His Amazing Farming Wife/C10 My Old Friend Came to My Door
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His Amazing Farming Wife/C10 My Old Friend Came to My Door
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C10 My Old Friend Came to My Door

As soon as they finished their breakfast, Jiang Haofeng and Gu Xiwei's house welcomed their first guest.

"Haofeng, are you home?"

Gu Xiwei and Gu Xiwei, who were sitting in the room, heard the loud greeting from the other party. They could tell that this person seemed to be very forthright and cheerful. Jiang Haofeng said happily to Gu Xiwei, "Little Mother, the one who came is my good brother."

After saying that, he walked to the door to welcome her.

The man's footsteps were big. Not long after, Two men walked in, shoulder to shoulder. He was as tall as Jiang Haofeng, and the most eye-catching part was the circle of bearded men around his face. He was wearing coarse clothes, although there were some patches. They were all neat and tidy. Both of them looked very happy. It was obvious that Jiang Haofeng had a good relationship with the newcomer. Gu Xiwei was about to stand up and greet him.

When they approached, Jiang Haofeng introduced them to each other, "Little girl. This is the brother I grew up with, Luo Qingshan."

The bearded man didn't seem to mind and immediately followed, "Hello, sister-in-law."

Jiang Haofeng patted his shoulder. "You took advantage of me in front of my mother the first time we met?"

"That's not it." Luo Qingshan stroked his beard. He showed Gu Xiwei, "Sister-in-law, who do you think is the younger brother?"

Gu Xiwei did not hesitate, "Brother Qingshan's beard is well maintained."

"Good, Luo Qingshan. Did you keep your beard because you wanted to take advantage of me?" Jiang Haofeng joked.

"You can't accuse me wrongly. This beard is the symbol of a man. Don't you think that the bearded me is very majestic?"

Gu Xiwei smiled as she stood at the side and watched them joke with each other. Actually, she had been worried about Jiang Haofeng's thoughts about the branch family. Now, it seemed that Jiang Haofeng was still the original Jiang Haofeng and was still trustworthy.

"By the way, Qingshan, what brings you here today?" Jiang Haofeng asked casually.

"I was a little worried when I heard that you had moved out." Luo Qingshan took out a string of copper coins from his pocket and was about to put them into Jiang Haofeng's arms. "I went hunting in the mountains last night. I only found out about this when I came back tonight. Uncle Jiang and the others have gone too far. I have nothing to help with. You can keep these for now."

Jiang Haofeng naturally refused. "How can I take money from my brothers?"

"It's because we are brothers that you should take more money." Luo Qingshan suddenly said in a serious tone. "Haofeng, don't pretend in front of me. I know you are upset. Besides, it is a time when you need money to move out. Let's not talk about them... Don't worry, we'll find out if you still have a brother. " After saying that, he patted his chest.

Jiang Haofeng was silent for a while. Suddenly, he went forward and hugged Luo Qingshan tightly. Gu Xiwei noticed that his ears had turned red. She sighed in her heart. Sure enough, Jiang Haofeng still cared about it in his heart. She thought about it and thought about it. Fortunately, he still had a good friend who could help him.

"Money, thank you for your good intentions." Jiang Haofeng took the copper coin and handed it back. "Don't worry. My mother and I don't have much money at the moment. We have plenty of money. You should keep it for yourself. You have to make plans for the future."

Luo Qingshan took the copper coin. In the end, he could not help but take it back.

"Okay. Although you don't have to worry about food now," Jiang Haofeng said. But with sister-in-law, you have to save up some money. " I'm going to hunt in the mountain today. Haofeng, do you want to come with me? " Luo Qingshan found a tactful way to help Jiang Haofeng. Everyone within a few miles knew that Luo Qingshan was a good hunter. This meant that they did not mind teaching Jiang Haofeng how to hunt. They would share their prey with him.

Jiang Haofeng naturally understood what he meant. He was touched.

Moreover, his brother had thought of ways to help him and cared about his pride. Jiang Haofeng naturally would not reject it a second time.

Gu Xiwei was a little worried. After all, she did not know about the ancient environment. Luo Village had just married yesterday. She did not know if there were any dangerous animals nearby.

However, Jiang Haofeng was rarely so happy. His friend was also kind and Gu Xiwei naturally could not stop him. She could only take advantage of the fact that the two of them were still chatting and go out to pack a bag of rice, seasoning, flint stones, clothes and medicinal powder.

Thus, after chatting for a while, the two of them saw Gu Xiwei carrying a big bag and placing it in Jiang Haofeng's hand. Jiang Haofeng's hand suddenly sank and almost fell down. Luo Qingshan, on the other hand, winked at Jiang Haofeng, "Sure enough, having a wife is different from other people."

"Yeah." Jiang Haofeng actually restrained his blush and said proudly, "That's why you are the younger brother." He turned back to Gu Xiwei and reminded her, "Mom, I'll be back in the evening. There are still noodles in the kitchen. If you're hungry, order some. If I come back late tonight, eat first. Don't wait for me."

Gu Xiwei nodded, "Don't worry, Haofeng. I know."

Jiang Haofeng could not help but touch her soft hair when he saw how obedient she was. His heart was full of motivation. "You are weak. Don't move the clothes you changed earlier. You can sunbathe. If you are bored, just read the books and leave them with you."

"Don't worry. I will be fine." Gu Xiwei promised again and again before Jiang Haofeng finally left.

Until she could not see Jiang Haofeng and Luo Qingshan's back, Gu Xiwei finally relaxed and laid down on the rocking chair. She sighed with emotion in her heart. She could finally continue to study the space. The sooner she studied it, the sooner she would become rich. She would not let Jiang Haofeng, this big treasure, be harmed.

Gu Xiwei fell asleep in the warm sunlight with the strong desire to enter the space.

As Gu Xiwei expected, after a similar feeling last time, she opened her eyes and went back to that mysterious space. This time, she entered the small wooden house with familiarity. She actually found that the fruits that were placed on the jade table previously were all gone. The jade table and chairs seemed to have become more transparent.

Gu Xiwei walked around the table a few times but did not find anything special. So she gave up on the table and went straight to the "divine spring.

This time Gu Xiwei wanted to try the use of the "divine spring" water.

Gu Xiwei carefully squatted on the shore and slowly reached her hand into the spring water. She felt that it was cool and refreshing, but the water was clear to the bottom. She gently held it with her hand and slowly licked it. She found that the spring water was actually a little sweet and the natural atmosphere refreshed her heart. Immediately, her vision became clear and her ears could hear further.

When Gu Xiwei woke up from the feeling of the baptism, she found that the hand that was holding the water was even whiter and smoother than the other hand. There was even a clear boundary around her wrist. Gu Xiwei could not help but sigh. This really was worthy of being called a "divine spring.

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