His Amazing Farming Wife/C2 Newborn Contradictions!
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His Amazing Farming Wife/C2 Newborn Contradictions!
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C2 Newborn Contradictions!

Upon closer inspection, Jiang Haofeng's figure was tall and straight. It was obvious that he was sixteen years old, but he was much older than most adults.

His brand new clothes were tightly tightened due to his figure, and the lines of his muscles were faintly visible. His figure was probably not that bad either.

Maybe it was because he had been working all day with his back facing the yellow soil that his skin had turned bronze, and his facial features were good. He could really be called a handsome man in the 21st century.

Judging from his face alone, Gu Xiwei felt that she was not at a disadvantage.

"Little mother, are you thirsty?" Just as Gu Xiwei was lost in thought, Jiang Haofeng quietly handed her a bowl of cold water.

Gu Xiwei received it with a faint expression and took a sip. Fortunately, there was no strange taste.

Speaking of which, it was also strange. This room was clearly so close to the pigsty but she did not smell anything after staying for a long time. Could it be that there was a way?

"Husband, there is a child outside the door..." Gu Xiwei's eyes wandered and turned her head only to see a short and thin figure lingering outside the door, "Call her in..."

Jiang Haofeng saw Jiang Qinzhi poking her head out and called, "Little girl Zhi, why are you hiding outside the door?"

The little girl looked to be about three or four years old. She had two little braids that reached the sky. She was wearing a short shirt that was full of patches, but she was very clean.

"Fifth Aunt is so beautiful!" Jiang Qinzhi timidly ran to Jiang Haofeng's side. Her black eyes stared straight at Gu Xiwei and did not stop. After a long while, she suddenly opened her mouth.

Gu Xiwei smiled and touched her head. She turned around and took out an exquisite candy box from the box. She took out a piece of persimmon candy and gave it to the little girl in front of her.

She handed the candy box to Jiang Haofeng and said, "Husband, give the candy to the children at home and give it to them later..."

Jiang Haofeng nodded and divided the sugar into three parts. He even left a few pieces in the candy box. "You should leave a few pieces as a change."

Gu Xiwei did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Why do you still treat me like a child..."

Seeing Jiang Qinzhi stare straight at Jiang Haofeng's actions, Gu Xiwei found it funny in her heart to pick another piece of osmanthus candy and stuffed it into the little girl who was extremely hungry.

The little girl blinked her eyes and carefully held the candy in her hand like it was a treasure. After a long while, she said, "Thank you aunt..."

She turned around and ran away without a trace.

Jiang Haofeng also went out to take the candy to the other rooms and did not forget to tell Gu Xiwei to rest properly.

Gu Xiwei felt that the makeup on her face was uncomfortable, so she wanted to wash it off. However, she felt a little awkward and found that she was really unfamiliar with this house. She could not even find a basin.

Gu Xiwei simply walked out of the house and saw her second sister-in-law, Madame Lin, who was cooking in the kitchen not far away. She walked over and asked awkwardly. "Second sister-in-law, do you have hot water?"

Madame Lin, who was busy in the kitchen, looked up and saw Gu Xiwei. She picked up the rag on the stove and dried her hands without asking too much. She scooped up the wooden bucket that was quietly placed by the side and scooped up a few ladles of hot water from the steaming hot iron pot before handing it over to Gu Xiwei.

Gu Xiwei quickly reached out to take it but underestimated the half barrel of water. Madame Lin did not even have time to let go and almost knocked the wooden bucket to the ground. The two of them looked at each other.

In the end, Madame Lin was the first to break the awkwardness. "Sister-in-law rest. I will help you carry it over."

Gu Xiwei awkwardly coughed twice, "Sorry to trouble Second Sister-in-law..."

Gu Xiwei secretly sighed in her heart. This broken body was weak and sickly from birth. For many years, she had relied on medicine to barely extend her life, let alone compared to the women who were used to farming in the countryside.

Madame Lin had just brought the water into Gu Xiwei's house when she heard a heart-wrenching cry outside. Immediately, her heart was anxious, "It is the cry of the third girl..."

She did not even have time to finish her sentence before she ran out to check on the situation.

Gu Xiwei also quickly followed out and saw a boy covered in fat squeezing Qinzhi by the corner of the wall to snatch the things in her hands. The other extremely skinny girl had a face full of anxiety and wanted to pull the two away.

Before Gu Xiwei could react, a small figure quickly ran out of the room on the left. He clenched his fist and greeted the boy covered in fat, "Jiang Mingshun! You stole my little sister's things again!"

In an instant, it was a mess. The children's figures were twisting and tearing. No one was willing to admit defeat.

Gu Xiwei immediately became anxious. Jiang Qinzhi was just a weak little girl. How could she defeat this half-grown fat boy? What would she do if she was injured?

She was just about to step forward when Madame Lin had already run over and pulled away a few figures that were entangled together. Jiang Mingshun had just turned ten years old this year, but his body was much fatter than many children of the same age. He forcefully bit Madame Lin's wrist.

Madame Lin forcefully pulled away Jiang Mingshun who had a deadly bite in her hand. She did not care about how badly she was injured. She just pulled the crying Jiang Qinzhi into her arms. "Third girl, are you hurt anywhere?"

Jiang Qinzhi only came back to her senses after a long while. She cried loudly, "Mother, it hurts! He bit me and even snatched my candy!"

Only when Jiang Qinzhi cried out did everyone realize that there was a bloody bite mark on her slender arm!

Jiang Mingshun, who was glared at by everyone, rolled his eyes without a care. He wiped his sweat with a huff. Then, he put the candy in his mouth and said vaguely, "Stupid girl, it's not your turn to eat the candy at home."

Gu Xiwei's face turned cold when she heard that. She was dissatisfied in her heart. This child was so uncultured?

Madame Meng, who was in the house, also heard the commotion. She was afraid that her son would suffer a loss. She fiercely glared at the people in the courtyard. "Good. You guys are bullying Mingshun because you have more people, aren't you?"

She ran over and hit Gu Xiwei hard. If Jiang Haofeng did not hear the noise and rushed out to help, Gu Xiwei would have fallen to the ground.

"Is Mingshun hurt anywhere? Did he get bullied? " Don't be afraid. Let's see who dares! "

"Third Sister-in-law must have asked the wrong question, right? Should I ask him why he stole the candy I gave Qinzhi?" Gu Xiwei stood out discontentedly.

"I say, Fifth Sister-in-law, aren't you being too lenient when you just got married? The sugar in the house is all taken care of by mother. It is not up to you to ask who should be fed..."

"Shut up! Madame Meng, you taught my family's Qinzhi a good son to beat her to death! How should we settle this score?" Seeing Madame Meng act like a scoundrel, Madame Lin could not bear it anymore in the end.

"Daughter is a lowly life! So what if I hit her? How can the money you gave birth to be more expensive than my Mingshun? If you have the ability, try to touch my Mingshun? I will tear you apart! " Madame Meng protected Jiang Mingshun behind her like an eagle protecting a chick.

Madame Lin was so angry that her face turned red. Just as she was about to step forward, Madame Wang coincidentally came out of the main room and shouted with a cold face. "What are you arguing about!? How many hours has it been since dinner was ready? Are you going to starve people to death?!"

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