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His Amazing Farming Wife/C6 Letter Written
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C6 Letter Written

It was time to use it now.

Gu Xiwei was not in a hurry and took out the silver. The white silver emitted a glaring light under the sunlight. Everyone present could not help but breathe lightly. Almost everyone's eyes were glued to the five ingots of silver. After all, they didn't expect this new wife to take out fifty taels of silver at once. After all, fifty taels of silver wasn't a small amount.

Madame Wang's nostrils fluttered and her face was filled with greed as she looked at the silver in Gu Xiwei's hand. She wished she could immediately snatch it over. Although Jiang Mu was once considered to have a glorious past, And the riches. However, the decades of poverty had already wiped away his little bit of backbone. He was also looking at the silver in his daughter-in-law's hands in a secretive manner. Not to mention the selfishness of the third wife and the others who were present. When they saw the silver, they could not help but want to hold it in their hands.

This kind of performance might not be much in normal times, but the people from the Jiang family who were already used to being discussed by Madame Wang would not have any objections. But now that the villagers and the people in the village were all present, this kind of expression was really a little ugly.

"Quick, quickly hand over the money!" Madame Wang impatiently took a step forward and reached out her hand to grab it.

Gu Xiwei unhurriedly withdrew her hand, "Hold on, mother must first hand over the documents to me in order to get these silver."

Madame Wang turned her head, "Lizheng, you saw that it was all this fifth brother's wife who wanted to split the money."

Madame Meng agreed, "Yes, if it wasn't for fifth brother and sister, our family wouldn't have made a fuss on the first day the new wife entered our house and wanted to move out. What a loser."

Lou Lizheng didn't agree immediately. Instead, he turned to look at Jiang Mu. "Mr. Jiang, have you thought about it?"

Jiang Mu wanted to say something to show that he was in a difficult position, but Jiang Haoshang suddenly said, "Master Lizheng, what are we hesitating about? We have already written the receipt. Since Fifth Brother has made up his mind, we won't take this lying down."

His tone was full of pain for Gu Xiwei and Jiang Haofeng. It was as if his brother's actions had hurt his heart, but when compared to their actions just now, it seemed very hypocritical.

However, there were some villagers who were fascinated by his identity as a scholar. They really thought that this branch family was Jiang Haofeng and his brother's fault.

When Lou Lizheng saw the performance of the people from Jiang family, how could he not know what their real plan was? "Lin Er, hand over the documents to Jiang Haofeng and his wife."

Gu Xiwei took the documents and read them carefully. Although she could not differentiate them from the Jiang family immediately, she had read the documents carefully and did not want to leave any trouble.

Gu Xiwei was reading them word by word. She was a little angry that this woman had caused such trouble on the first day she entered the house, so her tone was naturally not good. "What is it? Could it be that this old man's grandson's notes are not reliable?"

Jiang Haoshang naturally would not let go of this opportunity to regain his face, "No, sister-in-law is a true hero. When it comes to reasoning, it is a set."

Gu Xiwei finished reading the written statement and smiled happily, "Xiwei naturally can't compare to an elite scholar like Mo. After all, I just eat crumb and swallow vegetables, but you eat the blood and sweat of the entire family."

Pausing for a while, "That's true. Kong Meng Dao can't teach me this kind of black belly. Other than you, everyone else has the attitude of a lowly person."

This could be said to be a harsh statement. Although everyone knew that reading books was more expensive than farming, Before he succeeded, he had to rely on others to raise him. Now, Jiang Haoshang had been studying for so many years and had not been able to pass the exam. He didn't know what would happen in the future, but he had developed a look of looking down on the common people. In the future, even if he became an official, he would probably be a corrupt official who plundered the people's fat.

Jiang Haoshang was drowned in the gazes of the surrounding villagers and didn't know how to refute for a moment.

Madame Meng immediately rushed over like a madman and was about to pull Gu Xiwei's hair. She even shouted, "Gu Xiwei! You slut! How dare you slander your third brother like this!"

Jiang Haofeng immediately rushed forward, but it was not good to fight with a woman. He could only endure the woman's beating.

Gu Xiwei saw that Jiang Haofeng was entangled by Madame Meng and suffered a lot of physical pain. Her heart suddenly felt stifled. Although she seemed to have accepted all of this on the surface, the hatred that she had accumulated in these two lifetimes had never been vented. Now that she was provoked by Madame Meng, she naturally would not be polite anymore. "What? Mo did it, I can't say it!"

Gu Xiwei looked at the expressions of the people around her and continued, "Everyone present can take a look at the difference between the three rooms and the other rooms." She turned around to look at Madame Wang, "Even if she is biased towards her grandson, mother is not just this grandson, right?"

Madame Wang was just about to throw a tantrum when Jiang Mu pulled her back. Although he wanted to chase this sickly daughter-in-law out and reap some benefits, he did not want to fall into someone's trap and lose his reputation.

"Enough!" Jiang Mu shouted angrily, "It was Haofeng's wedding day. Fifth Wife, you wanted to break up the family. Now that the receipt has been signed, you turned around and bit Third Brother. What are you trying to do?"

Gu Xiwei laughed lightly, "Xiwei doesn't want to do anything, she just wants Father to give her a little justice."

"Okay!" Jiang Mu stared at Jiang Haofeng, his eyes flashing with emotions, "Today I will give you this fairness!" He strode forward and snatched the letter from Gu Xiwei's hands. He announced loudly, "Everyone here will be a witness. From today onwards, Jiang Haofeng and the five houses of the Jiang family will be divided into the Jiang family and will be independent. From now on, none of us will be related!"

Jiang Haofeng's back was a little stiff. Although his parents treated him unfairly, he had never thought that his father would announce the separation so straightforwardly. He even wanted to take away all of his mother's money, and he did not leave any room for negotiation. Gu Xiwei hurried to his back and held Jiang Haofeng's hand tightly, silently giving him the strength to continue.

Jiang Haofeng held Gu Xiwei back and then released his hand. Finally, he slowly knelt down and kowtowed three times. Then, he looked at Jiang Mu. "Haofeng thanks his parents for nurturing him for more than ten years. From today onwards, we have nothing to do with each other."

Madame Wang's eyes were a little red and she looked a little reluctant to part with him. However, when she saw Jiang Mu's ashen face and thought of the past, she hardened her heart and took the letter from Jiang Mu's hand and handed it to Jiang Haofeng.

Madame Meng who was just throwing a tantrum extended her hand to Gu Xiwei in a pleased manner, "Sister-in-law, it's time to give money now, right?"

"Of course." Gu Xiwei directly placed five ingots of silver into Madame Meng's hands and received the letter. She folded a few fold and placed it properly in her sleeves.

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