His Cinderella/C7 Design Conference
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His Cinderella/C7 Design Conference
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C7 Design Conference

Gu Mengran held onto Gu Chen's hand and entered the venue. The two of them were very happy and looked like a very good father and daughter, but both of them knew that each of them had ulterior motives. They were only doing it for the sake of the benefits this time.

"Uncle, I haven't seen you since I entered the company. I didn't think that I would be lucky to see you tonight. " It's my honor. " Gu Mengran was neither happy nor sad. She just smiled. This kind of commercial smile was still manageable.

Gu Chen seemed to be more at ease. He also nodded his head. He looked very kind. "You are a child. You moved out of our house. You don't know a lot of things. " My body is no longer the same as before. So there are a lot of things that I can't handle by myself, there's no way... Isn't this what the company needs me for? I have no choice but to come out and save the company's reputation and reputation. "

It seems like eldest uncle... You really are a benefactor who is busy with many things. " Especially when it comes to the company's business, you are very proactive, even though it seems like you are not going to do anything about it. Actually, for the company, you have put in a lot of effort. Every time you come out to deal with official matters, you'll be the first one to appear. " Gu Mengran's smile was a smile without a soul. She could not say that her big uncle was really interesting. He only did such things on the scene. And always credit it to himself.

"Mengran, what are you saying? You also contributed a lot to the company. Your credit. " Uncle will remember it. Don't worry. After this matter is done, Uncle will reward you for your contributions. I'll definitely give you a lot of rewards. " Gu Chen felt that his niece was getting more and more out of control. She was insulting him both in the open and in the dark. He had to be careful at all times.

He had just entered the Design Conference because of it. It was originally held for Gu Mengran. Because she had met a genius designer, she would usually hold it for another day. She wanted to see the style of the designer.

When everyone saw Gu Mengran beside Gu Chen, everyone present. The top designers of the company and the leaders of the Design Association. They knew that the real genius designer had appeared this time, so they all rushed forward to greet Gu Mengran.

"Hello, Gu Mengran. Don't you remember me? I am your father's good friend. Your father and mother used to do business with me in the south. I didn't expect you to grow up so big. You're indeed the child of your parents. "You inherited all their excellent genes." A man who looked to be in his fifties suddenly stood up and excitedly talked about his and Gu Mengran's past.

Gu Mengran, when you heard that this man was related to your parents, you suddenly calmed down and looked at him a few times before speaking slowly. "Hello, sir. May I know your name?"

"I am Wang Yu, the chairman of a clothing design company in the south." The man put his business card on the computer and wanted to exchange business cards with Gu Mengran.

Gu Chen praised him even more quickly and handed his business card over. He exchanged his business card with Wang Yu's. "President Wang, I'm really sorry. Mengran had just arrived at the company. So I don't have a business card yet. I'm her uncle. Let's exchange business cards first. If you want to work with our company in the future... Happy, welcome our company to look for me. "

A trace of displeasure appeared on Gu Mengran's face, but it disappeared very quickly. In this kind of occasion, she should be able to maintain a happy state at all times. Wang Yu nodded. He handed another business card to Gu Mengran, "Gu Mengran. I haven't seen your parents for a long time. I just wanted to talk to them. I have feelings for them, so I want to talk to you more. I'll give you my card. You can come and find me when you have time. "

Gu Mengran nodded happily. The business card that followed was also what she wanted to do the most. She wanted to know more about her parents' past. She was not very clear about those things in the past, so she wanted to know what kind of love story her parents had in the past.

Seeing Gu Mengran accept the business card, Gu Chen's face could no longer contain the light. Wasn't this clearly slapping his face? He was clearly the highest leader of this company. Why did Gu Mengran not even think about it, to actually embarrass herself in front of so many people?

Gu Chen took a deep breath, adjusted his breathing condition, and immediately beamed with joy. "Chief Wang, about what you and my Mengran want to talk about, let's talk about it in the future when we have the chance. It's the Designer Conference now. We can talk about the design this time around, or about the cooperation of the company or something like that. "

Gu Mengran looked at Wang Yu who was pulled away by Gu Chen. She suddenly felt a little happy today because she had met her parents' old friends. Perhaps he could understand more about her parents' past. She stood by the side, picked up a glass of wine, and gently drank it. The alcohol entered her stomach, but it was completely different from the feeling she had when she was in a bar.

Soon, a man in a suit and a suit walked over with a glass of wine in his hand. "Miss Gu, the design style is indeed unique. At your age. Very few people can create such a unique style of work. It seems that Miss is indeed talented. "

Gu Mengran nodded her head and only smiled politely.

The man raised his glass to indicate, "Bai Linfeng, it is very nice to meet you, Miss Gu."

Gu Mengran felt that it was a little strange. A man walked over mysteriously and even wanted to say her name as a friend. But she did not want to say much but when she thought that she represented the Gu family's face at this moment, she could only bite the bullet and nod her head.

"Miss Gu, your personality is the same as your people. Although it looks cold and indifferent, in fact, it will definitely be very warm in your heart. " Because I can see all the stories from your work. "This includes your personality, as well as your attitude towards the world." Bai Linfeng smiled. He told her all his opinions, but he did not know that Gu Mengran actually did not like it.

"When I designed this piece, I didn't think that it had any meaning. It was just that I felt bad. If I, Mr. Bai, saw something inside, " That might be what Mister Bai thought in his heart. It has nothing to do with me. "So, Mister Bai, it's better not to make wild guesses." Gu Mengran lifted the wine glass and drank it. She did not expect that this wine was actually quite delicious. At least it was better than the beer at the bar the other day, because this wine was sweet.

More and more people came over to say a few words to Gu Mengran, the genius designer. They didn't expect it to be like this. Bai Linfeng was squeezed behind others. Gu Mengran could finally let out a sigh of relief.

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