His Crazy Luna/C3 Meeting her
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His Crazy Luna/C3 Meeting her
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C3 Meeting her


My Beta walked into the office, giggling as usual. "Nigel, what's the news?"

He chuckled and sat down right opposite me. "Nothing. Or is it a crime to visit a friend?"

I rolled my eyes. "I never said it was"

He relaxed on the chair. "Good"

"Nigel, tell me why you're here," I said. I'm not satisfied with his response. I know him too well. He only giggles that way, when he has a story to tell.

"I only came for a visit"

I stared at him suspiciously. "I don't believe that, Nigel"

He giggled. "You know me too well". He adjusted himself on the chair and I growled. He chuckled. "There's this new club. I was thinking we could go there this night?"

I groaned. "Is that the reason you came here to disturb my peace?"

He laughed. "Peace? It isn't like you're peaceful"

I glared at him and he giggled. I picked up some documents on the table. "You should leave, Nigel. I've got work to do"

"Nolan, you've been working too hard lately. I only want you to have fun"

I growled. "Nigel, don't let me repeat myself, leave," I said in my Alpha voice and he stood up quickly

I couldn't stop myself from laughing. "Hey, are you scared?"

He hissed and sat down. "I told you to stop using that tone on me. I'm your beta for crying out loud"

I giggled. "I'm your Alpha, just in case you don't remember"

He sighed. "Nolan, just say yes to my request. I promise I'll leave"

I rolled my eyes and stood up with the files I was holding. "Nigel, I wished I could but there are lots of work for me and you know that"

"You need to rest. You've been overworking yourself". I ignored him and walked towards the shelves. He walked up to me. "Nolan, come on"

I hissed. "Stop pestering my life ok?"

"Just say yes"

"I don't party"

"Neither do I"

I furrowed my brows. "What did you just say?"

He ignored my question. "I just want you to stay away from work. You need rest". I sighed. He's right. I've been too busy with work, lately. Ever since my parent died, two years ago, I have become the Alpha and Nigel my Beta. I had to bury myself in work and at the same time school. I need some rest as he said. "Nolan?" He called, jolting me back to reality.

I rolled my eyes and turned to face him. "I have agreed to go with you..." He chuckled. "But on a condition"

He furrowed his brows. "What condition?"

I giggled. "No girls"

He whined. "That's so unfair"

"You can come with your mate though"

He hissed and walked back to his seat. "Now I know you don't like me"

I laughed. "She isn't trouble or is she?"

"Is that even a question?"

I chuckled. Bella, oh sorry, Queen Bella as she calls herself is a handful. "Just make sure you come with her"

"I ain't doing that"

"Come on, it's going to be fun"

The door opened and Bella walked in. Nigel groaned. "Talk of the devil" he mumbled and I laughed

"What's going to be fun?" Bella asked as she walked in our direction.

I chuckled. "I was just telling Nigel..." Nigel hit me and I whined. "Hey, that hurts"

He chuckled. Bella groaned. "What are you two up to?"

"Nothing" Nigel answered quickly but I was too busy nursing my hand to answer.

"What are you doing here?" Nigel asked

Bella stood up. "I've been looking everywhere for you. I knew you will be with Nolan"

I chuckled. His main reason for coming to my office was to run away from Bella. I decided to pay him back for hitting me. "Cousin?" I cooed

Bella stared at me. "Yes, Nolan"

Bella happens to be my cousin. She is from the Ice pack. After my parent's death, she came for a visit with her parent. And when she found out Nigel was her mate, she decided to stay back and attend the same school as us. "Nigel suggested we go clubbing this night. Are you free?"

She giggled. "Of course" she answered. Nigel groaned and I smirked. I knew she won't give a no as an answer. She's a party freak like her mate.

"We have a deal then. Right Nigel?". He glared at me and I giggled. I mind link him. "That's for hitting me," I said through our mind link

Nigel stared at me. "You have successfully ruined my day"

I chuckled and Bella hit the table. "What's that for?"

I furrowed my brows. "What?"

She pointed at me. "The smile" I rolled my eyes. "I don't trust you both"

I rolled my eyes and Nigel groaned. "Make her leave please," he said through the mind link

I adjusted myself and brought out some files. "Work calls. Nigel, I will like you to help me sorry I... " Nigel groaned and Bella chuckled. I rolled my eyes. I need to act well to make her believe me. "I want you to go through these files and make the necessary correction. We will be having a meeting with Brian Enterprise" I said with my Alpha voice

Nigel smiled. "Yes Alpha" he answered. " Great job," he said through the mind link"

I rolled my eyes. "I need to cut this link," I thought

"Don't even dare" he answered with the mind link

Bella groaned and stood up. "Guess, I need to leave"

"No, you can...."

"Don't worry, I've got some Assignments to do. See you by evening". I nodded, keeping a straight face. Nigel focused his attention on the files I gave him. "Nigel?"

He raised his head. "You're leaving?"


"I wish I could see you off but work calls"

I rolled my eye. He's such a great pretender!. "Don't worry. See you by evening" Bella said and kissed his forehead. I groaned. "Bye, Nolan"


There was silence until we were sure Bella was gone. Nigel chuckled. "Thanks, bro, you saved my life"

I giggled. "But that doesn't stop you from going through those files"

"I thought you asked me to leave?" He whined

"I changed my mind"

"That's so unfair"


He hissed. "I told you to stop using your Alpha tone on me"

I giggled. "Will you get to work now, please?"

He groaned. "Like I have a choice"


The club was located outside our territory. When the car stopped, we stepped out of the car. Written on the signboard was "Club for all". I furrowed my brows. What sort of name is that?" I turned in Nigel's direction. "How the heck do you know about this place?"

He chuckled. "By luck I guess"

I rolled my eyes. "Can we go in please?" Bella asked

I hissed. "Like I have a choice" I murmured

"I heard that," Nigel said

I rolled my eyes but said nothing. We walked into the club and were directed to the VIP section. Thanks to my hood, I wasn't recognized. It wasn't like they will know me since this isn't my territory. I sat down and stretched my legs on the table. I groaned. I kinda hate the club, due to how filled up it was and the loudness of the music. It was so loud I thought I would go deaf soon. "What do you care for?" Nigel yelled

"Anything" I yelled back

"Vodka?" He asked in a yell

I rolled my eyes. I'm tired of shouting. I will rather mind link him. "Nope, champagne should do"

"Ok, I'll go get them" he answered through the mind link and made to stand up.

"Just get the waiter instead" I replied and he sat down back.

He called the waiter and ordered some bottles of champagne. I poured some for myself and sipped. I relaxed on the couch, eyes closed. I can't wait to get back home.


I've been here for over an hour now, I was getting bored. Nigel and Bella weren't seated, leaving me alone. A few minutes ago, they had told me they were going to the stage to dance. I stood up. The place is getting too stuffy and I need some fresh air. I found my way outside, not after pushing and squeezing myself through.

I sighed and then look around. Some teenagers were making out. Everywhere was filled up with people, either making out or puffing out some smoke. I groaned. I shouldn't have come here in the first place. Feeling so bored, I decided to take a walk. I didn't go too far, since everywhere was dark and I wasn't conversant with the area. I was already coming back to the club when Nigel, mind-linked me. "Hey bro, where the heck are you?"

I rolled my eyes. "I'm coming"

"Be fast"

I ignored him and cut the link. I was about to take a turn when someone bumped into me. I groaned. His hood fell backward. "Are you blind!!" He yelled. Did I say he?. I'm kinda confused about his/her gender. "Huh?".

I rolled my eyes. Is this person for real?. I scoffed. "If there is anyone blind here that should be you!!"

From the attitude, I decided it has to be a boy. He glared at me, his blue cat eyes changing into gold. I rolled my eyes. He can't intimidate me. We stared dangerously at each other for a while until someone broke the silence. "Olive?" Someone called. "Olivia?"

Wait!, What? Olivia?. I rolled my eyes, breaking the eye contact between us. So she's a girl!!. She looked at the boy who had called her and then stared at me for the last time before dragging him away. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. What sort of girl is she?. So, she prefers to dress like a boy instead?. I shrugged off the thought and went back to the club to meet Nigel and Bella.

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