His Amazing Farming Wife/C15 I Met an Old Friend
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His Amazing Farming Wife/C15 I Met an Old Friend
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C15 I Met an Old Friend

Jiang Haofeng wasn't good at hawking, but he had already met such a customer from the beginning. He didn't know if he should continue or not. Gu Xiwei saw that he looked embarrassed and Luo Qingshan did not seem to be good at talking. She encouraged him in her heart and prepared to shout at the top of her lungs.

However, at this time, another middle-aged man walked over from the opposite side of the street. He was dressed in rich clothes and could not be compared to the man from before. He had a friendly face and a servant beside him.

"Aiyo, I didn't expect to see you here, little brother Haofeng." The man greeted Jiang Haofeng as soon as he stepped forward. He looked like a good friend whom he hadn't seen for many years, but Jiang Haofeng was completely confused. He didn't know how he knew such a person.

Luo Qingshan, who had been standing by the side, looked at the man's face and the familiar tone in his words. He pondered for a moment, then suddenly knocked his head. "Haofeng," he said. Isn't this the brother you saved on the mountain a month ago?"

"This little brother has a good memory." The man smiled and narrowed his eyes. "I fell off the cliff last month when I was climbing the mountain. I even sprained my leg. It was all thanks to Haofeng that I was able to save my life. It was just that I was in a hurry and did not thank him. I always felt bad about it. I was just thinking about you when I saw you guys."

Jiang Haofeng did not think much of it. Big brother, what are you talking about? I saw injured people on the mountain. If I can help, I can help. It is fate that I met you."

The man stroked the small beard on his chin. He was more and more satisfied. Although this little brother's reputation was not well known, his character was trustworthy. He had to make friends with him before saving his life. His mind spun, and when he saw the silver fox cage at Jiang Haofeng's feet, he immediately had an idea.

"Little brother is here to sell the silver fox?"

"That's right. I was lucky enough to get this pair with brother yesterday, so I thought of selling it to exchange for some silver." Jiang Haofeng answered honestly.

The man stroked his beard again, "Silver Fox is rare, but I'm afraid no one in this remote town can afford to buy them." Pausing, he hinted, "But my master is currently interested in these rare beasts."

Gu Xiwei knew what she meant by the sound of the strings, "May I know why the customer bought Silver Fox back?"

"I can't say for sure, but I did build a new beast garden. It should be for raising and viewing." The man rolled his eyes and looked at Gu Xiwei. He asked, "May I know who this is..."

Jiang Haofeng pulled Gu Xiwei behind him. "This is my wife. Silver Fox has some feelings after raising her for two days, so he offended her. Please forgive me. "

"It's nothing. I didn't think that after a month of not seeing you, little brother Haofeng would become a family. His wife is also intelligent. What a blessing." The man did not take it to heart and even teased him.

Gu Xiwei saw that this man was upright and straightforward. He did things smoothly and still remembered the kindness of saving her life. She wanted to repay him, but he was a person worth dating. Hence, she paid extra attention to the news that this man revealed.

Looking at his clothes, he was dressed very meticulously. However, it was also easy for him to act. His words were shrewd but not sophisticated. It made one's heart iron, and one was well aware of the value of these treasures. It should be far more than just the background of this small town. The 'master' in his words also had a deep background. He was also willing to spend a large amount of silver for his interest. No, no, he was willing to spend a large amount of silver for his own interest. No, perhaps these were not worth mentioning in the eyes of others. From the looks of it, this person should be the shopkeeper. He would also be walking outside. That was why something had happened in the mountains.

Then this business had a value to talk about, and there might even be unexpected gains. Thinking of this, Gu Xiwei pulled Jiang Haofeng's sleeve again.

Jiang Haofeng came back to his senses and asked politely, "I wonder how much big brother can pay to buy this silver fox?"

The man smiled, "I won't hide it from you, little brother. Master gave you a budget of four hundred taels, but there is no specific breed. But I earned it after buying the two of you silver fox."

"Big brother is too modest. This pair of silver fox is an unexpected joy to begin with. We were just worried that we wouldn't have a place to take action. Now that you have appeared, you have really solved our urgent need. If we raise it for a few more days, I'm afraid we might lose out." Jiang Haofeng thanked him immediately.

"Moneymaker." The man called out to the servant behind him. The servant immediately took out a silver note and ordered it in front of Jiang Haofeng and the others. Then, he handed it to Jiang Haofeng and picked up the silver fox cage. He stood aside quietly.

Gu Xiwei was shocked when she saw the servant's reaction. It was just that the servant beside her was assured that he would bring four hundred taels of banknotes with him. His actions were neither servile nor overbearing. It seemed that the master behind this man must have a powerful background. She still had to be careful when dealing with him.

Silver Fox in the cage also heard their conversation. Now, he was half relieved about his future situation. However, the female fox still missed her son and kept whispering in the male fox's ear. Gu Xiwei found it funny, but she had already made up her mind to raise the little fox first, so she did not reveal any flaws.

After the transaction, this person was even more determined to befriend Jiang Haofeng, so he suggested, "Why don't we go to the restaurant now and have a meal."

Jiang Haofeng was a little hesitant, but Luo Qingshan was very willing. Seeing this, the man said, "It's fate that we met today. Moreover, we owe Brother Jiang a favor for saving our lives. Just treat it as giving me face and asking me to contribute. Let's have a chat."

Jiang Haofeng thanked him, "I'm afraid it'll make Big Brother spend a lot of money."

The man smiled. "It won't happen. My surname is Qian. I'm the one who opened the Hostel of Fortune in town. Little brother, don't worry. The three of you won't be able to defeat me."

Jiang Haofeng was shocked. Gu Xiwei had just married and did not know. Luo Qingshan had been hunting in the mountains, but he knew it very well. This Fu Lai Inn was opened about half a year ago. The inn didn't have any background here. At that time, a group of ruffians came knocking on the door, but the sound of thunder was loud. The rain was small, and for some reason, the inn casually threw them all into the prison. They hadn't been released yet, and then the scoundrels and lords of the town had walked around it. In less than half a year, it had become the town's Dragon Head Inn. Just this lightning method was enough to make people fearful. Now, it seemed like... The water was deep behind the inn.

Jiang Haofeng made a bow, "Then I'll have to trouble Brother Qian."

"So you're the shopkeeper of Fulai Inn. You're such a noble person. I've heard so much about you." Luo Qingshan finally reacted when he heard the man's proactive introduction. He complimented him a few times but did not take it to heart. He was just happy for his brother and saved a noble person. It would be more convenient for him in the future.

Gu Xiwei could hear the seriousness in Jiang Haofeng's tone. It seemed that this Fortune Inn did not have a small background.

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