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C7 Six

Nathaniel's friend kept staring at the timid lady who was hugging his suit tightly to stop the shivering, he lowered the temperature of his car to make her comfortable. She looked at the lady that was in deep thoughts, unaware of her environment.

He sighed and shook his head, his friend was a dumbass.

"I'm Nicholas by name but family calls me Nick and you can call me that because you are now my sister in law" he winked at her through the rear mirror and she smiled shyly at him then turned away to look at the scene passing on the street as the car was moving.

He raised his brow waiting for her to tell her name even when he had, "Won't you tell this gentleman who introduced himself?".

"Oh?" she said in a question before rubbing her hands together, "I'm Angelina".

"No shorten?" he asked while she nodded.

"Well, I'll give you one" he hummed, dancing with his head as he drummed his fingers on the steering.

"Lina" he chirped.

She smiled softly as his euthusiam, "can you please drop me at my apartment?" she requested, "I've somethings to take and I need to inform my friend, she's waiting for me at my apartment" she added, seeing him nodded his head before asking for her adress and drove off.

A perfect silence settle between them, he starred at the lady again who was fiddling with her fingers as she was moving uncomfortably when he drove to her street.

She got down from the car, packing her gown with one hand and used the other to closed the door,bowing her head a little in gratitude before scurried inside but Nick didn't miss a beat by following her in long strides.

She walked on the stairs hurriedly through the stairs to the third floor, stopping at the brown door before bending down to the carpet rag to take the spare key. She opened the door to have her friend to jumped on her.

"You are back" she squealed, hugging her tightly, "How is the work?, how much were you given?, how.." She bombarded her with questions.

"Yuko!, release the girl let her breath and your questions are too much" Nick piped in, rolling his eyes.

"Davis" Bella seethed, unattaching her hands from her friend's neck before staring at the smirking pain in ass.

"Surprise to see me darling" Nick winked at her to see her clenching her fist.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she asked, towering to Nick's frame whereas she looked like a drawft to him.

"Duh duh" he mocked, flickering her forehead, "Don't tell me you aren't happy to see this brother of yours" he wiggled his brow as she hit his hand away.

"Step brother" she stressed 'step'.

"Step or not, there's still brother" he laughed while humphed.

"I think with you showing up every time, I'll think you are stalking me" she tutted.

"Lina" he called,staring at the lady who was looking at him and her friend dumbfounded.

"Lina?" Belle exclaimed, watching her friend to his excuse of a brother hawkily.

"Yeah" he confirmed, "My friend" he grinned impishly.

"What?" her eyes widened comically, "she's mine!" she growled, holding Angelina's wrist.

"Her husband is my best friend and that practically makes her my friend".

"Hus what?" she stared at her friend for explanation while Angelina hung her head low.

"Is what he's saying true?" she asked, waiting for response but she didn't.

"Hey" Nick called his sister to stop squintinized the poor lass who was about to tear up,"What do you mean by her getting married without my permission" she turned to her brother and glared at him.

"And who is the man?" she asked, "Do I know him".


You mean Nathaniel freaking Hugh - my number one crush? "she cried out dramatically," But wait…. "she paused," What of that b for bitch c for Clara? "she asked.

Angelina went inside to pack her clothes and other things leaving the siblings outside. She wiped the lone tear away from her eyes, taking the picture frame of hers and her father on her birthday before leaving last year.

She was unplugging her laptop from the socket when the duo siblings entered with Nick wore a grim face. Nathaniel had called him early asking about his wife when he responded that they were in her apartment that she was packing some necessary things and he had hushed his sister before stylishly tell her to let them enter.

"Are you done with packing?" Nick asked, staring at her one full packed bag and the other that was yet been packed.

"Yeah" she dragged slowly, "I'll be through now" she added.

Angelina begrudgingly pushed herself from her seat and looked at back at her crappy room one more time before sighing and hugged her friend. "I'll call you later" her friend said not wanting to detach herself from Angelin.

"Okay, talk to you later" she said, carrying a back while Nick carried the remaining.

Nick drove off without wasting anymore time to Nathaniel's house yet making a chit-chat with her.

Nathaniel drank two shots of martini before looking around dazzlingly, standing and smoothing his shirt. He left his bill on the counter, signaling his hand to the bartender before going out with bodies hovering to one another greasily.

He entered his car and drove off, anticipating to look at his angel's face making him hit the gas.

He could wait to see her.

The iron gate automatically opened and he drove in. His gigantic house was dark, there were no traces of fluorescent light. The maids had gone to their house on the other side. He furrowed his brows, thinking what his wife could be doing. Would she be sleeping or reading?, he thought.

He opened the door and entered to inhale a warm heavenly scent but the house was cold. He called the line line to connect the maid in their room, "my wife?" he asked, and went to the mini bar to have a drink.

"She's not here sir" she responded.

"Call Ester to make some light meals and some maid should clean the east wing" he ordered.

"Okay sir" she replied while he grunted and hung up before calling his friend.

The second ring, his friend picked it up, "Nathaniel bro, what's up" his friend chirped at the other side.

He let the greeting slide, "where's my wife?" he asked.



"She's at her apartment,taking something there?" Nick responded, glaring at her sister who was trying to pipe in the convo.

"Bring her home" Nathaniel said and hung up, pinching the bridge of his nose. He took another glass when he heard the hunk of a car. He rushed to the window and saw his friend's car.

He ran upstairs to his room, changing his cloth to casual while running his fingers through it before descending downstairs to meet his wife.


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