His Despair/C2 Arthur Spencer
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His Despair/C2 Arthur Spencer
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C2 Arthur Spencer


I noticed tears in his eyes while he said it.

Something's not right! Was he under pressure to sell the restaurants? A thought crossed my mind.

After the meeting, everyone began walking out of the meeting room, I followed Mr. Jones, who was walking towards the elevator,

"Mr. Jones!" hearing my voice he stopped and turned around, I smiled while I walked towards him, "Davina!" He smiled warmly,

"Hello, Mr. Jones! I... need to talk!" I said, he stared at me with confusion while nodding his head, I looked around and moved a bit closer,

"Somewhere private!" I said, he looked around,

"Please follow me, dear," He said, leading me to an empty meeting conference room.

"Please!" he signalled me to talk with his hands while sitting down on the chair,

"Sir, I know I shouldn't ask this and mind my own business but you're very close to me, you helped me in my dark times and I owe you my life..." I said, hearing my words a genuine smile formed on his lips, he grabbed my hands and squeezed them with happiness evident in his eyes.

"I know dear, please ask!" he said with a smile on his face,

"I.. noticed the way you said about the restaurant selling to Mr. Spencer... you were sad and I had a thought that this was not your decision... you're being forced to sell this!" I consciously said while I noticed his features changed when I mentioned Mr. Spencer.

"Sir, whatever it is!.. you can tell me," I said holding his hands, his face fell and he kept quiet for a minute not saying anything just staring at his own hands,

"Let me help you, Sir," I said, looking at him.

"Mr. Spencer is a very dangerous man, you can't help me!" he said, Still not looking at me,

"Let me at least try!" I said, he looked at me and took a deep breath,

"This matter should be between us, Davina!" he said, with a pleading look in his eyes.

I nodded my head at him, "A week ago I got an email from Mr. Spencer's assistant asking me to meet him, he scheduled a meeting with him the next day... in the meeting, he said, he wants to buy all my restaurants! I declined to sell them... actually he was interested in buying the new york branch, as it was very popular among the other branches! But in just a second he changed his decision and asked me to sell all the branches... he threatened me to expose all those dark secrets my family hid from the media, including... my daughter's affairs and my son's drug usage... If this comes out!" tears rolled down his cheek, he couldn't even say it!

Looking at his stage my anger rose and unknown hatred began forming for Mr. Spencer inside me, "It's okay, Please control yourself Mr. Jones!" I said while placing my hand on his shoulder and consoling him.

"I warn you, dear, be very careful with him, he's not the kind of man someone would want to mess with!" he said looking at me, I nodded my head while gulping hard.

As Mr.Jones walked out of the room after telling me what Mr.Spencer did with him, I stood there as many things ran through my mind! The situation in which he was in made me go back to the situation I was in when Mr.Jones helped me.


I looked at the papers placed on the table with tears rolling in my eyes, I glanced at the pen and the people standing in front of me. I didn't know what to say! What to ask! My heart broke in a million parts and the pain was unbearable. Sometimes the pain crushes you- it leaves you incapable of everything. It leaves you broken- in and out. The tears won't roll down, and the screams won't escape past your quivering lips, this is what happens to me right now.

I took a deep breath and took the pen from the table, my fingers were shaking while I signed the papers without thinking for a second. After signing the papers I placed the pen on the table and turned around, "Have a happy life!" I said while walking out of the apartment without looking back.

Tears were rolling down my eyes but no sound was coming out of my lips, soft raindrops began falling on me with a loud thunder roaring in the sky. The rainwater washed away my tears but couldn't take away this throbbing pain in my chest. My shaking legs gave up, making me fall to the ground, I sat on my knees with tears rolling down my cheeks and falling on my hands.

"Why!" I whispered, my unbearable pain wasn't allowing my voice to come out, and all of the memories which we spent with each other began playing in front of my eyes.

"I loved you!" My thoughts fell into an endlessly repeating loop, "Why? Why? Why? Why?" With each whispered word... a piece of my heart broke.

"You said I was your sunshine, how could you!" I cried out lowering my head down, I cried and cried but this pain wouldn't disappear. It was cutting my heart and mind in half stinging with every breath I take.

It was intense and this heartache is like an insatiable fire that burnt all the oxygen in my body leaving me listless and empty. It doesn't just mentally hurt, it physically hurts, like someone stabbing my chest over and over again and these tears won't stop falling, it's extreme.

"Davina!" someone bent down in front of me as I was sobbing, tears blinding my vision, they wrapped their hands around me, pulling me towards them, I leaned my head over their chest while crying my eyes out!

"Please! Please make this stop!" I cried!


I shut my eyes, making my tears stop, I don't want them to flow down, They say once bitten, twice shy, but I think for me it's more like forever shy. I can't see myself putting my heart out there again, I don't think it can survive another inferno. But the truth is, I'd rather forgo comfort than keep a lover who doesn't love. So instead I will let this heartache be my teacher and the reason to keep seeking one who can hear the playful calling of their own soul.

If Mr. Jones didn't find me there, I wouldn't be here now, he was my father's old friend, and he helped me with everything after that day. He offered me this job and sent me to this branch so that I could be far from Seattle, I owe him my life.

And now he needs my help, I have to try my best to get his restaurants back to him. I promised myself before walking out of the room,


"Aww!" I hissed as I hit my head on someone, While rubbing my forehead I looked up to see those familiar hooded eyes looking down at me. I stepped back and that's when I saw his eyes, they were blue/green, so beautiful! There was a hint of both colours in his iris. I never saw this before, I didn't even know this type existed. I did hear about Heterochromia, but this was the first time I saw someone with it. I thought a person with heterochromia has two different colour eyes but I never saw someone with both colours in their iris.

It's mesmerizing!

"Excuse me," I said before walking past him, I could feel his eyes on me but I tried to ignore the feeling and stepped inside the elevator. I pressed the button and moved back, as I watched him standing there and watching me like a predator, his lips moved and his bodyguard moved to him, Mr.Spencer whispered in his ear without moving his eyes from me, and his bodyguard nodded his head before moving back.

As the elevator doors were closing, I noticed a smirk forming on his lips which made me nervous inside.

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