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His Cinderella/C5 Seducing
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C5 Seducing

"Have you changed it? Let's go eat breakfast together. " Feng Jinning was dressed in casual clothes and sat beside her with his legs crossed. He quietly waited for her.

"It's changed. Let's go." Gu Mengran looked at his hand with some doubt. "What is it?

"Take it." Feng Jinning gave a simple explanation and looked like it was a matter of course.

Alright! She took it!

A moment later, Gu Mengran finally could not help but burst out on the dining table, "Can you eat well? Don't stare at me. I won't run away! It's not like I can't eat! "

"No, I can eat." Feng Jinning replied proudly. In the past, it was because he did not keep an eye on her that she was robbed by others!

Gu Mengran: What the hell is this?

"Feed me." Feng Jinning stared at the fried egg on Gu Mengran's fork.

"No, eat your own." Gu Mengran said in a very proud manner. After she said that, she even fiercely put the fried egg into her mouth. She was very smug.

Gu Mengran looked at his handsome face that was getting closer and closer. The alarm in her heart rang loudly. She wanted to dodge but it was already too late. That damn "fate" grabbed the back of her head.

Feng Jinning's hand held the back of her head and agilely pried open her teeth, successfully searching for food.

"It's so delicious. Hey, like just now!" Feng Jinning looked at her with an arrogant expression. This made her blush. She only felt that this face in front of her deserved a beating.

Gu Mengran fiercely cut a large piece of fried egg and handed it to him. She coldly snorted, "Do you want to eat it or not?"

When Gu Mengran finished speaking, she finally realized what kind of stupid thing she had just done. Although those who owed money were all big bosses, she had not gotten the money yet! Why was she so angry!

Just when she thought that Feng Jinning would be angry, he actually obediently ate the fried egg and even stared at her after he finished eating.

"Continue." Feng Jinning said coldly.

Gu Mengran: This cute kicking (feeling) ... That's not right!

The corners of Gu Mengran's eyes unconsciously twitched, but her hands still did as he said.

It was not easy to free herself from breakfast and Gu Mengran felt that her life was filled with hope again... It would be weird!

Gu Mengran began to worry about the company again. She hesitated for a while and said, "Feng... Hubby!"

Gu Mengran looked at Feng Jinning's face with some lingering fear. Why did this person change his face so easily?

"Tell me, what is it?" Feng Jinning raised his eyebrows and looked at the information in his hand happily.

"It is my grandfather. He interrupted Gu Mengran before she could finish her sentence.

"Stop, let's not talk about work today!" Feng Jinning said coldly.

He wouldn't want to go back on his word, would he? Empty gloves and white wolf? The key was that she was actually stupid enough to take the bait!

Feng Jinning stared at her with a face full of black lines, "What are you thinking about!? My people have already gone to your company to get in touch. Today, let's not talk about work, but play with me first."

Play? Play!

Feng Jinning watched as she began to wander around the world again. He carefully recalled what he had just said, and his face turned completely black. The corners of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

Don't think that he didn't know that every time Gu Mengran was seriously distracted, she would definitely go and think about those useless things again!

"What are you playing with?" Gu Mengran replied after realising it later. The revolving wooden horse in her head, the bumper car, floated around.

"Playing with what you think." A cloud flashed in Feng Jinning's eyes. He pulled Gu Mengran over and let her sit on his lap. He greedily savored her taste.

Gu Mengran widened her eyes. Before she could react, she was pressed by someone and crazily chewed.

Misunderstanding! It was a huge misunderstanding! Gu Mengran only felt that she was wronged. She clearly did not think of anything, but why did it change when it came out of his mouth!

Feng Jinning looked at her dizzy look and felt that she was very cute in his heart. She made him want to find a box to hide and no one would show it to him.

"Hmph! This is a blatant slander!" Gu Mengran said angrily.

"I am slandering you. What can you do to me? Tell me." A trace of a smile flashed through Feng Jinning's eyes as he stared straight at her.

Feng Jinning's words made her speechless again. When he saw her depressed look, he only felt joy in his heart. He touched her head in passing.

"Can you not touch your head?" Gu Mengran looked at him pitifully. Her words were full of pleading.

"I have to touch!" Feng Jinning proudly rubbed her head again.

Fine! She admitted it!

"Can you let me go first?" Gu Mengran lowered her head and looked at him. She finally understood that he was her nemesis!

"Why?" Feng Jinning really deserved a beating and hugged him tighter.

Possession is really strong!

"Why do you have so many questions?" Gu Mengran looked at his strange expression. The irritation in her heart had completely disappeared.

Alright, she was terrified again.

"I want to go to the bathroom. I drank too much milk for breakfast." Gu Mengran was not lying. She really wanted to go to the bathroom.

Gu Mengran felt that she suddenly jumped into the air. She was so scared that she tried to hold Feng Jinning back. "What?"

Feng Jinning rolled his eyes at her. He carried her to the bathroom and put her down. He just kept looking at her.

Could it be that he had some kind of unknown hobby...

"Alright, I won't tease you anymore." Feng Jinning looked at her wary eyes and proudly flicked her head before leaving. He just did not know if he would let Gu Mengran go so easily after letting him know what Gu Mengran was thinking just now.

After Feng Jinning came out, he put away the smile on his face and frowned a little unhappily. This brat actually didn't remember who he was!

However, when he saw the little head that stuck out of the door, all the resentment in his heart dissipated. At least he still had a chance now. It was better than the situation when she had a fiancé in the past.

"Do you want to eat cake? I'll get someone to send it over." Feng Jinning asked.

"Yes!" Gu Mengran's little head kept nodding like a chick pecking at rice.

"Okay." Feng Jinning made a phone call. "Send a cake over immediately. It's still the same style. Speed."

When the cake arrived, Gu Mengran rushed over anxiously and tried her best to open the cake box.

This cake? Gu Mengran looked at the cartoon cake in front of her with some doubt and then looked at Feng Jinning. Something flashed in her mind, so fast that she did not catch anything.

"What's wrong?" Feng Jinning stared at her closely. His eyes were full of expectation, but Gu Mengran did not notice it.

"Nothing." Gu Mengran shook her head and did not think about it anymore. She would always remember what she should remember. If she could not remember, then it was not something important at all. She comforted herself.

"Alright, let's eat cake." Feng Jinning lowered his head in disappointment. Seeing her expectant look, he smiled helplessly and his heart was filled with hope for the future.

Feng Jinning and Gu Mengran's future! & '97; GT!

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