As Feng Yue spoke, she quickly walked in front of Gu Qingyi and acted as if she was protecting her from behind. Completely ignoring Gu Qingyi's reaction, she opened her mouth and said: "I think that Gu Qingyi didn't do it on purpose ? "How about ?"

Without giving Gu Qingyi the slightest opportunity to explain, Feng Yue looked at Gu Xi and the other two youths with a troubled expression.

Gu Qingyi was still standing quietly on the spot. When her gaze landed on Lian Feng Yue, a trace of mockery flashed across her black and white eyes.

In his previous life, how could he be blind to believe that this woman was doing this for his own good and that he trusted her in every way?

Alright, a master who had lived in seclusion for more than ten years and had achieved perfection in his medical skills, who had no other good points and did not even know the slightest bit of worldly wisdom, was told that his mother had died the moment he entered his home ? As for that father, he wasn't good with words to begin with. Perhaps he wanted to compensate this daughter of his ? In the end, he was still a man. He had a hundred thousand elite soldiers under his command, and they were extremely obedient to him. However, when facing his long-lost daughter ?

Speaking of which, he was probably the only one in the entire Gu Royal Mansion who treated him well.

Unfortunately ? In his previous life, he wasn't close to him ?

"Mom, don't be tricked by her. She did it on purpose, and there's only her and her cousin here. If she didn't hurt her cousin, who else could she be?" Gu Xi viciously waited for Gu Qingyi. From her posture, if her gaze could kill, Gu Qingyi would have already been sliced into pieces by him.

As the only male disciple of the Gu palace, the thing he hated the most in his life was someone mentioning his background.

In the past, Lian Feng Yue was only the daughter of a seventh rank official and coincidentally met Princess An Ping by chance. The two of them became friends that could talk about everything, and when Princess An Ping was married, she made the decision for Gu Yan to take her as a concubine and have both serve one husband. After so many years had passed, the Lian family was no longer the Lian family from before. Even Feng Yue's two brothers were now official servants of the Han forest ? Although Gu Yinian had many concubines, he never remarried. In the past few years, everything within the Gu palace was decided by Feng Yue, but Gu Yinian had no intention of helping Feng Yue ?

This was not only the pain in Feng Yue's heart, but also the pain in Gu Xi's heart!

Everyone who was familiar with Gu Xi knew that Gu Xi was a good person. As long as they didn't touch his reverse scale, then his first place would be his birth, and his second place would be Gu Huanhua.

But today, not only had Gu Qingyi injured Gu Huayi, she had even thought that these two respected youths had revealed Gu Xi's background. Gu Xi had wished that they could eliminate her as soon as possible, so how could she be willing to let them go so easily?

"Mother, you are soft-hearted. Why do you need to ?"

"Little brother, don't speak nonsense. Yes... A happy face is not good, a happy face should not ? For the past few years, Ying Huanhuan had been living in the Prince Gu's mansion, and the prince and his wife had doted on her in every possible way ? "As for sister ?"

Without waiting for Gu Xi to finish speaking, Gu Huayan immediately interrupted her. As she spoke, she wiped away her tears ? He was normally delicate and weak, as if he would shatter if he touched her. However, at this moment, his downcast face was filled with sorrow and sorrow, and his appearance was even more lovable. Not to mention Gu Xi and the other hot-blooded young men, even Gu Qingyi couldn't help but look at him a couple more times.


On the surface, her words seemed to be saying that she was helping Gu Qingyi, but ? Inside, however, were hidden knives and words.

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