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C4 Three

"Okay" she responded in a weak voice, thinking of the pros and cons of the situation. It was a win-win situation. I get a house to live and he gets a wife to marry. And it's only for a year. A free food and shelter, She thought.

"Good" she clapped her hands excitedly."Oh my" the woman's eyes widened dramatically, using her hand to cover her mouth while Angelina stared at her, "sorry for my lack of manners" the woman smiled shyly.


"I'm Jasmine Hugh" she introduced herself, holding her hand out for her to shake.

She rubbed her hands together before accepting her opened hand, "I'm Angelina Walters" she responded. Jasmine smiled to the fullest and dragged her again to another room, pushed her in then locked the door at the back.

"This is the bride" she announced enthusiastically while Angelina looked at her, did she really mean it?.

"Oh" three guys came out behind the curtains, twirling me around, staring at her in fascination.

"How I wish I've this assets" a ginger headed guy said in a high pitched voice while she mentally cringed. He wore a black baggy knicker, a white polo which hugged his fitted abs and black sneakers.

"Oh Nicky, look at those boobs'' she felt self conscious and brought her hands to cover her covered chest only to be swatted by a blond haired guy. He wore a blue short sleeves shirt which the neck collar flared up. He wore yellow baggy shorts which Versace had printed on it while putting on Oscars.

"Ricky, the third guy with black hair, whined, "you are embarrassing the lady" he said, smiling charmly, showing his prominent dimples while Nicky cooed and Ricky couldn't help himself not to pinch her cheek. .

"Sorry lady" the blond headed guy - Ricky said without meaning it with the mischievous twinkling in his eyes. "I'm Dicky'' the black haired guy said, holding out his hand gentlemanly. Angelina put her hand on his as he brought her hand to his lips and gave her a kiss on it, "while the other fools are my brothers''. He wore Harry Potter's glass which made him stand out from his brothers.

"Well, we are the little triple triple triplet" the ginger haired guy- Nicky grinned.

"It's okay with the introduction" Jasmine clapped her hands dismissively.

"Aye mistress" they said in unison dramatically, offering their invisible hats.

"Now, let's make you over and make him head over hills" Ricky screeched and dragged her to the chair.

Dicky went behind the curtains to retrieve the wedding dress, "I think this white color would be the best. It's as innocent as she's" he chirped, dancing around with the long dress.

"I can't believe it, we are the one who will dress the future Lady of the Hugh family".

"Now" Ricky paused a little, staring at the flustered lady before grinning slyly, "Undress" his eyes shone naughtiness.

"What?" Angelina stuttered, using her hands to cover her body.

"How are we going to dress you, if you don't strip out from this dress" he narrowed his eyes at her while she shook her head adamantly.

Dicky signed, "Ricky, can you please leave the poor girl alone?".

"I can't" Ricky pouted, "I just love her, she's now my favorite girl".

Nicky opened the box full of lingeries, took out one and gave it to her to change, pushing her into the changing room.

She entered the room, locking the door firmly, looking everywhere for holes where others could peep to watch her. When she found none, she sighed and slumped her stiff shoulders.

She stared at the white lingerie with her and blushed furiously even though her cheeks weren't coated red.

The lingerie was made of rich lightweight silk, stretching with decorative fabric flowers at the bosom. The chemise fit snugly and skim around her body, hitting the mid-thigh. And cupped her breasts firmly, giving them extra chest support. The lingerie was different from the one she had seen because it drew more attention to her waist and hips. She looked at the mirror in the room and lowered her gaze immediately because it made her feel like a seductress in it.

She took her dress and used it to cover up herself before gracing the awaiting triplet's presence.

"Why are you covering those assets?" Ricky exclaimed, pouting his lips. He could not understand why she was proud of her body. Millions of models and wealthy ladies visited their shop for the body she had. Well, the person who had a head doesn't have a cap and the person who had a cap doesn't have a head, he thought. Even that bitch- was one percent of her beauty. Natural beauty with no artificial touch. Rare gem.

When Angelina was inside the room putting in the lingerie, Jasmine had told the triplet to change the wedding dress, not wanting her to wear what the ex fiance had tried on. So she brought their family dress for her. When she showed the triplets, they nodded their heads in agreement, taking the gown from her as they waited for the lady in the changing room.

Ricky yanked her dress that she used as a shield from her before dragging her to where his brothers were waiting for them. Nicky helped in wearing the gown on her as she felt the length of the gown kissing the floor. The dress was beautiful, which would be an understatement. It was like a fairy tale as I lowered my head meekly.

"If not you are marrying today, I would have stolen you away" Nicky got a dreamy look before he was smacked by one of his brothers.

Angelina felt overwhelmed, if someone told her that she would get married in her early twenties, she would have argued or married a complete stranger without even knowing his name. It would be a blatantly lie yet she felt like a princess.

They made her sit on the chair, ordered her softly to close her eyes as they worked on retouching her natural wavy hair. When they were through, they told her to open her eyes and she was dumbstruck with the lady she was in the mirror. Her black eyes glued with the well curved brows, her parted lips complimented her small pointed nose which was beautified with a designer nose ring.

"Enough of the look" Dicky scolded lightly, "When the lover boy sees you, he won't know what hit him tonight" he smiled while she involuntarily shivered.

"Now remains the glimmer" Nicky said.

The door opened and the groom entered hurriedly, looking at her in shock, "Wish, I know when I see a diamond. Just some little retouch, you become a real aphrodite" she said, covering her face with a veil.


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