His Amazing Farming Wife/C18 The Boss Behind the Scenes
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His Amazing Farming Wife/C18 The Boss Behind the Scenes
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C18 The Boss Behind the Scenes

Gu Xiwei was forced out of the kitchen when she was showering her skills. She was already feeling indignant, but when she heard that it was actually a woman, she was even more indignant. She started quarreling with the waiter who received Jiang Haofeng and the others in the front hall.

This chef could be said to have an idea. He knew that it was impossible for him to argue with the manager. Take the waiter to vent your anger. Actually, he was just bluffing, and he wanted to take this opportunity to see the manager's attitude towards him. After all, ever since his master changed jobs, he had taken over the kitchen when he couldn't find a chef. It could be said that he had reached the top in a single step, but his culinary skills were not at his peak. The business of the restaurant was also declining day by day. Even so, the head chef was still unwilling to lose this good job. Now, the argument was getting worse and worse. The manager's attitude could be seen from the way he handled the situation. If the lady was not capable enough, she would not have any trouble for herself. If the girl was good, the manager would not let a woman be the chef. He did not have anything to worry about.

Thinking of this, the chef became even more fearless. He reached out and pushed the waiter. "What right does a waiter have to shout here? Don't you know who I am?"

Although the waiter wanted to cover Gu Xiwei and the others in case he ran into the shopkeeper's guest, However, his identity was not enough to fight against the chef. He only said, "The manager is entertaining the guests and can't let you in as you please." Then, he stood at the side and didn't say anything.

The person sitting in the corner on the first floor became interested when he heard the quarrel at the stairway's entrance.

"Yang, what do you think those two are arguing about?" A baby-faced man looked at the handsome man beside him.

The handsome man didn't answer. His bearing was graceful like an immortal, and he frowned. "Muh Jing, why has the restaurant become so unruly in the future?"

The handsome man who was eating put down his chopsticks when he heard this. "Sigh, I've been with you all these days. How would I know what happened in the restaurant?"

However, the baby-faced man didn't give up and continued to insist. "Then I want to see what exactly is going on."

The handsome man covered his face in despair. "Okay. Let me think. This place seems to be under Shopkeeper Qian's control. Let me ask." Then, he put down his chopsticks as if he was running away and walked towards the noisy stairs.

The handsome man looked at the baby-faced man with dissatisfaction. The baby-faced man saw his expression and immediately became weak. "Alright. It's my fault, Big Brother." He picked up the vegetables and looked back and forth, but didn't put them in his mouth. "But the dishes here are really not delicious. I can't eat them."

The man also recalled his younger brother's hobbies and sighed in his heart. This bumpy journey had already made him grumble a lot. Now, he just wanted to listen to some gossip. Forget it, let him do as he pleases. "Jin, When you go out, you can't compare to when you are at home. Besides, you're the one who's causing trouble this time. You've already troubled Mu Jing a lot along the way. Forget it this time, don't be willful next. "

The baby-faced man stuffed a mouthful of vegetables angrily and said ambiguously, "I understand."

The man did not continue lecturing after receiving his younger brother's promise. He poured another glass of wine and slowly savored it.

On the other side, Muh Jing walked straight to the stairs and asked the waiter, "I wonder why the few of you are making a racket here and disturbing the peace and quiet of my family's young master?"

The waiter saw Muh Jing's elegant words and extraordinary bearing, and he bowed deeply. "I'm really sorry. Our manager is currently entertaining guests upstairs. It's said that he's a chef. It's just that our chef is a little unhappy and wants to go up and take a look at what kind of chef he is."

"Oh? I wonder if we can have the honor to meet it as well?" Muh Jing was interested.

The waiter was in a difficult position. He had just informed the waiter beside the shopkeeper, but he had not replied yet. It was not easy for him to agree. Just as he was in a dilemma, the waiter came down from the second floor. "The manager has ordered the chef to come up."

"Brother Li," the waiter called out to the waiter, "this customer said that he was curious about what happened and wanted to go up and take a look."

The waiter looked up and saw that it was his superior. He naturally wouldn't refuse. Therefore, the chef Shopkeeper Qian had expected turned into a majestic chef, his superior, and a group of people. This frightened him.

Shopkeeper Qian subconsciously wanted to get up and bow. However, his master was a frequent visitor, so naturally, he would not expose himself like this. Receiving his master's intention, Shopkeeper Qian felt that it was time to test his acting skills. However, sitting on the stool was like sitting on a nail, and he was really restless.

"Uh, this is Chef Sun, the head chef of our restaurant." Shopkeeper Qian introduced him to Jiang Haofeng and the other two.

Chef Sun did not stand on ceremony, "Yes, I am the head chef of this restaurant. I wonder which one of them is the famous chef invited by the manager? I can't wait to see it. " The head chef clearly knew that it was a woman, but he deliberately said that.

Jiang Haofeng's expression immediately changed. Gu Xiwei pulled him back and stood up, "A famous chef can't afford it. It's just that there are a few family recipes. Xiwei will just show them."

The chef was blocked by Gu Xiwei and did not have any reason to continue venting. He just stood at the side with a gloomy expression and coldly stared at them.

The baby-faced man was watching happily when he saw them suddenly quieten down. He was a little anxious, "Hey, why don't you guys continue?" Those who knew him well only asked him sincerely. Those who didn't know him felt that this person was provoking him on the spot and waiting to watch the show.

The handsome man who looked like an immortal slapped his head with his fan, "Jin, what did you promise me just now?"

The baby-faced man remembered his promise and immediately lowered his head. He pursed his lips and stopped talking.

Muh Jing heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his big brother had finally taken control of his little ancestor. Then he looked at the others. "I'm really sorry. My little master is used to being frank and straightforward. He doesn't have any other intentions."

"Since that's the case, then forget it." Shopkeeper Qian naturally agreed. God knows how much he hoped that his master would not create pressure on him on a whim.

"Right. Since we have come up, may I have a look at the dishes made by this lady just now?" Muh Jing thought of the little ancestor's temper and felt deeply depressed. However, he still had to find a way to satisfy his request. Otherwise, it would be even more difficult to settle the dispute later.

"This..." Shopkeeper Qian was in a difficult position. The dishes that he had just cooked had already entered his stomach. How could this be good?

Gu Xiwei saw how much Shopkeeper Qian cared about these three dishes and knew that they were not ordinary people. She assumed that these people were the bosses behind the scenes of the restaurant. She just didn't know what they were planning to do now that they had appeared.

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