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C5 Four

Fearwarning before reading, this is a dark / erotic book. So be warned!.

At the other side of the mansion, the groom was venting his anger and frustration at the punching bag.

Sweat dripped down his body as he continued to punch the bag in anger. His biceps and triceps were contracting as his fist hit the bag with his legs moving around, releasing the stress on them.

The door of the gym room was opened, revealing a distressed man, walking in long strides to the groom while holding a brown file with him.

Nathaniel didn't pause what he was doing, "have mom finds a replacement?" he asked emotionlessly.

"Yes" the man responded, "she's with the triplets" the man added.

Lucky bitch, he thought.


" Angelina Walter's" the groom hummed in response, "And this is some information about her".

"You know your work Peter" Nathaniel said as the man called Peter bowed, handling him the document.

"Tell Trey to prepare the divorce letter" he ordered.

"Yes sir" Peter bowed his head and left.

He hasn't married yet, he's already asking for divorce letter, Peter thought.

Angelina, Angelina. Natgemie hummed, moving his head quietly.

He took a spare towel and used it to wipe the sweats on his body then sitting down on a chair to read her information.

He gingerly opened the file as a picture slip doen, he bent and took it, revealing his wife to be. He was first drawn to her black eyes which looked at nothing in particular as the knee length blue gown she wore, showed her short thick legs.

"Oh my" he groaned breathlessly, staring at the picture, feeling himself getting hard. He rubbed his stubble as he continued to stare at her boobs, seeing the lines of her bra which cupped those big boobs.

He left the file hurriedly and went to the shower room yet still holding the picture, he has not had this reaction to anyone even his ex fiance.

He rushed in and locked the door behind, taking out his hard shaft as he palmed it softly to the lady's picture. He closed his eyes, imagined her naked in his front with her boobs jiggled.

"Oh my" he released a shuddered breath, cupping his balls as he moved his hand up and down furiously to have his release when he noticed his stomach squirmed as his toes curled, He screamed out her name, "Angelina". In that cue, the shower room was knocked, telling him it was time. He breathed softly, catching his breath as he came down from his high.

He took a quick shower and left the shower with the picture. He got dressed and kept the picture in his pocket for future use. He felt refreshed after the break up and grinned before leaving with his friend.

The groom's father- Leonard came to the room and took the bride's hand, walking her to the aisle as the triplets walked behind them.

Angelina walked carefully not wanting to step in the extravagant dress she wore. She didn't raise her head up because of the crowds and their judgmental eyes. She was nervous.

The groom stood regal at his position with his best grooms stood as his shield, he turned his face away when he saw his father bringing his fake - no, wife in. He couldn't see her face because of the veil and he could wait to see her angelic face. As her steps were getting closer, he felt his heart beating loudly, feeling himself getting nervous.

The father in law left his daughter in law to be at the chapel and went to sit beside his smiling wife. "She's beautiful" he said in a hush voice to his wife while his wife stomped on his feet and glared at him, "Don't talk!" she scolded.

The stout minister stood up with his tie dangling from his neck, cleared his throat before collecting the mic.

The minister turned to the bride who clutched the bouquet of flowers in her trembling hands as she walked in." Who gives this bride to this groom in marriage? "the minister asked.

" I do," the father-in-law said, cutting the bickering between him and his wife. The minister took the bride's right hand and placed it on the groom's left hand and retired back to his position.

"Dear beloved" the man's voice was thin, "we are gathered here, in the sight of God and in the sight of family and friends to join together this man and woman in Holy matrimony" the man wheezed, clearing his throat again as he tugged his tie.

"Love is patient - is kind. It doesn't envy, nor boast nor proud. It is not rude nor self centered nor selfish. It's not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongdoings, love doesn't delight evil but righteousness with the truth. It always protects, respects, cares, hopes and preserves. Love never fails. And Nathaniel and Angelina come today deserving to be united in this scared relationship of love ".

"Oh God, you've created us in the image of love, bless these two who stand before you. Guide them in your wisdom, shine your light upon them, that's as they journey through this life together. They will walk as bearers of your truth. Amen" the minister prayed as the crowd chorused 'amens'.

"Do you Nathaniel Xavier Hugh take Angelina Adenike Walters as your wedded wife? To have and hold from this day till forever, for better or worse, in sadness or health, to love and cherish till death do you apart. And you promise you'll be faithful, loyal and truthful".

"I do" the groom responded without missing a bit and the minister turned to the bride who looked flustered at her groom's deep, smooth voice.

"Do you Angelina Adenike Walters takes Nathaniel Xavier High as your wedded husband. To have and hold from this day till forever, for better for worse, in sadness or health, to love and cherish till death do you apart. And you promise you'll faithful, loyal and truthful".

"I do" the bride squeaked out in a shaky voice.

Two kids - a boy and a girl walked in bringing in the ring.

The minister collected it and gave one to the groom and the other tí the bride, "the groom and bride, kindly say this vow after me?" he asked,knitting his brow.

"This ring is my sacred gift to you, a symbol of my love, a sign that from this day and always, my love will surround you" they repeated in unison after the minister.

"In the power of God, I declare both if you as husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride".

Nathaniel moved forward a little, opening the veil painstakingly as she closed her eyes shyly waiting for him. He stared at the beauty in front of him because the picture didn't capture the innocent in front of him. He stared at her full plump lips which were waiting for him. He blew air on her ear, letting her body respond to him.

She fluttered her eyes open to see what was delaying him but found his retracting figure.

He left.

He left her on the altar.

'I wasn't the one who left him at the altar but I was the one who was left at the altar' she thought bitterly.

She was just a replacement.


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