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C9 Eight

Ps: No one noticed I've changed her eyes color to grey in the last chapter <3.

Chapter 8

She stood frozen at the doorstep shockingly with her mouth agape at what Nathaniel did, pecking her lips. She could believe the man who left her today at the altar, kissed her cheek even though it was a thing to him but it meant a lot to her.

She rushed inside, closing the door behind her with a loud bang as her face was beet red. She ran to the opened bathroom and stared at her red face in the mirror looking at the girl with an oval shaped face, well kept wavy hair while her grey eyes stood out from brown skin. Her nose ring shining on her pointed nose. She closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of his lips on her cheek. She opened the tap quickly, splashing the cold water rushing out on her face to stop her thudding heart from thinking another meaning to the simple act.

It's just a simple act!, she scolded herself. Palming her cheeks embarrassedly.

She stared at herself once again, removing her bangles and leg chains putting it on the washing basin. She stretched her hands to her back to unzip her gown but it was impossible because, before the zip could be opened, the entangled thin rope must be loosen. Oh my!, she smacked herself internally, cursing the triplet with harmless curses for putting her in this position. What did those troubled triplet think would happen between two strangers?. She could mentally feel the mischief and devilish smirk of Ricky. She groaned loudly, huffing his shoulders, going to the room to ring one of the maids for help.

They could help me, couldn't they?. She thought, walking to where the intercom was placed.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the mansion, Nathaniel couldn't shake off the smile that latched on his lips since he left her frozen with a flustered face and a widened eyes on his head. The simple reaction made his heart leapt a bit, he never got that reaction from his ex- Clara. Angelina was the exact opposite of her. Clara was skinny and bold with everything she wanted or did but his sweet wife was shy, meek and everything. A perfect example of an innocent wife for his darkened soul!

He rubbed his face tiredly unbuttoned the two first buttons of his shirt before sitting on the sofa with his whiskey, taking a sip.

The file that has information about his wife which he left at the wedding reception has been sent to him by his personal assistant earlier. He looked at the brown file, contemplating whether to check it now or not as he stretched his hand to take it, the intercom in his room rang. He furrowed his brows in surprise, "Who could ring this at the time of the day?", he muttered to himself. Today has been long and eventful, he stood up and walked languidly to the intercom before picking it up and waited patiently for the person on the other side to talk.

"emm…" he heard the angelic voice of his angel at the other side, he didn't say anything, he paused, wanting more of her voice.

"Can you please come to my room" she released a shaky breath, "I need help on zipping this gown" she murmured out, "I'm sorry for disturbing your night" she added, hung up. He still heard the phone to his ear, closing his eyes while he breathed softly to calm himself down. Her soft voice was like a soothing music to his ears.

"My.." She breathed out in relief, that was hard, she thought. She didn't know how to address the maid, she had never had someone to serve her so she quickly said what she wanted without waiting for the other person's response.

She went to where her bags were and took her handbag, bringing out her phone, passport, Atm card and placed it on the table. She touched the screen of her phone to see that she had a call from her beloved father which was thirty minutes ago. She had forgotten to change it from silent since when she left her apartment earlier. She made a mental note to call him after she had taken her bath. She brought out her diary to fill in today's event when the door was knocked.

"Enter please" she said, not turning her back to check who entered because she called a maid and she was shy and didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, it is just that…. ThisThis gown" she trailed off, when she felt his ragged breath on the crooked of her neck which made her heart skip for two seconds. She raised her head up and looked at him in the mirror which their eyes met and felt herself getting lightheaded under the intensity of his gaze.

"You intentionally driving me crazy?" he stated in a question in a deep husky voice which made her shivered and shook her head because her voice was gone from that moment.

She tried to move away from him but he held her with his strong hand, making him rested her head on her shoulder as he skillfully untied the rope without her noticing. He bit her ear softly which elicited a shocking gasp from her because kissing where he had bitten her to ease the pain. She couldn't move her body, it was like her body has its own mind of its own. She never reacted to any male touches yet Nathaniel's touch woke up something in her that she didn't know.

She closes her eyes, relishing the moment as she gives him more space to his neck. She knew she was going to get a bruise there but she didn't care before she knew it, a gush of air passed her with a loud bang of the door.

Nathaniel couldn't hold himself, he ran out of the room which reeked of her heavenly scent, her willingness and shyness was driving him crazy. Really addictive like a moth to fire.


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