoped that one day they would grow up and walk away from the high walls of the palace to see the world outside.

However ?

"Muhou ?"

"Go, go ?" After interrupting the emperor, the empress dowager weakly waved her hand. "This one is old and doesn't need anything else. It'll be fine to leave two young maids to accompany me in the palace. The emperor is the son of heaven, and the land is great.

The great land of the rivers and mountains was of utmost importance.

That's right, how heavy was the Rivers and Mountains Society? How could that soft and silky little daughter of his be comparable to that?

The Land of the Nine Prefectures was of utmost importance!

The Emperor took two shaky steps back. His pale lips trembled, but he couldn't say anything.

The Queen Mother hated him!

She really hated herself ?

However ?

"This Emperor takes his leave!"

He is the Emperor.

Everything he did was for the sake of the world. Was it wrong? No, he wasn't wrong!

"Go, go!"

He waved his hand and clear tears flowed down his face.

She did not look up, did not look at him again.

She was afraid that the person she saw was not the son in her memories. She was afraid that if she didn't look at him, she would be able to treat him as the same person, the same good son who would rush over to protect her and her daughter, the same good brother ?

"Empress, that ?"

"Let her go!" Without waiting for the mama to finish, the empress dowager waved her hand and murmured, "This imperial palace has never been a good place. If you can leave, then go. Never come back."

"Yes sir!" The mama looked at the empress dowager's face that had aged ten years and silently retreated.

At the noisy corner of the street, a twelve to thirteen year old girl was tightly holding onto the sleeves of an old man. "Master, you're too much. Do you want to come out and play with me?"

"Let go, let go, girl! So what if this old man came out to play? You little girl, you are following me like an asshole, it's really, really preposterous! " The old man was dressed in grey, his hair was graying, and his beard was white. However, his face was like a crane, and his eyes were brimming with vigor.

He was grabbed by the little girl a few times, but he couldn't shake her hand off. He started to panic.

"Humph!" Master doesn't keep her word! I just want to follow Master, who knows if Master has secretly gone to that place that he shouldn't have gone to. "

The little girl wasn't annoyed at all.

Not only did he not let go, he tightened his grip.

The palm-sized face was slightly raised, and the corner of his mouth hooked into a proud smile. Two small dimples appeared on his cheeks, and his black and white pupils were sparkling.

The old and the young pulled at each other, attracting the attention of the passersby.

They were all praising him.

"You old man, you can't even bear to bring out a granddaughter with such spiritual qi."

"Hey, little girl, I don't want you as my master. Why don't you come home with me? It's just right that this little girl is my little grandson!"

"Master, master!" You heard me, right? If you don't bring me along, I'll go with them! " The little girl's face was filled with pride. Her eyes sparkled like a cunning fox.

The old man puffed his beard and glared at him. "Go, go, go! This old man's girl is not someone that ordinary people like you can snatch away from me.

While she was talking, she dragged the little girl and left while swearing.

Most of them were toads that wanted to eat swan meat ?

"Integrity, you've decided?" On the second floor of the Pleasant Lodge, Mu Jinglei and Xuanyuan Lian stood facing the window, watching everything unfold before them.

Xuanyuan Lian nodded as a trace of a smile flashed in his eyes.

It was good, it was good that she was alive and kicking.

At this moment, he knew that he had really fallen ?

"Father, if ?" On the other side, Gu Xi looked at Gu Yan Nian and hesitated.

Everything was like a dream.

She woke up and couldn't remember anything, and they were still in the dream.

"No need!" Gu Yan Nian shook his head.

Don't take it.

To her, the outside world was as vast as the sea and the sky. Regardless of whether it was the palace or the palace, they were both cages. The only difference was that they were a bit larger and a bit smaller.

Wasn't it a good thing for her to forget?

Anping, whatever you wanted or couldn't get in the past, our daughter could have done it all for you.

That face...

"Hey!" I heard you're a great general! I heard you killed a lot of people? What does killing feel like? Would you still be afraid? For, Wood, speak! "What does it feel like to kill someone? Are you afraid?"

The same face, the same sly smile.

It was as if nothing had changed, and everything was different.

He knew that the only thing he could do in this life was to listen to her and help her protect the person she couldn't bear to part with. Even if that person indirectly caused her death, even if he hated that person to the bones ?

Who asked her to have only one brother, a direct relative?

The End
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