His Cinderella/C9 Quality of the Product
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His Cinderella/C9 Quality of the Product
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C9 Quality of the Product

Even Zhoumin and Gu Chen, who were sitting below, did not know what they were doing. Only Gu Ling seemed to be watching a good show, smiling at everything that was happening on the stage.

Bai Linfeng walked onto the stage and took the microphone from Gu Mengran. He raised the document in his hand over his head. "Miss Gu is the youngest designer in the Gu family and also the daughter of the founder of the Gu's Group. She is the niece of the current chairman of the Gu's Group. " I think every word she says represents the Gu family. "

"Please allow me to begin. I will introduce myself before I continue. I'm Bai Linfeng, the assistant of the president of Feng Bo Group. At the same time, I'm also the vice president of the Jewelry Association. "

The people below the stage started to lose their composure. This person's background was not shallow. He was actually the assistant of the president of Feng Bo Group.

Muh Mu narrowed her eyes and was also thinking about this person's background, because this company seemed to be very famous.

"Feng Bo Group? Why does this company sound so familiar to me?"

"I just asked Miss Gu a question. Does your company think quality is more important or design is more important? I have to say that Miss Gu's new work is very outstanding in design. It can be said that it is far ahead in the jewelry industry. I believe that everyone knows this."

Everyone held their breaths and waited for the answer of the so-called vice president of the Jewelry Association.

Everyone below the stage had their own ulterior motives, but they still paid attention to the movements on the stage and wanted to know what was going on.

"This document was obtained by us. It's the latest inspection report of the jewelry core products pushed out by the Gu's Group this time."

Everyone fell silent. It was as if they were waiting for the results, waiting for an unexpected result to appear.

"The report shows that this time, the products of Gu's Group are here. There are also large amounts of chemical substances inside. "It is no longer the purest jewelry. It's a chemical that's harmful to the human body. If you wear this jewelry for a long period of time, you'll get sick or even die "

The audience who were watching the show suddenly felt that they had heard the biggest secret of the jewelry industry.

"How can you be sure that this is our family's jewelry and not forged casually?" Gu Mengran raised this doubt.

"We did not falsify this report. The product of this report was picked up from the product sample sent by your company."

Bai Linfeng conveniently placed the black and white quality report in front of Gu Mengran.

Gu Mengran looked at this report. This report was definitely not amended and every part was correct.

However, the chemical content of the report had obviously increased.

"I have read the report. There is no mistake. This report was correct. However, this quality test report says that it is unreasonable to test my product."

Everyone was discussing. Unless this quality inspection report had been tampered with.

"Everyone needs to know, whether or not a gem has any harmful substances depends entirely on the chemical content inside. This chemical material was produced by the chemical solvent purchased by this company. " I just read from the report that my family's chemical content has exceeded the standard.

If we use more and more chemical solvents, that means our cost will increase.

"The Gu's Group has been in a very bad state for the past few years. Do you think we would be stupid enough to spend so much money to buy such an unreliable chemical solvent?"

Bai Linfeng also had some doubts when he heard Gu Mengran's legendary words. He immediately took the Quality Inspection Report and said," The question that Miss Gu raised does exist. I think we should investigate this matter clearly. I'm afraid this is an internal problem of the Gu's Group. "

Gu Ling used her hand to heavily pat the table beside her and Zhou Min finally spoke. "Ling Ling, You are really too stupid. " Your father and I, how could such a smart person give birth to you so stupid? "

Gu Ling couldn't believe what she heard, and the anger in her eyes turned into disbelief, "Mom, I'm your daughter, you disappoint me too much."

She picked up the bag and walked out of the venue without looking back.

On the stage, the two of them were still discussing the solution.

"For the sake of fairness, I feel that our company and the leaders of the various jewelry industry will collect samples under the circumstances. We will get the products that require quality inspection from your company's factory and not the products that Gu Industries themselves send for quality inspection."

Bai Linfeng quickly gave a proposal, "Miss Gu, please come with me to Feng Bo Group and tell our CEO personally about the quality inspection of the products this time."

Gu Mengran nodded and smiled at the people below the stage, "Friends and guests, I am very sorry to have delayed you so much today. It is a low and serious mistake of my company.

Our company will definitely guarantee to the public that the result of this incident will give everyone a satisfactory answer. I hope that everyone will continue to pay attention to Gu's Group. "

Feng Bo Group's CEO's office.

Feng Jinning turned off the TV. He did not expect that she would be able to solve this problem.

The clouds outside the window slowly piled up. The rain in the summer was coming again. Maybe it was because of the rain, but it always made people think about the past that they did not have time to think about. However, whenever they thought about it, their hearts would start to hurt.

Gu Mengran walked into the Feng Bo Building uneasily. The surroundings of the building were very luxurious and magnificent.

The receptionist brought her to a lounge and quietly sat down.

When it was almost nine o'clock in the evening, a person finally appeared in the lounge.

"Miss Gu, I'm very sorry. The CEO is still in a meeting. He asked me to ask you if you still want to wait for him?" The receptionist was very polite and showed Gu Mengran a very high standard of work.

Gu Mengran lowered her head and thought carefully," Thank you. After the meeting ends, please invite him to find me in the lounge. I will continue to wait. "

The receptionist nodded and walked out of the door. She reported to Feng Jinning without saying anything.

Feng Jinning held his hand tightly. She actually said that she would wait for him and would continue to wait. Why did this sentence sound so familiar?

Feng Jinning walked towards the lounge and pushed open the door.

He carefully observed this girl. This girl had shed her previous childishness and showed her mature style.

Feng Jinning's movement when he entered still alarmed Gu Mengran who was sitting at the side. Gu Mengran stood up instinctively. In the blink of an eye, she saw a person she hadn't seen for several months. She originally thought that she wouldn't see him again after that time in the Feng family.

Gu Mengran's smile gradually froze on her face, "Feng Jinning?"

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