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C3 Two

She was running, she had been running in her life, everything was falling apart. Her apartment fee had been due since the last six months and the landlord wasn't heeding to her pleas. She could not live on the street, this State wasn't like her father's country where you could get free apartments anytime or anywhere.

She was given a scholarship in the State university last four years, she was very excited but if she'd known this was what she would be facing, she would have stayed with her father in her father's country. Well, this State was her mother's which made her a half-caste.

Her life has been jumbled-mess since she arrived in this country, she was easily judged by her dark skin colour.

She didn't have a real job apart from freelancing for lazy youths. And that wasn't paying her much. They judged her skin color and her father's nationality not her brain then, they were men who always have their lustful gaze on her curve which she hated but she couldn't do anything.

She was tired, she was running out of money. She could not call her father because her father was the same as her. A poor human being striving to feed. And her mother was no go area because she did not know who her mother was or where she lived. Every time she asked her father, he always ended up in tears and that always broke her heart.

She hated her mother because she wasn't part of her life since she was young.

She wasn't there when she needed her the most.

She wasn't there to talk to her about her periods.

She wasn't there to talk to her about boys.

It was only his father she knew, her father covered both roles but there was still a part of her which yearned for motherly love.

She hummed a tone her father used to sing to her whenever she was depressed or down as she walked around with a towel wrapped tightly around her body. She walked towards her *Ghana must go* bag to pick an old faded jeans skirt and blue polo as her only friend - Belle barged in, searching frantically until Belle's brown eyesmet hers before she squealed happily at her and crushed her in a bear hug.

Isabella or Belle was her Japanese friend with short blond hair, they met at the school functions on the first day of resumption in university. She was trying to find the hall when she collided with her friend's petite body which made them fall on the ground, they both groaned before staring at one another and laughed out loud. They both exchanged numbers and since then, they became tight buddies.

"Babe, I've got you a job" Belle chirped, stealing one of her fries that she left on the nightstand beside her messy bed before slumping on the floor. She swatted Belle's hand away when she stretched her hand to steal another fries.

When Angelina's brain comprehended what her friend said earlier before stealing her fries, she screeched, "you got me a job?" she asked doubly.

"Yeah babe" Belle winked at her, "I told you" she smirked with a sly grin.

"What does the work pertain to?" she asked with enthusiasm before feeling down and sighed.

"What happened to sugar?, aren't you happy? But..." Belle frantically asked and she interrupted her.

"Nothing" she replied dismissively, "The uniform code?".

"Just put on pants and a shirt," she answered, crawling towards my bag, unzipping it as she started to rampage through it. Taking out a dress, looking at it before throwing it away to take another one.

"I'm not putting on pants" I tutted, "my curves are going to be visible and I don't want unwanted attention to myself," she said.

Belle pinched the bridge of her nose, she didn't know how many times she would lecture this girl to love herself with her curvy body but no, her insecurities were too high.

"Babe..."She dragged slowly," if I was the one who has this shape of you" Belle's eyes roamed on her body, shaking her head, "I swear I'll be fuvking walking in lingeries" she said sultrily. "Or if I was a guy" she stared at me seductively as she wetted her lips sensually while her grey eyes twinkled with mischief, "Imma fuck you to oblivion state" she added impishly.

"Now, let's change babe" she squealed, picking the outfit Angelina wore on last year's Thanksgiving, checking it only to dump it down.

Most Angelina's dresses were second hand graded, she didn't have the money to buy new dresses. Every last Monday of the month, she went to the mall to purchase a dress. Well, Belle always made her shop with her and bought her some lasting dresses which she rarely wore except for important occasions.

"I hope it's not a stripping job you got me because i'm not interested" Angelina voiced out her opinion because she knew her best friend. It could be a strip club that got her a job and she had been pestering her to apply for one but Angelina being Angelina was not comfortable and confident of showing her body.

"Oh" Bell's mouth was agape, pouting her lips, "you are supposed to trust me on this" she scrunched her nose, "if it was a club I'm talking about, I would have just kidnap you to Victoria secret palace for those dirty, naughty and smutty lingeries" she wiggled her brows bashfully before facing what she was doing

"I think you should wear this one" she heard Bella's voice, holding a cocktail gown before she threw it away.

"No" belle murmured to herself before picking another dress, "I think this will do" she scrutinized her eyes on the A-shape skirt only to throw it away again. She stuck her tongue in between her lips in a concentration way as she brought out all my dresses in the bad, scattering them on the floor before taking the back, turning it upside down then threw it away.

"I can't seem to find it..." She trailed off before screaming excitedly "I see it", bouncing up and down.

She handed me the black fitted knee length gown, ushering Angelina to go change because they were getting late.

Angelina entered the kitchen and changed to the gown her friend selected, brewing a coffee for herself to calm her nervousness. She applied oil to her wavy black thick hair brushing it together, putting it in a ponytail. She used the lips gross and called the Uber to where the wedding was located.

A day waitress.

Just to serve food for the guests. And a serving cost $20.

If I am to serve hundred guests that means I'm taking $2000 home. She thought happily. Already analyzing how she was going to spend the money.

The Uber arrived at the destination, killing off the engine as she got down from the car, a woman in her early forties who looked distressed came to her and dragged her to another direction where there were less people.

The woman stopped when we entered a room and locked the door at the back while she took the moment to catch her breath.

"Ma'am, I'm Angelina. I'm here...". The petite woman waved her hand, interrupting her as the woman scrutinized her gaze on her before her lips stretched widely.

"You are actually someone I need.. No.. We need" the woman smiled.


The woman's hands trembled while looking disheartening. Angelina took her time to check the woman again, she noticed that the woman's brows wrinkled as if she was in deep thought and in distress.

"Ma'am..." She tried to call the woman but the woman grabbed both her hands urgently.

"I want your help and I shall pay you handsomely" the distress could be heard in her soft voice.


"The bride left my son today and we need a replacement. So name your price?".

"What?" Angelina asked, feeling annoyed. What did the woman take her for?. She thought.

"$100 million?" she asked while Angelina's jaw nearly dropped on the floor. Her body was immobilized because her brain couldn't comprehend what was happening.

"$1 billion?".


"$10 billion?".

"Ma'am!" Angelina practically screamed at her, "I don't know what you want me to do but I don't want your money" I stated firmly while the woman sighed in relief.

The woman touched my chubby cheeks lovingly, "like I've known you aren't like her" the woman mumbled.

"Just marry my son for a year and after that you could divorce each other" the woman explained.

"Okay" Angelina responded.

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