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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C11 Used to Think
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C11 Used to Think

Didn't she say that no matter how much she did, she wouldn't be able to get Leeshen's attention?

Today, she wanted to let her know that not only could she get Leeshen's attention, she could even get his heart!

In these five years, she had spent so much time and effort on Mo Leeshen. No matter how tough the stone was, it should be hot.

The act of Mo Leeshen allowing Jiang Xinyi to enter Mo Mansion had undoubtedly made Jiang Xinyi's heart swell.

No matter how smart Leh Zifei was, she would never have thought that Jiang Xinyi's brain had already reached such a level.

She no longer looked at Jiang Xinyi and actually went upstairs. Jiang Xinyi almost yelled angrily, but luckily she realized that this was the Mo Mansion at the most crucial moment, and stopped her despicable act that she was about to show.

After locking the door, Leh Zifei stared at her phone for a long time. With Mo Leeshen's ability, it was as easy as flipping his palm to check her phone records. The more critical the situation, the more she had to learn to be patient.

She logged on to her email with her cell phone, which was only used to contact Linda, and sent her an email saying that she was safe. She also told her that it would be a while before she could go to the hotel and KTV.

After deciphering the log, Leh Zifei laid on the bed. It was already four-thirty, and she already knew Mo Leeshen by now. Plus, after all these years of homework, she knew that he would be back between six and six-thirty, eating on time at eight o'clock. But he had a special chef, so he shouldn't need her, right?

He had asked Jiang Xinyi to come here with the intention of humiliating himself beyond doubt. How would he be able to face her then?

Forget it, there must be a road in front of the mountain. If he wanted to attack, he just had to attack. There was no need to waste his time in guessing and thinking!

Leh Zifei went downstairs at 6: 10. Mo Leeshen returned to the mansion five minutes after she went downstairs. He saw her in the living room, maintaining a weird atmosphere with Jiang Xinyi on the sofa and Chenxiao at the side.

"Is dinner ready?" He looked for trouble with a straight face.

"Young master, the kitchen is preparing." "I'm asking her," Chenxiao answered. Mo Leeshen glanced at him and said lightly, but with a weight of more than a thousand pounds, "I'm asking her!"

Having been called out by name, Leh Zifei could no longer pretend to be in a daze. It had implicated the handsome Chenxiao. She was truly sorry, "Young Master Mo, the kitchen is in the..."

"From now on, my three meals a day will be prepared by you!" Mo Leeshen frowned and became impatient.

"Yes, Young Master Mo!" Leh Zifei's heart did not waver at all. The pain in her left ear made her immune to Mo Leeshen's overbearing attitude.

He turned around and headed back into the kitchen.

"Leeshen, someone like Leh Zifei. "Lowly servant, you should have taught her a lesson and not just let it go like this!"

Jiang Xinyi had been looking for an opportunity to interrupt Mo Leeshen ever since he came back. Naturally, she wouldn't miss this perfect opportunity!

Mo Leeshen was furious as he heard her words. He looked at Jiang Xinyi with a cold gaze.

"Are you teaching me how to do things?"

"No, no, no. Leeshen, that's not what I meant. I …"

"Jiang Xinyi, let me remind you one last time, pay attention to what you call me! "Chenxiao, see our guest out!"

Mo Leeshen quickly cut off Jiang Xinyi's defense and instructed Chenxiao, who was standing quietly beside her.

"Yes, Young Master!"

Jiang Xinyi was stupid. She had more or less brought in Chenxiao, the butler of the Mu residence, with what she had said to scold Leh Zifei. Now that she had received the Young Master's order, Chenxiao naturally wouldn't be polite with her.

"Miss Jiang, please!"

"Hrmph ~"

Jiang Xinyi bit her lips and looked at Mo Leeshen with a wronged expression. However, Mo Leeshen didn't even give her a look. She had a temper. With Mo Leeshen giving her face, she snorted angrily and ran away!

Chenxiao quickly followed her out to make sure that she left the Mo Mansion!

After throwing the briefcase on the tea table, Mo Leeshen walked towards the kitchen and stood at the entrance. Due to what he just said, the kitchen servants left automatically. At this moment, only Leh Zifei was busy.

Looking at her busy back, Mo Leeshen was a little dazed. In the past, she had cooked for him countless times in this kitchen. In the past, he thought he would live a peaceful and peaceful life with her.

But, grandpa …

Thinking about his grandfather who was unconscious on the sickbed and had to rely on all kinds of apparatus to maintain his life, Mo Leeshen's vision on Leh Zifei suddenly turned cold and sharp, filled with hatred!

Leh Zifei's back felt like it was being scorched. She knew that Mo Leeshen was glaring at her and told her not to turn back. The only one who would suffer a loss when facing him would be herself.

Mo Leeshen also noticed the moment Leh Zifei's body froze and he closed his eyes. Due to the secret operation of Ouyang Ze, there were a lot of things happening in the company today.

He had been tired all day, so he didn't want to waste time cleaning her up. This must be the reason why he chased Jiang Xinyi away, Mo Leeshen thought.

There was still a lot of time in the future, and even Ouyang Ze would not have the chance to protect her!

Young Master Ouyang Family, you are no longer young or old, it's time to have a marriage!

After taking a shower upstairs, Mo Leeshen went to the study room and dialed Ouyang Chengen's number.

At this time, Ouyang Chengen was in her study room teaching Ouyang Ze a lesson, but this brat actually ended the cooperation between Wu Steel and Mo's without permission.

Ouyang Chengen knew that because of Leh Zifei, Ouyang Ze and Mo Leeshen, the ironclad brothers, were in an awkward situation where they parted ways.

However, after so many years of being docile, he never would have thought that the moment he relaxed, this brat would give him such a move!

However, he had already relinquished the authority to him. Other than for him to take back his orders, there really was no other way.

For the first time in his life, Ouyang Ze refused his father's request.

"Dad, I made this decision after careful deliberation. As a businessman, what Mo Leeshen did was beyond the boundaries of a businessman's actions when it came to Leh Zipei. The headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce was preparing to send out a joint transfer. The investigation team will go and investigate the Rong City, and Mo Leeshen will do it on his own. It's hard to protect himself from being implicated in Mo's in the future, so continuing to cooperate with Mo's will bring more harm than good! "

Leh Zipei was one of the people in charge of the Rong City sent by the Merchant Guild's headquarters.

"This... adjust. Did Mo Leeshen know about the investigation team? Is that why you're on this trip? "

Ouyang Chengen was worried. Leh Zifei was someone he watched growing up. That child didn't seem like someone who would harm others, but she was Mo Leeshen's ex-wife and her own son had grown up because of her …

This relationship was too chaotic!

"Mo Leeshen probably doesn't know. Leh Zipei is indeed one of the reasons why I'm on this business trip."

Ouyang Ze had nothing to hide from his father.

"You …"

Ouyang Chengen wanted to say something, but was cut off by the ringtone. It was Mo Leeshen.

He thought for a moment and let Ouyang Ze go out before answering the phone.

"Leeshen, it's so late. What's the matter?"

His tone was filled with the care and concern of a senior towards a junior. As long as no one died, he would not interfere in the matters of children.

Mo Leeshen was aware of this fact, so he knew that Ouyang Chengen's concern was not a lie.

"Uncle Ouyang, Leh Zifei is back. You must already know about this." That's what I think. No matter what grudge Leh Zifei and I have, just based on her status as my ex-wife, it's not appropriate for Ah Ze to be with her. Ah Ze is already at the appropriate age to get married. There are some things that I'm afraid you can only worry about … "

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