His Despair/C3 Meeting Gone Wrong
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His Despair/C3 Meeting Gone Wrong
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C3 Meeting Gone Wrong


"Hello, Mr. David," I took his hand and shook it, he smiled, looking at me while sitting down on the chair in front of me, "Hello Miss Ellis," he greeted, I turned towards the waiter,

"Your order, please. Mr. David?" the waiter asked, "Just a cup of coffee please," he said, glancing at him.

The waiter nodded his head and turned to me,

"Make it two!" I said, he immediately walked off with the order.

I turned to Mr. David, who was looking at me with great interest, "So, Davina, what do you want to talk about?" he asked, genuinely curious to know why I called him.

I looked around before leaning my hands on the table, "I want to know about Mr. Spencer, CEO of Spencer Enterprises?" I asked, staring at his face and the changes on his features when he heard Mr. Spencer's name did not go unnoticed.

I wonder why everyone has this reaction when they hear this name, "I want every single detail of him, what he does and where he lives! Everything! And David!" I took his hand, "You're the only one whom I trust with this work! Please don't say no!" I said with a pleading expression on my face.

He exhaled slowly while leaning back on the chair, "You don't know what you're asking me to do!" he said,

"Please!" I said, as far as I know, David, he will not say no! Because he was a good friend of mine and I believe he's good at this work because he's a journalist and he can get you any information you need.

"I'll tell you what I know about him!" he said, leaning over, I nodded my head and stared at him.

"Spencer family is a very influential family of New York City, they own half of the city and they have connections with the mafia and underworld...and Arthur!" he exhaled while raising his eyebrows up,

"He's the cruellest CEO ever, his business managing skills are excellent, there are many rumours about him hiding the dead bodies of his enemies in his estate but never got proven and if he notices any restaurants or company getting popular in the city he'll buy it at any cost... he's kind of obsessed with that... he's very smart and cunning!" he said in a monotone, this information was somewhat useful to me.

"There's more, but I need time to gather it," he said,

"Okay!" I said while nodding my head at him, he smiled and took a sip from his coffee, "Why do you need information about him?" he asked while placing the cup on the table.

I sighed while taking a sip from my coffee, "He's my new boss!" I said, placing the cup down.

"What!" He said, confused and shocked, "Mr. Jones sold the restaurants to him?" he asked, shock evident in his face.

"Yes!" I said, lowering my eyes, "But why?" he asked, Mr. Jones' words flashed into my mind and I remembered my promise to him.

"I don't know!" I said, I heard him sigh and looked at him, "Mr. Spencer is very smart dear, you should be careful with him," he warned me while I, worried in his eyes, nodded my head at him, taking his words in.

"Well, I should leave now," he said while standing up from his chair, I stood up with him and moved from my chair, he walked to me and wrapped his hands around me, "It's good to see you, Davina! take care of yourself," he said while moving back.

"I will!" I said, smiling at him.

I watched him leave the restaurant after he left, I walked towards the elevator, and pressed the button. The doors of the elevator opened and I stepped inside, as I pressed the floor number and moved back, the doors closed.

How come I never heard about Mr. Spencer, oh! I was never interested in outside things other than my work. I chuckled when it crossed my mind. I must learn more about him if I'm planning to get this restaurant back to Mr. Jones.

I just hope David brings me enough information about Mr. Spencer for me to use it against him, I thought, while stepping out of the elevator. I need to plan things out before I start working for this man,

The floor was empty and the only sound I heard was my high heel, "Where did everyone go!" I mumbled while walking through the empty floor, I reached my office and grabbed the handle while pushing my office door. I stepped inside and when my eyes fell on the person sitting on my chair and staring right at me, I stopped dead in my tracks.

What is he doing here? A question popped into my head.

I took a few steps ahead and stood in front of my desk. I looked at him in confusion, I was suspicious inside, but didn't let that show on my face, "Mr. Spencer?" I said while looking him straight in the eye.

His eyes roamed over my face like he was memorizing every bit of it, which made me a little uncomfortable, "Miss. Davina Ellis!" he said while standing up from the chair, with his beautiful eyes still on my face.

"I want to ask you something..." He said, standing straight in front of me, I had looked all the way up to his face since his tall figure was looming over him.

"But before that...'' He said and glanced behind me, I heard multiple footsteps entering the office which made me look behind me, and my eyes widened when I saw Mr. Jones and David being dragged inside by some bodyguards.

I turned around and looked at Mr. Spencer, who was smirking at me, I gulped hard when I noticed the evil glint in his eyes.

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