His Amazing Farming Wife/C9 Magical Fruit Tree
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His Amazing Farming Wife/C9 Magical Fruit Tree
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C9 Magical Fruit Tree

Gu Xiwei had doubts about the word "divine spring. Looking around at the surrounding fruit trees, could it be that "divine" could make the fruit fruit grow more delicious? But looking at those fruits, there seemed to be something special about them. Thinking of this, Gu Xiwei put down the "divine spring" first and walked towards the surrounding fruit trees.

Just a few steps away, the strange fragrance of the fruit assaulted her face. It was not like the fragrance of food but instead made her feel refreshed and even unconsciously immersed in it. Gu Xiwei took a deep breath. She felt that her heart was filled with a clear spirit. It made people think of immortal fruits like peaches in legends.

Gu Xiwei wanted to pluck a few fruits and have a taste to see what was so special about them. However, the thick trunk and the tall and complicated branches made her realize that it was almost impossible. She walked around the fruit tree a few times. Suddenly, a fruit fell straight down. It was about the height of a person when it slowed down. Finally, it was as if an invisible hand was holding it and gently placing it on the ground.

"Who is it?" Gu Xiwei was a little panicked. After all, it was an ancient inheritance and no one was sure. "This junior accidentally entered this place. If I disturb senior, please forgive me." After saying that, she bowed deeply.

After a long while, no one replied. Gu Xiwei slowly raised her head and looked around. There was only a gentle wind blowing through the forest. There was no other trace of existence. So she got up and walked to other places, trying to find out what was unusual about these trees.

Gu Xiwei walked to another tree and no fruit fell. She then circled around the tree to find out if there was any mechanism. When she went around in a circle, another fruit fell from the tree. It was still the same kind of magical falling method.

After that, Gu Xiwei tried to go back and forth a few times and found that these fruit trees were probably set up with some kind of array. When someone walked around it, one was right and the other was in reverse, it would trigger the falling of the fruit. Thinking about it this way, the original owner of this inheritance really had a lot of ideas. Learning to use it made it completely convenient for his daily life.

Gu Xiwei casually picked up a pomegranate that had fallen on the ground before. Just its appearance was already very different from the pomegranate she usually saw. Firstly, it was twice the size of an ordinary pomegranate, and its skin was red. A long and narrow gap was revealed, and one could see the crystal clear pomegranate seeds inside. It was like a box of jewelry that had accidentally revealed a corner. The skin of the pomegranate was soft and moderate, and it didn't require too much effort to peel it off. Gu Xiwei carefully took out a pomegranate seed and placed it in her mouth. She only used her tongue to gently press it, and a fresh and sweet juice burst out. The aftertaste was endless, as if her entire body was wandering in the sea of pomegranate seeds.

At the same time, Gu Xiwei felt her body heat up slightly, as if it was filled with a mysterious power, so she ate one, and another. Unknowingly, Gu Xiwei actually ate half of the pomegranate without stopping until her stomach gently swelled up. Only then did she come back to her senses.

This pomegranate was different from ordinary food. Not only did it give people physical satisfaction, it also gave people a kind of spiritual satisfaction.

Gu Xiwei thought about it for a while, then she used her skirt to wrap around the other fruits and returned to the small wooden house. She temporarily placed the fruits on the jade table in the middle. Just as she was about to sit down and study it, she suddenly felt that she could not breathe. After that, he quickly fell into darkness and seemed to have instantly left that mysterious space. Gu Xiwei clearly realized that she was dreaming. This was a completely different feeling from when she was in that space.

Gu Xiwei still felt that she was tightly entangled here. In her consciousness, she moved a few times and finally woke up.

Just as she opened her eyes, Gu Xiwei discovered that she was tightly hugged by Jiang Haofeng. The big movements just now were barely able to expand a breathing space in his arms.

Gu Xiwei moved a few more times and found that Jiang Haofeng was really fast asleep and she did not have enough strength. She could only give up struggling and could not fall asleep. She started to think about how to improve their current lives in Jiang Haofeng's arms.

She could not understand the talisman in the inheritance now, so she naturally could not use it. The food in the warehouse was enough, so she did not have to worry about food and food. However, he didn't need to plan where he got the food. Besides, he didn't need to worry about food and food. Besides, there might be something strange about the food. They needed to be checked carefully. The fruit forest could be said to be the biggest surprise. Gu Xiwei was sure that these fruits should have a strange effect. It was just that taking them out directly was too eye-catching. Perhaps they could transplant some ordinary fruit trees or move some water and soil from the space. There were so many ways. There would be no bad days in the future.

The more Gu Xiwei thought about it, the more excited she became. She did not have any sleepiness at all. She actually welcomed the dawn in high spirits just like that.

The gentle sunlight shone through the window and onto Jiang Haofeng's face, making this originally handsome face look even more three-dimensional. It was also filled with a mysterious temperament. And this sunlight woke up the sleeping Jiang Haofeng.

Jiang Haofeng's eyelashes fluttered a few times, like the wings of a butterfly suddenly parting, revealing his amber eyes in the sunlight. Gu Xiwei had been watching for a while and did not realize that there was something wrong with their posture. Instead, Jiang Haofeng almost jumped up when he realized what was going on. It was just that the blanket wrapped around him and stopped him.

"Little, little girl." Jiang Haofeng's entire face turned red. "I'm really sorry."

"We are husband and wife." Gu Xiwei wanted to flirt with this honest man again. "Haofeng, why are you so shy?"

Jiang Haofeng did not relax because of this. His hands and feet were almost stiff and he almost rolled off the bed. After almost all of his clothes were put on, he immediately left the room. Not long after, he brought a washbasin and even a wet towel that he was familiar with. He passed it to Gu Xiwei who was still on the bed.

Gu Xiwei secretly laughed in her heart. This man was too honest. He could not resist a few words and seemed to have become her personal Maidservant. After washing up, when Gu Xiwei was about to change clothes, Jiang Haofeng immediately left the room like a tiger behind him. But he still remembered to close the door. He did not know whether he was attentive or his hair was dry.

Jiang Haofeng did not have any free time when he went out. He quickly fixed his breakfast. There was plain white porridge and some side dishes. The color was fresh, the fragrance was simple, and the taste was natural. With the morning air and the crisp chirping of birds, a new day had completely opened up. It made people full of anticipation and motivation for the future.

Gu Xiwei opened the door and looked at the busy man in the morning light. She sighed with emotion.

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