His Amazing Farming Wife/C16 The Sights and Sights of the Restaurant
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His Amazing Farming Wife/C16 The Sights and Sights of the Restaurant
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C16 The Sights and Sights of the Restaurant

The five of them each had their own thoughts, but the shopkeeper enthusiastically introduced the new things on the street. It seemed like he really wanted to make friends with Jiang Haofeng.

In less than half an incense's time, they walked along the flat street to the entrance of a grand inn.

The inn was made entirely of wood. Under the restrictions of the ancient craftsmanship, it was actually built into three floors. This inn might be the tallest building in this town. Although it was a tenon structure, the joints were handled very well. The pillars in the middle of the front hall were also very exquisite. It could be said that they were carved out. The floor was neatly paved, and there was no sound when stepping on it. It even felt as if the floor was a whole piece of wood.

The inn was divided into two parts. The front hall was a restaurant, and the back was an inn.

Shopkeeper Qian directly brought them into the inn. Although it was lunchtime, there were not many people eating in the hall. Gu Xiwei secretly remembered it and did not ask any more questions.

A waiter ran over smartly, "Shopkeeper, where are you going to sit?"

Shopkeeper Qian was forthright, "Arrange a private room by the window for me."

"Okay. Follow me." The waiter brought Jiang Haofeng and the others to the second floor.

Gu Xiwei was even more surprised when they entered the private room. The decoration of this restaurant was not something that this small town could match. It seemed that becoming the number one restaurant in this small town deserved its reputation.

Gu Xiwei sat by the window and could see the wine flags and meandering river water floating in the air. The willow trees by the river rippled in the breeze, and this scene was extraordinary as well. The snack bar on the opposite side of the street was very lively. This also made Gu Xiwei even more confused. It was lunchtime. But the guests would rather go to the snack bar than come to this inn. Could it be that the food cooked in this inn was really so hard to swallow?

Gu Xiwei tried her best to control her curiosity and patiently waited for the food to be served.

Fifteen minutes later, the food came one after another. It seemed that the inn really did not have many people who used rice and the dishes were served so quickly.

"Brother Jiang, please use it." Shopkeeper Qian poured the wine. He raised his glass to Jiang Haofeng.

Jiang Haofeng naturally could not refuse. He also poured a glass and toasted Shopkeeper Qian with Luo Qingshan.

Gu Xiwei's identity only required her to quietly sit by the side and eat some food. At this time, Gu Xiwei sighed in her heart. Luckily she came to the countryside, otherwise she really did not have the qualifications to eat at the same table as a man unless she was a prostitute.

Shopkeeper Qian was very happy when he saw Jiang Haofeng and Gu Xiwei giving him face. He picked up a piece of meat with his chopsticks and placed it in Jiang Haofeng's bowl. This was the meaning of letting them start using rice.

Gu Xiwei quietly sat at the side and picked up some vegetables and placed them in the bowl. She quietly savored them. She discovered that this dish looked delicate and delicious, but it tasted very ordinary. It was not compatible with the dining environment and the cooking ingredients. It seemed that the chef here had probably invited the wrong person.

Jiang Haofeng and Luo Qingshan naturally noticed the abnormality of the dish. However, when faced with the person who invited them to eat, they could not help but point it out in front of their faces. Moreover, it was the meat that they usually did not have the chance to eat. Even if it was bad, it would not be wasted.

On the other hand, Shopkeeper Qian saw something wrong from their expressions. "Sure enough, the dishes cooked in our restaurant don't match the appetite of the people here."

"Big Brother Qian, what's going on?" Jiang Haofeng asked doubtfully.

"Sigh, my restaurant has been open for half a year. The scenery and decoration are pretty good, but not many people come to eat it. Right now, I'm basically living by the inn at the back, but no one is willing to eat your dishes at an inn. Isn't this a joke?" Shopkeeper Qian smiled bitterly and drank another cup of wine.

"Brother Qian, to be honest, this dish isn't bad at all. It's just a little ordinary. Looking at your inn, it's definitely not cheap to eat a meal, but the taste isn't enough. Customers might not be able to bear it." Jiang Haofeng tried his best to explain in a euphemistic way.

I know it's like this too, but the chef before the restaurant was taken away by his opponent. The current chef is his little disciple, and he hasn't graduated yet. He can't find a new chef in a short time, so he can only leave it for now. " Shopkeeper Qian seemed to know about this problem as well, but he just couldn't solve it.

Gu Xiwei thought about it in her heart and found that this was a good opportunity. She pulled at a corner of Jiang Haofeng's table and said, "Shopkeeper Qian, I see that your chef is very skilled in cooking, but he lacks special features. I think if you have a few signature dishes, it will definitely help your restaurant get better."

"Oh? I wonder if sister-in-law has any good ideas?" Shopkeeper Qian put down his wine glass and looked at Gu Xiwei.

"Before Xiwei married, there was an old mama who cooked a good dish. Before she married, the mama was worried that I would not be used to it in the future, so she passed her family recipes to me."

Sure enough, Shopkeeper Qian was interested, "I wonder if sister-in-law can show me her skills?"

Jiang Haofeng was also surprised. He did not know that his wife knew so many things. It was just that out of trust in Gu Xiwei, he restrained himself and smiled. "It's just that big brother needs money to borrow the kitchen."

When Luo Qingshan saw that Jiang Haofeng was not surprised, he only felt that his sister-in-law was really talented.

Gu Xiwei was touched and trusted by Jiang Haofeng. She smiled at him, "Husband, just watch me." Then, she followed the waiter to the kitchen. Since Gu Xiwei was a woman in the house, in order to avoid suspicion, the kitchen was naturally cleared ahead of time.

Gu Xiwei did not see the angry scolding of the chef that the woman actually wanted to touch the kitchen. And this unmanned kitchen naturally gave Gu Xiwei room to use and was not afraid of leaking the recipe.

The recipe in Gu Xiwei's heart was not from some spatial inheritance, but when she was imprisoned by her family in her previous life. When a person was bored, he read all the recipes at that time and used a lot of time to create them. Naturally, her family members were willing to use this worthless recipe to shut her up and stay in that cage. It could be said that it was a truly unique secret recipe.

Gu Xiwei stopped her thoughts in time and washed her hands. She rolled up her sleeves and skillfully cut the vegetables. All kinds of cooking methods were displayed in this small kitchen. However, he was in a hurry now. Naturally, it was not easy to cook those time-consuming dishes. He could only cook a few fast hand dishes. He tried his best to display the true charm of the so-called menu and capture Manager Qian's heart in a short period of time.

About thirty minutes later, Gu Xiwei's dishes were ready.

Shopkeeper Qian was already very anxious and the wine on the table had already been changed into a new pot. Since Jiang Haofeng chose to believe in Gu Xiwei, he naturally waited with a smile with Shopkeeper Qian for a long time. On the side, Luo Qingshan also said jokes and tried to persuade Shopkeeper Qian to drink. At least he got served. As expected of Jiang Haofeng's good brother.

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