His Despair/C4 Bitter Truth
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His Despair/C4 Bitter Truth
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C4 Bitter Truth


The bodyguards just dragged them inside and made them sit on the sofa which was placed in the middle of the office. I looked at them with a blank expression on, Inside I was scared and tense but I didn't let it show on my face.

I moved my eyes on Mr. Spencer who was watching me intensely, His unique eyes had an intensity in them which made me a bit intimidated but I tried hard to mask my face, his eyes were roaming on my face making me very nervous inside.

"Take a seat, Miss Ellis," He said without moving his eyes from me, I raised my left eyebrow up! He does realize he's standing in my office right?

I said nothing but still had that expression on, I stepped towards the chair and sat down on it and looked up at him, "I discovered that you want to know more about me! Miss Ellis," He said, leaning his back against my desk while folding his arms over his chest.

He looked at me with blank face, I didn't say anything, just stayed calm and waited for him to say what he wanted to say,

"If you wanted to know about me then why not come to me and ask? Why ask these idiots... Please don't say, you're shy?" he said, mocking me. I kept quiet ignoring his choice of words. He glanced at a person who was standing behind me and I guessed it might be a bodyguard. He walked up to him and handed him over a file.

Without looking at the file, Mr. Spencer handed it over to me, I glanced at it before taking it from his hands, I opened the file and my eyes bulged out when I saw the picture in the file, I looked up at him in utter shock,

No! it can't be, he can't be...

Oh my god!

"How's this..." I whispered, staring at the picture in the file, "Possible?" he finished my sentence making me look at him, "Even I was shocked when I discovered who you are...," He glanced at his bodyguards, they walked towards Mr. Jones and David, "You Know What to do!" He said to his bodyguards who nodded their heads and drag both of them out of the office leaving me alone with Mr. Spencer,

I gulped hard when I saw a few pictures of him in the file, he...He was with the woman who my husband cheated with, and what shocked me most was him putting a ring on her finger.

He's her finance? Did she cheat on him? But!

I stared at the picture where Mr. Spencer and the woman were happy, laughing and dancing together, I could see their love in the way they looked at each other in the picture,

Why did she cheat on him when she loved him? She was in love with him! It's clear here, but why?

"...but... it struck my mind!" He said looking at me while gaining my attention,

"I can't find your husband... I searched for him everywhere, but he was found nowhere... he took all my happiness...I have to take my revenge on him," he said with something in his eyes I couldn't understand,

"Now that I have you!" he said with an evil smirk playing on his lips, he was stepping ahead and leaned on the chair while placing his hands on either side of the chair, he was so close to me that I had to move my head back,

"I would take my revenge on you!" he said, his hot breath hitting my face. I swallowed hard at our closeness,

"W...what do you mean?" I said while staring at his face in pure confusion,

"You are going to suffer! For what your husband did to me," he said, '' I could see pure rage and disappointment in his eyes which made me terrified.

"He... He's not my husband!" I said in my shaky voice, I could see his eyebrows move in confusion,

"What!" he asked, looking at me like I was speaking some other language which he can't understand.

"He's my ex," I said, looking at him, his face was just inches away from mine and If I move a bit his lips could touch mine, "You...don't know?" he asked, looking into my eyes, "Know what?" I asked confused, he moved back still looking at my confused face.

"That son of a bitch never signed the divorce papers," he said, hearing his words, everything around became a blur, I don't know how to react.

He didn't sign! But why? He clearly wanted a divorce from me, why didn't he sign the divorce papers?

All these questions were running through my mind, and the person who can answer these questions wasn't here!

"he had best of the both sides..." I heard him mutter under his breath, his rage was clear to me,

"My lovely ex-fiancé's husband's wife will be the best choice to torture, don't you think!" he said, pressing every single word while bending down and moving his face closer to mine, I gulped hard when his words registered in my mind.

"You! My dear is the one who's going to suffer now because there's no escape from me!" he said, moving his mouth to my ear,

"It's going to be fun!" he said and I could feel that stupid smirk on his lips.

How should I save myself from him? Oh god!

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