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C12 How Can He

After the call ended, Ouyang Chengen put down her phone and fell into deep thought.

Mo Leeshen was selfish. Once his son had a fiancee, he wouldn't be able to spend too much time on Leh Zifei. That way, it would be easy for him to deal with torturing Leh Zifei.

But wasn't what he said the truth? The young master Ouyang Family marrying the CEO of Mo's, his ex-wife. What kind of big news was this! Perhaps for the rest of their lives, the three of them would live with gossip.

Mo Leeshen was very good at spying on the heart. Although Ouyang Chengen didn't really care about Ouyang Ze's matters, but it was related to the reputation of the Ouyang Family, so he might not just sit on the sidelines and watch.

Leh Zifei, I will break all the aid around you little by little. Warm, I want you to live a life worse than death in despair.

At this moment, Leh Zifei didn't have a clear understanding of Mo Leeshen's dark devil nature.

While she was busy in the kitchen, all she could think about was how to enter the monitoring room and successfully get the surveillance video of what happened half a month ago.

All these years, although Linda had purchased Summer Hotel and Moon KTV, his main company was still a medical company. Linda had people research Mo Jianguo's poison and found a possible way to poison him, as long as she got the surveillance video, even if she couldn't find out the truth, she could prove her innocence!

In the past, she didn't care if she could prove her innocence. In any case, she wouldn't be able to go back with him.

However, the matter with her brother made her clearly realize that for a madman with a strong desire for revenge, if you can't prove that he was wrong from the start, then his madness will not only destroy you, but everything that exists around you!

According to the original plan of the chef, Leh Zifei cooked five dishes and a soup. After going in and out of the kitchen and the dining room, she finally arranged the dishes.

Looking at the clock in the living room, which was 8: 00 PM, the door of the study on the second floor opened. Leh Zifei's gaze followed the sound of the clock, crashing into those dark, cold eyes.

"Young Master Mo, the dishes are ready. You can eat now."

Leh Zifei lowered her head and refused to look at him. No matter how nice her skin was, the darkness and filth in her heart would only make people feel disgust!

Mo Leeshen didn't answer him and went downstairs. Before he entered the restaurant, he finally opened his mouth: "Come and serve me some food!"

"Yes, Young Master Mo!"

Even though she said that, she was actually cursing in her heart. Five years ago, she had personally served him enthusiastically and laid out food for him. When he ate, he always refused. Now that he was too lazy to bother with him, he made this inexplicable request.

Man, it really is a strange creature! For the sake of torturing others, he actually made people whom he hated so much give him food.

Hurt 1000 enemies and self-destruct 800. One word: stupid! Two words, stupidity!

These were the dishes that a chef usually cooked. Leh Zifei used to never cook these, she would only cook the simplest dishes for him every few days, causing him to complain incessantly in his heart. It was not good to touch her good intentions.

Recalling the past, the aura on Mo Leeshen's body had a moment of gentleness. Leh Zifei could clearly feel it. Seeing that he was obviously distracted, a thought appeared in her heart. Was he reminiscing about the past?

However, the next moment, Mo Leeshen's reaction broke her fantasy.

He used his chopsticks to pick up some of Leh Zifei's food from the plate in front of him and savored it. With a disdainful smile, he taunted,

"These dishes need special materials and their requirements for the temperature are extremely high. It seems that your life abroad these years has been quite comfortable!"

She couldn't be working in a restaurant. If she was a simple chef or a waiter, he couldn't possibly miss out on her information.

What kind of person could create evidence that she lived alone and at the same time perfectly conceal her so that he wouldn't be able to find any traces of her?

"How can that be? The place I live in is shabby. Only a place like Young Master Mo is truly comfortable!"

Leh Zifei stood beside him, picking up some of the food he ate and placing it on a plate before replying with a polite smile.

Ever since he knew that the words he said this morning meant that he was scolding himself for his private affairs. Life is disorderly and disorderly. After she pointed it out, she told herself that the more he mocked and despised her, the more vicious his words were, which proved that his heart was even more restless and irritable!

Mo Leeshen was angered by her words and stood up abruptly. Leh Zifei was shocked and before she could react, her body was pressed down on the table. He glared at her fiercely with bloodshot eyes and a dangerous aura exuded from his body.

"Young Master Mo, what are you doing?" If people misunderstand, they will think that we have something. With your status, would you be willing to be involved with someone like me and be discussed by others? "

Leh Zifei reacted quickly. She forcefully suppressed the fear and panic in her heart and maintained her calm appearance. As she spoke, she blinked several times and a faint charm could be seen in her eyes. She knew very well that at this moment, she would only be safe if she made Mo Leeshen feel disgusted!

He saw the undisguised look in her eyes. Mo Leeshen frowned and was about to loosen his grip on her when a hint of relief flashed in Leh Zifei's eyes. Luckily, she managed to escape the calamity.

However, in the next moment, Zuo Wuji realized something. Leh Zifei's chest was covered by a huge palm that was like hot iron, making her flustered. She subconsciously struggled.

Indeed! Mo Leeshen sneered from the bottom of his heart, "Leh Zifei, your heart is beating rapidly because of me. Did you feel it? You and I are irreconcilable enemies, yet you can still react. Despicable? "

If he didn't see the relief in her eyes, he would have been tricked by her. Leh Zifei, today, you still dare to be so petty in front of me!

Leh Zifei's resistance was halted, and her heart throbbed with pain. However, she forced herself not to show any signs of sadness.

She looked straight into his eyes, and a hint of mischievousness flashed through her eyes:

"Young Master Mo, you look so golden and handsome." Fierce tall, any woman who saw it would feel her heart sway, unable to extricate herself, let alone just a normal me! Are you right, Young Master Mo? "

You are someone who loves people, even the flowers bloom when you see them. Even a car would explode if it saw you!

That mischievous look in his eyes stunned Mo Leeshen. Five years ago, that was the look he had to face almost every day.

"Leh Zifei, I'll give you a chance …" Are you sure you mean what you say? "

He covered her left side. The big palm on his chest exerted a little force, making his body nimble. Sensory Department. After being attacked once again, Leh Zifei's expression changed. Red didn't dare to answer him for a while.

"Why aren't you speaking? Weren't you expressing your love and admiration for me just now? "I thought you meant it. I didn't expect you to lie to me again, Leh Zifei!"

He lowered his head, and put his lips next to her ear. His voice was as cold as ice, and every word he said was a test of Leh Zifei's endurance.

The instant he finished speaking, he withdrew his palm with no trace of pity.

"Ah!" Leh Zifei cried out in pain. How could he?

"Let me go! "Bastard!" He struggled fiercely, but was unable to break free from his grasp. He stretched out his leg to kick him, but the kick followed through his thigh.


Leh Zifei's body stiffened instantly, and she no longer dared to make a move.

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