His Amazing Farming Wife/C20 Making Friends
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His Amazing Farming Wife/C20 Making Friends
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C20 Making Friends

However, before Muh Jing and the others introduced him, the servant brought the chef out.

Gu Xiwei secretly remembered that Manager Qian's master was not an ordinary person. Even his identity as an outsider was concealed in detail. Jiang Haofeng also noticed something unusual and was about to find a reason to leave.

He did not expect Muh Jing to say directly, "It's okay. The three of us just like to walk around and see all the living things in the world. "You don't have to be so nervous."

After saying this, even Luo Qingshan felt that something was wrong. He thought to himself. Could it be that these three people have some extraordinary identity?

As expected, "Let's just say it. I am the grandson of the current High Duke, and these two are my good friends. This time around, we are going out for a walk to take a look. This is my cousin, Mu Li. This is my cousin, Mu Jin, so I'm sorry. "

Muh Jing heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He didn't have the impulse to reveal his identity as the Crown Prince. Otherwise, he wouldn't know what would happen. Now that my little ancestor wants to befriend them, my cousin's identity should be enough. If he revealed his true identity, I'm afraid they would be nervous and uneasy.

The baby-faced Mu Jin, even though she wasn't satisfied with Muh Jing introducing her with his younger cousin's identity. But she couldn't say anything else this time. But being able to get along with the chef she liked, she was very satisfied and didn't make a big fuss about it. He immediately rushed to Gu Xiwei's side and begged her to cook a few more dishes.

Gu Xiwei could not bear to reject such a request. Hence, she went to the kitchen and did her best to cook a few side dishes as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Muh Jing, Mu Li, and Jiang Haofeng had already sat down and started chatting.

Mu Li, the handsome and otherworldly man, found that there was a ravine in his chest during the conversation with Jiang Haofeng. However, for some reason, his appearance did not appear. He even deliberately concealed himself so that he would behave the same as normal country bumpkins.

"I wonder where Brother Jiang's house is," Muh Jing said as he took a sip of tea.

"It's not far from home. It's just ten miles away from the town, in the Luo Village." Jiang Haofeng answered neither servile nor overbearing. He was wondering why he wanted to know where his house was.

Muh Jing was also puzzled. "Why does Brother Jiang live in the Luo Village?"

Jiang Haofeng lowered his head and smiled bitterly, "My father's career fell in the past. Later on, the family moved over."

"Oh? I wonder who Brother Jiang's father is?" Muh Jing continued asking.

"My father, Jiang Mu." Jiang Haofeng replied in a low tone.

Luo Qingshan could not hold his anger. "Haofeng has already moved out. In the future..."

Jiang Haofeng reached out and stopped him. He turned his head and smiled, "Sorry, my brother is a simple person. I apologize for making you laugh."

Shopkeeper Qian saw that the atmosphere was still, so he immediately tried to smooth things over. "Aiyo. Master, you don't know that I fell off the cliff a month ago. It was Brother Jiang who saved me."

Muh Jing was surprised, "Oh? And this?"

Jiang Haofeng laughed heartily. "It's a small matter. It's not worth mentioning. It's just a small matter."

"It's not a big deal. It's my life." Shopkeeper Qian naturally wouldn't let Jiang Haofeng be so modest. With Jiang Haofeng and his wife's previous behavior, He had already thought of making friends with Jiang Haofeng. Now, he was naturally helping Jiang Haofeng to show off in front of his master. He hoped that his master would be able to help Brother Jiang in the future, and not let this young man waste his life in the countryside.

Jiang Haofeng was touched by Manager Qian's thoughts, so naturally he would not take his face away. As a result, the following conversation became much more harmonious. Muh Jing did not ask any more questions to get to the bottom of the matter. As they chatted, the two of them naturally found that the other was very suitable for their taste. The friendship between men was born just like that.

Mu Li naturally didn't have any objections. He sat quietly at the side, occasionally interjecting a few words. For a time, the atmosphere in the private room was unprecedentedly harmonious.

Gu Xiwei had finally finished cooking under Mu Jin's admiring gaze and endless questions. She served the dishes again. The conversation between the men and the delicacies and wine naturally became even more enthusiastic. She started to address each other as brothers in between cups of wine and cups of wine.

Almost every time Muh Jing took a bite, he deeply felt that what he ate before was just to fill his stomach. Only this delicacy was truly satisfying his appetite. However, when he thought about not being able to eat it every day, he felt a hidden sadness. Thinking about how Shopkeeper Qian had bought the menu with foresight, he became happy again. As his mood rose and fell, the banquet had come to an end.

"Mrs. Jiang's craftsmanship is indeed outstanding. Muh Jing pays his respect." Muh Jing reminisced about the meal just now and felt very satisfied.

Mu Jin, who already admired Gu Xiwei a lot, stared at her with sparkling eyes. It caused Jiang Haofeng to be a little vigilant and slightly tilted his body to block Gu Xiwei. Gu Xiwei smiled gently, "Mr. Mu is too kind. The main thing is that the menu is good. With the good food in the restaurant, it is able to display its full potential."

"Mrs. Jiang, don't be modest. Your cooking skills are also very excellent." Muh Jing continued to praise.

Gu Xiwei's craftsmanship was confirmed and naturally, she was very happy. In her previous life, she had been lonely and depressed for so many years, persistence and resentment. Now, she seemed to have found a reason to let go of it and look for a better future.

"Thank you, Mr. Mu." Gu Xiwei did not decline and naturally thanked him.

Mu Li was a little curious, "May I know where Mrs. Jiang's teacher is from?"

"There is nothing to hide. Xiwei did not have good health before she got married and stayed at home all the time. She felt that cooking was very interesting and learned it from an old mama. When she got married, the mama was worried that Xiwei would not be able to eat well from far away. She even specially left a menu. They were all home-cooked dishes. It was a gift from the old man."

"So that's how it is." Mu Li secretly nodded in his heart. The last bit of doubt about how a woman could know so many dishes dissipated.

Mu Jin was completely convinced by Gu Xiwei's cooking skills, "Mrs. Jiang is really very talented. She has memorized all the cooking skills and is very methodical when cooking. She is very calm and very beautiful."

Jiang Haofeng said in his heart, "Of course I know that Little Mother is good, but why do you keep praising my wife in front of me, so you directly said," Thank you for your praise, Young Master Mu. "

Muh Jing and Mu Li were naturally happy to see Mu Jin being humiliated.

"Today, we really met at first sight. Why don't we become sworn brothers on the spot?" Muh Jing suggested.

Jiang Haofeng bowed. "Of course, Haofeng is willing to accept that Mr. Mu is a valuable person, but Haofeng is just an ordinary farmer. I'm afraid..."

"What's the big deal about that? Nong and Xiucai are the same in my eyes. Besides, I see that Brother Jiang has a deep cleavage in his chest. He will definitely do a lot in the future." Muh Jing advised.

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