CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C1 Awakening from Dream
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C1 Awakening from Dream
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C1 Awakening from Dream

Hua City was a high-end villa area. The busy running doctor and the screaming ambulance had made this violent, stormy night even more horrifying!

In the ambulance, Leh Zifei tightly held Mo Jianguo's hand. Her palms were wet with sweat, but her back was cold. Anxiety, worry, and helplessness filled her eyes.

She couldn't understand how her grandfather, who had just drunk the milk she sent out as usual, could become like this.

At this moment, the monitoring device beside her beeped. Although Leh Zifei was not a doctor, she still understood what this meant.

The experienced doctor pulled her away and once again rescued Mo Jianguo...

At the same time, at Mo's Group, Mo Leeshen, who just finished an emergency meeting, rubbed his forehead tiredly. His private phone received a video of the results of a research held in Florida by his rival company AL.

As for the contents of the press conference, he was preparing to apply for a patent. Tomorrow, he was going to hold a press conference to announce the advance sale of the new four-camera smart phone!

There were two pieces of information about this smart phone. One was in front of him, and the other was with his wife, Leh Zifei …

Mo Leeshen had treated Leh Zifei quite well for the marriage between two families that was controlled by his elders.

The phone rang, and he answered it with a frown. After saying that, he suddenly stood up, clenching his phone tightly, veins popping out on the back of his hand. His eyebrows were sharp and cold, and his voice was as cold as ice: "Which hospital?"

"Kang Le Private Hospital."

The one who called him was Ouyang Ze, and his villa happened to be in the same area as the Mo family's villa, which wasn't too far away. The news from the Mo family quickly spread, and the old man of the Mo family was infected with food poisoning, which could not be underestimated.

Mo Leeshen knew that he was set up by someone else. It was just that, Leh Zifei, were you involved in all of this?

When they rushed to the hospital, the rescue was over. The doctor came out of the emergency room. Leh Zifei was about to step forward to inquire about the situation when she heard butler Sixth Uncle calling for Young Master.

Despite his murderous aura, he didn't even give her a glance, not to mention his usual gentleness. He walked straight up to the doctor and asked, "Doctor Ji, how is my grandfather?"

Ji Nanyu was over 50 years old and was Mo Jianguo's personal doctor. At the same time, he was also working for Kang Le. Upon receiving Sixth Uncle's call, he rushed over to participate in the rescue.

With a solemn face, he said with regret,

"We've already tried our best. Your grandfather's medicine is an acute drug that paralyzes the nerves, it comes from the Amazon. It's very fast, this thing is very rare in China, unless it's something scientific research needs, it won't …" For someone his age, being able to survive was already a miracle. If he wanted to wake up, he would probably … "It's minuscule!"

"What did you say?" You mean... Grandfather, he … "

"Shut up!"

Leh Zifei could not believe what she had just heard. She staggered forward and grabbed Ji Nanyu's hand. She did not believe what she had heard, but Mo Leeshen had yelled at her.

He had never treated her in such a manner before. Even when he had chased after her throughout the world, he hadn't said a single word.

Leh Zifei was scared stiff by his monstrous rage. Her heart felt as though a giant rock had fallen on it. She felt dull and painful, unable to utter a single word.

Mo Leeshen was furious and irritable to the extreme. He grabbed her wrist and headed towards the corner of the stairs. His speed was so fast that Leh Zifei had to jog to keep up with him.

She wanted to tell him to slow down, because she already had his child, but this was clearly not the time to share the joy!

Leh Zifei endured it silently.

He stuck to her from a young age until he and Ouyang Ze left the country to study abroad. He thought that he could get rid of her, but the next year, she actually entered his school, and it was even in the same department. When they first met abroad, she boasted that she would become the wife of Young Madam of the Mo family, him, Mo Leeshen!

He was an influential figure in the school himself, plus Ouyang Ze's promotions, this matter was treated as a joke and passed on for a long time. Until the two of them graduated and left school, there were still occasional people mentioning it!

On her twentieth birthday, her grandfather and Leh Qing'ao suddenly announced the news of their engagement at her birthday banquet. He didn't have anyone he liked, so he just so happened to not hate this sticky ghost spirit, so he tacitly accepted it!

Three months later, both of them were married. Now, a year had passed!

Could it be that before he knew it, Leh Zifei, who was twenty-two, and Leh Zifei, who was twenty, were already two completely different people?

He was no longer naive, innocent, kind and cute. What he had now was only viciousness, viciousness, and ruthlessness. Was he trying to scheme against the entire Mo family?

"I always thought that you understood and felt relieved about your father's death!" Mo Leeshen's voice was filled with disappointment.

"What did you say?" Ah Shen, not... "It's not what you think, I didn't do anything to harm grandfather, I didn't do anything to let grandfather down, I …"

Leh Zifei's heart sank. Her eyes were filled with pity and she was at a loss. She reached out her hand to tug on his sleeve. He was the only person she could rely on in this world. He was her entire world.

But this time, Mo Leeshen was not as indulgent as before. He leaned to the side and easily avoided her gaze. His cold and emotionless gaze locked onto her as he spoke word for word with a cold voice:

"I will investigate this matter thoroughly. Leh Zifei, you better speak the truth!" Otherwise, not only will I divorce you, Leh Zipei, Leh Zirann, and everyone else who has a good relationship with you … I won't even let you off! "

"No, Ah Shen, listen to me …" "Ugh …" "Let go …"

Leh Zifei's explanation was cut off when Mo Leeshen suddenly grabbed her throat. This man's aura was ice-cold and bloodthirsty, like an Asura from hell. The air was becoming thinner and thinner, and his mind was spinning. Was he going to die like this? Why was he so cruel to himself?

"Don't show off your disgust in front of me. Next time, you won't be so lucky!"

Just as Leh Zifei was about to faint, Mo Leeshen finally let go of her and said something that made her feel even worse than suffocation.

Without another glance at Leh Zifei, Mo Leeshen walked away with a cold and detached back.

Leh Zifei collapsed onto the ground and breathed in the fresh air in big gulps. She didn't feel any joy after surviving this disaster; one hand covering her neck while the other clutching her slightly aching stomach. She suddenly didn't know if she should tell him about her child.

A year ago, her father died in an accident while doing a secret thing for the Mo family. At that time, she had a long fight with him, but in the end, it was her brother Leh Zipei who rushed back from Rong City and stopped her.

However, she had never blamed anyone from the Mo family. At that time, she could only find it hard to accept her beloved father.

She wanted to escape from reality, wanted to have his company when she was sad. That was why she acted willfully, and why she made trouble for him. It really wasn't what he thought it was.


At Mo Leeshen's request, Mo Jianguo was transferred to the intensive care unit and sent to guard the door. Apart from Ji Nanyu himself, no one else was allowed to enter the ward, especially Leh Zifei.

A week passed just like that. Leh Zifei was unable to get close to the ward, so she stayed in the corridor every day to listen to Sixth Uncle's report on Mo Jianguo.

Mo Leeshen would come over every night. At that time, she would always look at his cold figure surrounded by her bodyguards. She really hoped that he would turn around and look at her and listen to her explanation.

Even his bodyguards were brought along to prevent him from getting close!

Until one day, Mo Leeshen's sight returned to her and even walked towards her. Step by step, it was very slow, but when he really walked towards her, Leh Zifei felt despair!

Because he had someone with him, someone she knew, a member of the domestic divorce court. 1. Gold rank lawyer, Gu Zhanfei!

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