Even Gu Qingyi couldn't help but cheer in her heart.

Not bad, not bad, truly not bad at all! Previously, she had kept her silence and did not leave as she had expected, but she did not know what to do. Now that Feng Yue had given her a few pointers, Gu Huayan immediately recovered.

Sure enough, when she said this, the faces of Xuanyuan Lian and Mu Qingwu, who were having trouble dealing with Feng Yue's arrival and only had the family's master to deal with them, quickly darkened.

That look was even uglier than before.

"Miss Gu, although she is not Prince Gu's flesh and blood, she is still reputed to be raised in this house. She was once on a famous plate. All these years, because of her existence, it could be considered a form of comfort to Prince Gu and Princess Anping. However, it's understandable that Miss Gu has not been home for so many years. "

Mu Jingyao was truly worthy of being the son of the Great Xia Dynasty's number one debater, the Minister of the Left. She wasn't even close to being a weakling, yet she was already so eloquent.

Glancing at him, Gu Qingyi couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat. She clenched her fists, and at the same time, secretly remembered him in her heart.

He had obviously dug a huge hole for himself. If he didn't drop down carefully, then perhaps he wouldn't be able to get up again in the future.

Regardless of whether it was Gu Xi or even Feng Yue's accusation, to put it bluntly, she was still young and ignorant, so it could be wiped away. But... This Mu Jiuyao had directly crowned herself with an unfilial and unfilial heart, an unforgiving heart, and a big hat that was completely devoid of gratitude ?

A woman who has lost her character, no matter how noble her birth, is no match for the gossip of a heaven and earth.

Furthermore ? Clearly, the last sentence of Shrew Yao's ? It was obviously for his own life ?

Yes, it seemed that from the very beginning, Mu Qingwu had always been using her background as an example. At first, she had suspected that she was the Ghost Teacher's disciple, but now, she suspected even more that she was a child of the Gu family.

Although Gu Qingyi was still expressionlessly standing at her original spot, she couldn't help but ponder in her heart: When did I offend this Shiqin Yao? Why did he keep targeting her? Gu Ruoyun also looked at Gu Huaiyan, before turning back to Gu Jinlong and Yao ?

Muji Yao was the oldest among Gu Xi and Xuanyuan Liankang ? Xuanyuan Lian, who had been blindly following a group of soldiers since he was young, was tall and straight. As a direct descendant of the Mu Family, Mu Qingshui, as well as a descendant of the Mu Family, was even more outstanding. Compared to the still a child Gu Xi and the muddle-headed Xuanyuan Lian, who was still in a daze, Mu Jingyao seemed ? Furthermore, both he and Gu Huaiyan were dressed in white ?

Mu Jiuyan liked Gu Huaiyan!

Right! That must be it!

If that was the case, then everything made sense.

They were both young, and their love had just begun to develop. Plus, they were both young, so it was understandable for them to have such thoughts.

If that was the case, then Mu Jiuyao must have been targeting him time and time again for the sake of Gu Huaiyan ? Whether it was Gu Xi, Xuanyuan Lian, or even Feng Yue, they had openly or secretly placed obstacles in his path, but they had not touched the root of the matter ?

To put it bluntly, his identity was the foundation for him to establish himself.

As long as he was the blood and flesh of Gu Yinian and Princess Anping, no matter how rumoured ? At most, he wouldn't look good on the surface, but he was still an aloof and noble girl ?

However, if he were to lose this identity ? Thinking of this, Gu Qingyi couldn't help but tremble slightly as a wave of chills went through her heart ?

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