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C2 One

Nathaniel POV

People always said, first love is a lesson but last love is the true love and he did not believe it because his first and last love was Clara Adrian.

His only woman.

Clara was the granddaughter of his nanny, Mrs Adrian. He and Clara practically grew up together from diapers, they went to the same schools. And they'd promised to get married when they grow up till old together with their child(ren).

She was mine and I was hers only. He thought, smiling widely while twirling the ring.

All his reasons, actions revolved around her. Anything she wanted or said, he agreed to it without batting an eyelash because she was the only one who understood him better and he loved her so much with every fibre of his being. She was like the oxygen he breathed in.

His twenty-six birthday was a fortnight ago and she told him she was ready to become his lawful wife and he proposed to her, feeling over the moon. She was a strong believer of sex before marriage and he vowed to keep himself virgin for her but that didn't stop him from masturbating when the sexual urge was too much to bear.

She was a beautiful innocent soul whose smiles radiated through his whole body, giving him purpose yet he knew the love of his life was a drug-addicted and he loved her with her flaws.

What's the essence of loving someone if you can't stand the person's flaws. He always replied to anyone who asked him why he was with a drug addict.

He talked to his parents about his marriage to her and his parents opposed it because she was not who he thought she was, but when he threatened to leave the household and everything, made his parents to support him. He was the only child, the coolest of their eyes. And he used that line a lot to let his parents agree to his will. The perk of being the only child, he smirked inwardly.

He didn't understand why his parents did not like Clara, maybe because she was from the lower class or she loved to spend all his money on shopping, buying the latest dress but he didn't care because he would have spent the whole world on her.

They'd been preparing for their wedding and she wanted theirs to be the number one wedding that no other wedding could meet in the nearest century.

He let Clara do all what she thought was right, she picked his suit, venue and everything. He wanted everything to be to her taste and likes. She invited almost all the celebrities, paparazzi. She wanted to be the talk of the town. Who was he to say no to her?.

Sweat was dripping from his body because of the nervousness and giddy that he was feeling. He couldn't believe it when she agreed to marry him after so much wait and persuasion.

The maids were running to and fro to carry out orders that were given to them as he dressed in his Armani suit. He can't wait for tonight, he was going to split her cunt. He was going to rampage her and feed her with his seed, he thought, feeling himself getting hard while he tried to adjust his shaft between his tight pants as he awkwardly touched his tie, checking whether his shaft was not visible.

He scolded himself to stop those naughty thoughts, should be patient and wait for the real thing tonight.

As he was going out, a little boy bumped on to him and handed him a brown envelope before he smiled cheekily at him and ran out hurriedly.

He smiled and looked at the envelope warily, feeling a sense of urgency before opening it.

Dear natty boy,

No time for greetings boy.

Don't wait for me at the altar today because I'm already on my way to meet the love of my life. It was fun fooling you around with Ken because he's not my distance cousin but the father of the child I'm carrying. You are too innocent for me, I need a wild and rough guy to handle me well especially his black huge cock but...

Just wanted to inform you that I've transferred 2 billion dollars from your account. I know you won't feel it missing. Don't search for me because I'm already long gone. I don't love you.

Don't cry too much natty boy. Crying baby mama boy.

I don't love you.

I can't marry you because you are not the man for me and I don't think you can handle me very well in bed. And I don't do virgins also.

And thanks for being my money machine, I and my love enjoyed lavishing it.


Yours Clarabear.

"No" he screamed in agony, feeling immense pain in his chest as he crumpled the paper on his fist. His phone dings in a notification, he took it out and saw the debit alert from the bank. He smashed his phone on the ground and he tugged his tie away.

"No" he shouted again, scattering all the flower vases on the floor which the sound resonated, angry tears brimmed from his eyes as he hit his fist on the wall. He crumbled on the ground, reminiscing what he ever did wrong to justify this rejection. His eyes clouded with unfathomable rage, what did she want that he'd never given her. She left him for a dark skin guy. His heart shattered in pieces with betrayals as his eyes were filled red-blooded with tears, feeling the immense pain from his head around his body.

She left me.

She lied.

His mom ran in and took in his dishevelled form, kneeling beside him disheartened, "mom" he choked on tears as his lips trembled, "she left me" he cried, he didn't care whether people were seeing or not. "Mom, it hurts" his body shook with tears.

"Baby, it's okay," she said, wiping his face as she continued to humming her soothing lullaby for him while patting his back softly.

"People are waiting in the..." his father trailed off as he looked at him with a pained expression.

"Call off the wedding," his mother said softly, wiping the tears from her eyes and sniffing.

"No mom" he stopped her, holding her as he wiped his tears with determination. "We are doing the wedding" he stated clearly, standing up wobbly. She wanted him to be disgraced but he would show her, he was unshakable.

"We need a replacement," he said while everyone stared at him worriedly.

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