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C8 Seven

"Calm down Lina, Nathaniel is a good man but…" he paused a little, trying to find a word to qualify his friend without scaring the girl, "he can be overbearing sometimes" Nick completed his sentence, comforting Angelina when he noticed her fiddled her hands as her body posture shook a little with anxiety.

"Okay" she responded softly.

"And…." he dragged a little, "he's unpredictable. Well, like complicated but a good person" he smiled, trying to ease the girl.

Nick parked his car at the underground, opening the door for Angelina who went to the car booth to take her luggage with a humph.

"So princess, be yourself" he advised.

Many thoughts were running through Angelina's mind, how would she behave?, would he like her?, what if he…. Her thoughts were interrupted by a deep manly voice which she knew that didn't belong to the man beside her but belonged to her fake - husband. The loud voice of his and his laughter did send delighted goosebumps round her body.

"You back?" Nick asked, looking at his friend who was descending from the stairs with him rolling down his sleeves.

"Uhn un, just arriving" he responded rhetorically, glancing behind his friend.

"What took you guys so long?" he asked.

"We were counting the passing stars" he laughed, shaking his head, "you and your lame jokes".

"And that was what attracted you to me" Nick winked playfully, turning around when he heard a light footsteps granting him and his friend her presence.

Nathaniel closed his eyes momentarily as he felt her presence, inhaling her womanly scent which sent a sizzle pleasure throughout his body to his groin, he nearly groaned out but although he controlled himself.

"Fuck" he muttered lowly, feeling the tightness in his pant.

His friend patted his back softly, hugging his side before leaving the two awkward couples not before wishing Angelina a very pleasant night rest while she nodded her head.

He cleared his throat loudly to catch her attention, wanting her eyes and thought of him as she raised her head painstakingly slowly, the time seemed frozen when her unique grey eyes connected with his black eyes. Her breath hitched with the sizzles she was feeling. She never met someone so handsome like him. He was an Adonis.

His set of jet black eyes swirled with lust, shock and adoration which surprised her and made her lower her gaze. His eyes were darken with lust, she blushed furiously with where her thought was going. How could a man like him want her, just plain her. His long pointed nose was perfectly structured without any contours which gave beauty to his long, thick eyelashes fanning his face, his red plumped kissable lips contrary to his light-skinned. His short blond curly hair fell down his face which was a compliment to his thin brows. His perfect scripture jaw with after cleaned shaving made his face look so yummy to devour.

A word couldn't describe the lady in front of him with her face which was flustered and her eyes widened with shyness. He couldn't hide his lust for this lady. Her display of bashfulness did a ton on him.

"Sir?" a maid's voice drifted both of them from their thoughts which irritated Nathaniel making him morphed to scowl.

"What?!" he growled irritatedly.

The maid jumped back a little at her master's loud voice before gulping nervously, "the east wing has been arranged and the meal is on the table" the maid informed and he hummed in response before walking toward where his beautiful wife was.

"Take her bags to the east wing" he ordered, dismissing the maid with a wave of his hand.

He snaked his arm to the middle of her back which made her jump uncomfortably as he guided her to the dine table. The mare touched her back with the intervention of clothes, he could still feel the heat of her body and the heavenly scent of her as her body started to tingles. She never had been so close to men before. No man wanted her except for their lustful looks yet her husband's scorching gaze was making her stomach flip.

He led her to the dine table, pulling out a chair as he guarded her to sit on the chair he pulled out. He went to his side hurriedly and uncovered the food as he served her food while holding out the cutlery for her.

Angelina watched her husband under her eyes as she stared at him walking around to get her set on the table and that warmed her heart. Only her father had served her.

Her thoughts drifted to her father and she made a mental note to call him whenever she retracted to her assigned room.

"Try this'' he put the grilled fish on her food as she bowed her head in gratitude before cutting the flesh to take a spoon. As the soft flesh of the fish touched her taste bud, she closed her eyes momentarily to savour the taste. When was the last time she tasted a nourished food like this!.

Nathaniel stared at her redded full lips as she chew the the flesh she cutted, bringing out her tongue, locking her lips with her eyes closed. A image he didn't think he could be deleted from his brain. How he wished he could take a bit from it he thought before he cleared his throat awkwardly, bringing her out from her wonderland and she blushed furiously under his squintized gaze.

She found it hard to swallow her chewed food with him watching her every action like a hawk, the chewed food passed through another pipe making her choke on her food, alerting him. He stood up abruptly from his table, taking a glass of water, giving it to her as he patted her back softly.

"Gently" he whispered softly with his breath fanning her ear while gulping down her the water in her hand.

After she was through with eating, he took her to the east wing where her bags were while using the opportunity to show her some rooms but forbade her from entering the west wing where he resided.

When he arrived at the door, he stopped and opened the door for her to enter while he stood at the door, holding the handle, "this is now your room" he whispered, you can do anything you want and there's a intercom for you to call any maid to your service" he informed her, turning his back before stopping, "And have a very pleasant night rest" then did the most surprising thing by kissing her cheek.


Sorry for the late update :)

I shall be updating atleast thrice a week now due to the crisis in my country and school works also ^_^

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