Seeing the blood on Gu Huayan's dress, Gu Xi's extended hand was pulled back. Her expression changed greatly, "Blood, blood ? Blood... You... Gu Qingyi ? "You ?"

It could be seen that Gu Xi was quite frightened. After all, she was only a child of about ten years of age, and due to the fact that she was the sole root of the Gu palace, she was usually protected by the crowd like a pair of eyeballs. Large patches of blood stains could be seen on her snow-white skirt, just by looking at them, it was enough to send a chill down one's spine ?

Gu Xi shrieked as she retreated, while glaring fiercely at Gu Qingyi. Her entire person seemed to have gone insane as she shouted, "Royal father, mother ? Someone come, someone come ? Hurry up, someone is here to kill someone ? He killed someone ? Gu Qingyi, Gu Qingyi ? You... "You ?"

Gu Qingyi quietly stood on the spot, coldly staring at Gu Xi. She didn't feel sad nor happy, and she didn't say a word.

As expected, she was still a child. When things went on, she would only cry for her parents, but ? Her father was in pain, and she was used to it. The entire Gu Mansion doted on her from head to toe ? As for him, no matter what, he was still the direct descendant of King Gu Palace, right?

This is the same person with different lives?

No, perhaps it should be said that he had picked up a good card and fought a terrible battle. In the end, he had even lost his life ? Then this time ? Since the heavens had given him a chance to turn the tables ?

Hehe ?

Perhaps, it was better to have something different.

Her gaze swept across the people present. Gu Huayan, Gu Xi, Xuanyuan Liankang, Shifu Yao ? And ?

Outside the garden, a flash of bright yellow clothes could be seen.

Everything had actually started so early. It was just that he didn't know anything about it in his previous life.

"Gu Qingyi, you ? You are actually so ruthless! "

"The Eldest Princess is kindhearted, how could she give birth to a daughter like you ?"

"Wuu ? wuu ?" I... I... "Don't blame your little sister ?"

In his ears, he heard Gu Xi's anger, Xuanyuan Liankang and Mu Jinglei's retribution, Gu Huayan's grievance ? And, there was also him who had already been waiting at the door since god knows when ? Was this a coincidence? Or was it something that had been planned long ago? Gu Qingyi stared coldly at him. She had to say, if this was a play that had been planned long ago, then their acting skills would be truly outstanding. No wonder she had suffered a crushing defeat in her previous life ? If it was just a coincidence, then ? Who, in this coincidence, is the biggest profiteer? Was it Gu Huaiyan, or was it the invisible him at the door?

In his previous life, Gu Qingyi had been misunderstood and hurriedly explained to others, but they treated it as an excuse. In the end, not only did she not explain it clearly, she was pushed into the lake by the furious Gu Xi and became seriously ill ?

Naturally, the request for a title was put on hold.

In this life, Gu Qingyi just stood there silently, as if nothing had anything to do with her. She even subconsciously shifted her position, distancing herself from the lake.

This time, he would not fall into the water, so what would happen next ?


A green figure followed by a group of old maidservants.

Here it comes, the real protagonist is here... Gu Qingyi's eyes held a trace of ridicule ?

"What's wrong, what's wrong? What was going on? How could a little girl anger her sister? Hurry up and apologize. "

Even Feng Yue, Gu Yan Nian's concubine, Gu Xi's birth mother, who was also the mistress of the Gu palace, was twenty-seven or eighteen years old. She took good care of herself like a seventeen or eighteen year old little girl.

He shouted angrily, "I'm not wrong, I don't want to apologize. It's her ? It's her ? She wanted to kill Huaiyan Cousin Sis, blood ? "So much blood ?"

"Ah ?" Qingyi, you ? How can you do such a thing? Even though being happy isn't like the prince himself, but growing up in his mansion ? "How can you ?" Even Feng Yue had a pained and embarrassed look on her face as if she was a loving mother. However, she didn't ask anything and directly pushed a big hat down on Gu Qingyi.

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