His Belamour/C5 Cheating
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His Belamour/C5 Cheating
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C5 Cheating

Author’s POV…

Sapphire, who was sleeping peacefully on the couch, woke up hearing the sound of the door, so she opened her eyes and found the door opened. It was none other than her dear husband who was nuzzling a woman's neck by holding her jaw and waist. The woman was wearing such a short dress which is barely covering anything, she couldn't look more and stood up saying "RO… Rowan”

Rowan looked at sapphire and closed the door by kicking it. She looks at him and found no shame and guilt in his eyes. She realized he is not ashamed of his wrongdoings in front of his unwanted wife. Furthermore, she looked down, crying but not knowing what to do and not to.

Rowan move further towards the bed and took the lady in his lap and starts nuzzling her neck, making the lady giggle and smile seductively. She whispered, "you naughty man”

That woman starts licking his ear and kept his hand on her boobs. She starts moaning, sapphire couldn’t take more, so she ran towards the washroom and starts vomiting like a mad woman.

That woman stops her licking, and rowan also stops nuzzling her. She felt bad for sapphire and said, "rowan I told you not to come in your room, she is your wife. No wife can digest the fact that her husband is busy with another woman.”

Rowan went furious he grabbed her neck tightly and thrown her on the bed and shouted “don't you dare to speak more than needed, understood? And don't try to be my mom?? “

Then at that time sapphire came out of the washroom wiping her red face with towel and move towards the door. Suddenly, rowan came and held the door knob and smiled inerly on her innocence.

ROWAN : where are you going, my dear MRS? He asked with a mocking smirk.

Sapphire : you can use your room the way you want to, I don't want to disturb you more… She smiled faintly.

Rowan : but you married me, miss whatever. So, you have to stay in this room only, no where else. You will stay here and do nothing.

She cried and almost begged him, “why are you doing this? Please don't do this, you are not a monster”.

He lost his cool and held her by her jaw tightly, that lady shivered in fear and spoke, " slowly rowan she will get hurt”.

Rowan in his anger took a vase from a nearby table and threw it on that lady face, she saved herself by moving aside.

ROWAN : another vase will be on your face if you speak one word again without my permission, got that? He shouted.

She nodded, but she was afraid for that innocent girl who is now a pawn in his claws ready to be slashed.

ROWAN : you are a cheap girl, and you are telling me not to be cheap. Did you want only money, na? You will stay here in this room only, you will not go anywhere.

Sapphire : I will stay in washroom only, she mumbled fearfully.

ROWAN : you know I will be taking a bath after my pleasure al, so don't you dare to take that place. Find somewhere else.

Saying so, he pushed her on the couch.

He marched towards his bed, and she was looking here and there to find some space for her. She entered his closet and sat in there and cover herself to never come out for the rest of the night. She closed the door and starts sobbing, covering her mouth to suppress her loud sobs, which is the result of her bleeding heart.

Rowan saw her enter his closest like a little mouse and smiled devilishly. That lady on the bed starts unzipping her dress, but he stops her annoyingly.

Lady : rowan, what happened? Come have me.

ROWAN : sleep.

Lady : but…

ROWAN : I said sleep… Saying so, he turned around and looked at the cupboard.

Lady: you cannot do that, I am wet down there.

ROWAN : not my problem, shut up and sleep.

Saying so, he slept peacefully.

That lady realized that he was not interested in her, but wanted to hurt sapphire. It broke her heart but slept anyway fearing his anger.

There sapphire slept crying and sobbing with a heavy and broken heart.

Sapphire the next morning woke up and came out of the cupboard like a small scared kitten with closed eyes as she never wanted to see what is happening in her husband bed but she couldn't ignore her heart and looker over. She found her husband naked back which is so muscular that any girl will want him.

She was admiring her crush when a bitter reality hit her hard when she found that lady's hand on his bicep. Furthermore, she realized that her husband is sleeping with another woman, and it teared her heart apart. Likewise, she smiled at her cruel fate and wipe her eyes, turning to leave, when she witnessed another side of her arrogant husband. Rowan woke up from his sleep and found that lady with him on his bed, which shook her to the core, and she starts shivering.

Rowan : what the fuck are you still doing in my bed?? Why the hell did you put your dirty hand on me?? Didn't I tell you to get out of my room before morning, you slut?? He roared.

That lady starts crying, she was half naked and held dressed when she ran out of the room. Sapphire was also going out of the room, but he stops her, and she stood there in sheer fear.

ROWAN : hey you…

Sapphire : do… Do… You want… Som.. Something?? She asked with trembling voice.

ROWAN : black coffee right now…

She hurriedly moves down towards the kitchen and prepared his coffee quickly just to be safe and not to get any harsh words from him.

He was checking his mails and daily routine in his phone while signing her through his eyes to bring the coffee towards his mouth as he was busy in his phone. She gulped and nervously brought the cup to his mouth and made him drink it. He took a sip without looking at her, when his eyes moved from his phone it landed on her cleavage and little mark on her upper chest which is looking so sexy, he was unable to control his desires, so he threw the hot coffee from his mouth on her cleavage. The coffee was so hot that sapphire shout in pain due to which the coffee fell on his quilt.

Before he could ask anything about her chest part if she is fine or not, she ran towards washroom and came back with a wet towel. She then hurriedly starts cleaning his quilt without caring about herself. He never knew that someone can fear him this much that they will ignore their pain.

She fully clean his quilt while he was shamelessly gawking at her cleavage just to find her swollen skin. Her fair skin turned red and he was not liking it. He never wanted to show any sympathy towards her, but he is not so cruel, so he makes a plan just to make her put some cold water on her red burn.

ROWAN : go stay away from me, you smell too bad, don't you take a bath?

Her embarrassment knew no bound, she starts smelling herself while crying but didn't know what is wrong with her smell.

ROWAN : what the fuck are you still doing here. Go take a bath. Your smell is intolerable.

He knew he is lying, actually she smells like a fresh flower.

But our dear sapphire didn't know that, her heartache and tears ran down her cheeks. She ran towards the washroom and sat on the floor crying her heart out. She rubbed her body and slapped her forehead saying "why I am a burden on everyone. No one loves me. Why can't I die?? But no, I will live for uncle.”

She remembered those children who are also like her, she knows she will stay alive for her sister who is living in her flat. She had once found a beautiful small girl in the streets just like her, from that onwards she was the one to take care of her. But her husband words have already broken her delicate heart. She pours the whole rose body wash on herself and starts rubbing to remove the smell.

From outside, he was listening to her cries but couldn't do anything as he always wanted her to cry for marrying him. He cursed himself that her delicious cleavage distract him from his evil plan.

He simply turns around to sleep when she walked out with red and swollen eyes. Likewise, he knew she cried a lot which has made her eyes exhausted. Not only that, but he ignored her and slept.

She then looked around and realized that her pray time is going away. Actually, every morning she prays, this is the habit which she got from her mother.

That day, her father-in-law was also not awake.

She came down and searched for her papa but couldn't find him so asked one of the maids. She told him that he is still sleeping. Furthermore, she was going to her mother-in-law room, when that maid stopped her and asked, what is she doing there??

Likewise, she, was confused, and said that she is going for her father-in-law. The maid updated her that they both are living in separate rooms.

Without any other information, she moves towards her father-in-law room to wake him up with a cup of tea. When she entered, she found him laying on the bed with closed eyes.

“Papa, please wake up, I have brought your tea.” but he was not responding.


“Pa… Papa” she again tried with tears in her eyes.

She ran towards her mother-in-law room and knocked the door.

“ Whoever you are, get lost” came a scream from inside.

“ Please aunty, uncle is not well, he is unconscious” cried sapphire while begging.

“ If he is not well, he can go to doctor by himself” she shouted from the other side.

Sapphire couldn't believe her ears, are they really human? Without having any option, she opened her bedroom door and tried to wake her husband up. He after 10 mints sat on the bed with irritated face and said “what?”

“ Pa… Papa is unconscious, please take him to the hospital” she said, sobbing hard.

Rushing out of his room towards his father room, he took him in his arms and ordered the driver to take them to hospital. Sapphire too quickly sat beside them, and he asked rudely" WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, GET DOWN FROM The CAR”.

But she shook her head negatively and asked to drive.

Reaching the hospital, Michael was rushed towards the ICU and after checkup they found that he had a mild heart attack…

They were waiting for his discharge when he looked at her with dark, cold eyes….

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