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His Belamour/C3 Alone
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C3 Alone

Author’s POV…

Sapphire was feeling numb when she realized that she is married now. Married to her crush, but forcefully. Her husband never wanted to marry her in the first place. What can be more pathetic and cruel than to bear such truth that your husband despise you the most.

Her vision becomes blur when Mr. Hudson came forward and patted her head and said," go to your room dear, your husband will be here soon”.

But little did they know that today will be another nightmare for her. She looked around and realized there was no one apart from the servants.

Her father-in-law held her hand lovingly and spoke "you will be absolutely fine here, dear. I believe my daughter-in-law. You will make everything right”.

This house is beyond my imagination. I can't even imagine this type of house. I can't even dream of such a house. Every inch of the walls are decorated nicely. I don't deserve this much luxury. He was right, my husband, that I am not deserving of such luxurious life.

Her mother-in-law came and asked her to give her diamond set and everything other things. “ Come on girl, give me everything, so I can sleep” she demanded. Sapphire was dumbfounded but without any care, give her everything.

She took all her things in a bag and moved towards her room, leaving the poor girl to herself. She sat down on the couch, feeling alone, not knowing what to do. After looking around for someone who will guide her, and then she found an aged lady coming towards her.

She stood in front of the old lady and was looking down, as if the floor was more beautiful. The old lady greeted her politely and asked" madam, please come with me, Mr. Hudson said to take you to your room. So please follow me mam”

After realizing a good amount of breath, she stood still and asked" Who are you mam?” she questioned being polite and kind soul.

The maid got shocked that how innocent she is, “no… No, don't call me mam, I am a servant here, so please call me Katherine” she spoke quickly with a small distant smile.

She followed Katherine to god's knows where. She was following her, and finally, they reached a room. Katherine was about to knock the door but found it already opened, so without any knocking she opened the door, but the next second regretted it. “ Come inside my dear, this is your room” she spoke pitying the girl.

But what she saw swiped the smile from her beautiful innocent face and replaced with sadness and guilt. There was her husband sitting on his king-sized bed while a girl was sitting on his lap, lip locking each other. She was shattered. He has one hand around the girl neck, kissing her neck, while the other hand was holding a beer bottle.

Sapphire felt like her heart was torn by someone and then burnt it like an expert. She was rooted in her place, not knowing what to do. Rowan and that girl looking at them with irritation, irritation of being disturbed. The girl was trying to stand up, but he has a tight grip on her thigh. Looking at the girl then the maid he shouted," join this job again when you learn how to knock properly now get out of this house”.

That maid tried to defend herself, but he was not in the mood to listen to anything" sir… Sir, please, I didn't know you are inside. Madam was outside alone so that's why.” she pleaded, but he cut her between" just leave dammit”.

The servant looked at sapphire with sympathy and left the room, closing the door behind her. The girl sitting on rowan's lap bite his ear lobe seductively and whispered" don't take stress, baby”.

He looked at sapphire and speak arrogantly "there is too much stress darling”.

Sapphire took a deep breath and trying to speak," i… I… I”

Cutting her rudely, he asked" don't do your drama and tell me, are you enjoying the lavish, luxurious life or not?”.

Sapphire tears roll down her cheeks with sadness and frustration. She doesn't know what to answer and how to react to this situation, a situation where she was being judged by her husband. She was feeling her world crashing down to her feet. Not only that, but she was crying bitterly, seeing the scene in front of her.

Her husband voice brought her into reality, but the words letting his lips broke her to the core. “ You wanted to be called a divorcee, that's why you agreed to this fucking marriage”.

Sapphire frowned her face and asked being confused," what?”.

Rowan looked at her face with all the hate he has in his heart for her and shouted," if you wanted more money, you should have told me bloody gold digger, but you had to ruined everything dammit. Now I will not spare you. You will have to divorce me because I am going to make your life a living hell and nightmare”.

Sapphire sob silently and said in her mind(_you are already making my life a living nightmare by being with other girls_). She thought bitterly.

. Sapphire looked down and mumbled fearfully," I had promised uncle that… That… I… I will make this marriage successful.i… I will not divorce you”.

Hearing her statement, rowan veins popped out, and he became furious. He stood up and grabbed her neck harshly. He was squeezing her neck tightly without giving any damn.

“ what did you say? Huh. WHAT DID YOU SAY, BITCH? You want this marriage right, then wait, I will make you regret your decision of marrying me and not giving me divorce.”

He was putting pressure on her neck, and she was finding it difficult to breathe even she was pushing him through his chest, but he didn't budge from his place. His hold became more tight, and she fell unconscious in his hands.

Her little, fragile body couldn't take any more of his torture, and she fell down when he left her neck with his fingerprints.

His GF cam forward and whispered seductively in his ear," dead or unconscious?”

He rolled his eyes at her bluntness and somewhere didn't like the question as he can never take someone's life so easily. He maybe a man whore, but he is not a murderer. Likewise, he suddenly replied to her," go home, don't disturb me. I need some rest. “

“ Can I stay with my hot hunk? You know I can release your stress better. I think he requires a good body massage.” saying, so his GF tried to kiss his lips, but he pushed her and turned away saying" I hate lip touching, you know that right? So stop being irritated and leave now.”

His voice was scary and rough which scared her and without thinking much she ran out of his room. He went to take a bath and slept while the innocent bruised soul was laying down on the cold floor unconscious.


At early morning, sapphire woke up and found herself lying on the same floor. She coughed and took high breaths standing up thanks to couch, she looked around and found her husband sleeping on his king-sized bed. He was not wearing any short and muscles were peeking out of the duvet. Her eyes tucked on his muscles and hands, that hand which had chocked her yesterday mercilessly. She couldn't believe that she is still alive after being grabbed by such a gigantic and rough hand.

She stood in front of the mirror and caressed his fingerprints on her neck, sobbing. “ I know you hate me and this marriage. You should be because no one can be married against their wish. You didn't like me. But I like you. I will stay here but will not be coming in front of you. Do what you want.”

She came out of the room but found none, she looked around confused. She mumbled," where is everyone? “ She asked herself.

Suddenly, someone spoke behind her, turning around she found none but only her father-in-law” good morning dear. Did you wake up already? “

She quickly hides her marks by hairs and turn around towards her father-in-law. She smiled nervously at her father-in-law and greet him politely.” good morning uncle”.

Her father-in-law ever so lovingly blessed her and asked" Dad will sound good dear rather than uncle?”.

Sapphire : huh,

Mr. Hudson : chuckling… I am your father-in-law dear, how can you call me uncle but nit dad?

Sapphire : oh but…

Mr. Hudson : no but and if. I will mind then.

Sapphire : ok, I will call you papa, that's how I called my father.

Mr. Hudson caressed her hairs and said : God bless you, my child. Anyway, why didn't you change? Any problem?”.

Her eyes suddenly filled with tears remembering last night, but she controlled her tears and mumbled softly” no… No papa i… I will change now. “

Mr. Hudson : ok, dear, then come to the garden.

Entering the room she locked the door and stood in front of the mirror,” no sapphire, you will have to be strong for papa. I need to change”.

She then changed her clothes in a simple floral knee-length frock. Combing her hair, she applied a lip gloss just to moisten her lips and went down.

Coming down, she found Mr. Hudson sitting in the garden reading a newspaper. She sat beside him and called him” uncle”.

Mr. Hudson looked at her and raised his eyebrow in a question manner," uncle?”.

She looked down embarrassingly and said, "I mean papa.”

They were talking randomly when that head maid came and asked them for breakfast, and served them dry breakfast.

Maid : sir last night I lost my job here because rowan sir…

Mr. Hudson : what?

Maid : huh, i… I went to master rowan room without his permission while he was busy…

Sapphire cut her in the middle and said," please Catherine show me the way to kitchen, I will make breakfast”.

Mr. Hudson : you know, Catherine, he doesn't like that. Anyway you don't need to go, I will talk to him now go.

She just nodded her head fearfully, while sapphire clutch her hand and dragged her softly inside the mansion.

Sapphire : please Catherine, don't tell uncle anything about last night, it is a request.

Catherine : but…

Sapphire : please… Please

Catherine : ok, dear god bless you.

They left for the kitchen and sapphire engrossed in making breakfast…

At 10 am rowan wake up and heard a melodious voice praying an unknown smile appeared on his face but after sporadically that voiced never reached his ear.

He groan and set up," that sound? Where that came from?”

“It was your wife” came the voice of his father.

Rowan: oh, so madam has started her acting.

Mr. Hudson : don't son, respect her.

ROWAN : dad, I am still saying stop falling for these classless people, they only need money.

Mr. Hudson : stop saying bulshit, at least respect her as your wife.

ROWAN : she is not my wife, I will not accept her. I married her because you wanted me to, and I cannot take any responsibility.

Saying so, he went inside the washroom, which made his father worried about that previous girl.

Mr. Hudson :(was I unfair to that girl? Is it my mistake that I married her, with my monster son)? He thought afraid for his daughter-in-law…

At 12, everybody came down to have their breakfast while rowan and Mr. Hudson were already present there. Rowan was sitting beside his father.

They were talking when suddenly his mother and sister came there. Emily, his sister, tried to kiss his cheek when he said," You know I don't like this.”

Emily scrunch her nose and said, "brother, you are unpredictable.”

His mother came and wished them good morning.

Mr. Hudson : good noon (sarcastically)

Natasha (mother-in-law) rolled her eyes at her husband sarcasm and sat down with ruined mood.

Michael (father-in-law) : Emily go and help sapphire in the kitchen.

Emily : now, who is sapphire?

Michael : rowan's wife, your sister-in-law.

Suddenly sapphire came there smiling while serving breakfast.

Emily : oh, that middle-class garbage.

Sapphire face lost her smile and her eyes become tearful, then Michael shouted on Emily" manner less girl apologize to her, she is your sister-in-law….”

**hello everyone!!

How's the update. What do you think will rowan save his wife from further humiliation? Is sapphire expecting more from her dear husband? What should she do now?

I hope you are also liking this story. Please support my work, guys. I will be thankful, I know I am not good with writing, but I am trying my best. Thanks,

Take care bye.

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