CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C13 Nocturnal Meeting with Jiang Hua
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C13 Nocturnal Meeting with Jiang Hua
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C13 Nocturnal Meeting with Jiang Hua

The air became hot and dry. The two of them were in a deadlock. Leh Zifei was scared, but only he knew why Mo Leeshen was scared!

The Hua City in July was hot at the moment, and Leh Zifei's lower body was wearing a short skirt. The finger touches the slip. Mo Leeshen's delicate skin looked like it was about to go out of control at this moment as he looked at the calmness of the man under him.

He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to restrain the restlessness in his heart. In this world, who could he move against? He could have feelings for her, but only towards this wicked woman who had harmed his grandfather, he definitely could not!

"Leh Zifei, you really make me sick!"

After calming down with great difficulty, Mo Leeshen suddenly stood up and disappeared from the restaurant while covered in cold air.

"Disgusting your brother-in-law!"

Leh Zifei breathed a sigh of relief. It took her a while to regain her senses. He had confirmed from Chenxiao's handsome brother that Mo Leeshen had left the mansion and disappeared.

Hmph, never mind if you don't eat it. It's best if you get stomach problems from starvation!

Looking at the food on the table, she went to the kitchen to fill her bowl and solve the problem of her stomach.

He who punishes himself for the mistakes of others is the most foolish one, Leh Zifei admitted that she is not stupid!

After finishing dinner, Leh Zifei went upstairs. She didn't wonder why Mo Leeshen didn't let her stay in the servant room behind the mansion, but instead arranged for her to stay in the main house next to his room.

This man, for the sake of being convenient to torture … There was nothing he couldn't do for himself.

After logging into the email, Linda had already replied to her, saying that she would cooperate with her plans and take good care of the two children to reassure herself.

In the end, there were also two photos of the children. Looking at the pair of adorable children, Leh Zifei felt that no matter how much suffering she endured, it was all worth it!

This was the ordinariness and greatness of motherly love!

Mo Leeshen rushed all the way to his title mark. The manager respectfully led him to the top floor of the only room.

"Young Master Mo, what else do you want?"

The manager asked the waiter to serve Mo Leeshen the wine that Mo Leeshen liked to drink before. Young Master Mo opened his mouth carefully with a depressed look on his face. He was afraid that Mo Leeshen would frown.

"What's new recently?" In his mind, he suddenly recalled the scene of Leh Zifei winking at him playfully. The moment Mo Leeshen said those words, he immediately regretted it.

"Yes, I will arrange it for you." The manager suppressed the shock in his heart. Everyone who wanted to buy something wanted to come here, so Young Master Mo had never ordered anything before. Miss, even the waiters are men.

In less than five minutes, the most luxurious and luxurious box was filled with all sorts of beauties. They were gentle, gorgeous, and the young family's jade, conservative, and cultured …

All the beauties had their fair share of beauty, making them dazzling to the eyes.

However, Mo Leeshen only took a glance and didn't finish his sentence. The manager who was beside them was drenched in cold sweat as he asked tentatively, "Young Master Mo, do you want me to give you a new batch?"

"No need!" Mo Leeshen, who was sitting on the sofa, casually pointed: "You, come here."

The girl who was chosen was stunned. She was the most conservative and unremarkable one among them …

"Young Master Mo is calling for you. Hurry up and go over. What are you waiting for?"

The manager urged, and the girl snapped out of her daze. She responded and hurriedly walked towards Mo Leeshen.

"Go out and get Jiang Hua."

"Yes, Young Master Mo!" The manager quickly left with the rest of the unwilling women.

"What's your name?"

Mo Leeshen pulled the girl into his embrace and laid her flat on her knees with her back facing upwards.

The light in the room was slightly dim, and only when they were close did he see the young woman's face clearly. Naturally, he couldn't miss the frightened and frightened expression that appeared in the young woman's eyes.

Leh Zifei had also seen him like this back in the villa, so why did she think of that malicious woman again?!

On closer look, this woman looked somewhat similar to Leh Zifei. Mo Leeshen was agitated and frowned. The pressure in the room immediately became depressed and oppressive due to his reaction.

"I... My name is Xiaowei. " Xiaowei's voice trembled with uneasiness. The manager had said that no matter what requests Young Master Mo had, they must be satisfied and must not make him unhappy.

But before he did anything, Young Master Mo was already angry!

"Xiaowei?" Mo Leeshen mumbled with uncertainty in his voice. He looked at Xiaowei as if he was looking at her, but he didn't seem to be. The next moment, he said in a sinister tone, "Why did you do this?"

Xiaowei was at a loss for words when she heard his ice-cold voice. She did not understand what he meant. What for? Name? Or do you want to engage in such a shameful profession?

"Young Master Mo..." "Ah ~ ~" Xiaowei had just started her sentence when she was thrown away by Mo Leeshen in disgust. Her body fell onto the thick carpet on the ground. She was still in so much pain that she almost suffocated.

The manager's stern face appeared in her mind. Xiaowei quickly knelt down and kowtowed: Young Master Mo, I'm sorry! Young Master Mo, I was wrong! "I …"

Xiaowei cried pitifully, but she couldn't arouse the slightest bit of pity in Mo Leeshen's heart. She waved her hand impatiently. "Get out and get Zhao Lin to give you a severance pay. Don't come here again."

"Mo, Young Master Mo?" The severance pay for a title was hundreds of thousands of yuan, did he hear it wrongly?

"Scram!" Mo Leeshen roared. Ever since he saw her face that was similar to Leh Zifei's, he had become extremely irritable!

Hearing his roar, Xiaowei didn't dare to say anything else and staggered out of the room.

Mo Leeshen closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead tiredly. What happened to him? Before Leh Zifei came back, he had wanted to take revenge, but when she stood in front of him, he felt scared.

Not long after that, the door of the room was knocked open. Jiang Hua, who was dressed in casual clothes, entered with the manager.

"Young Master Mo, Xiaowei …"

"You talk too much nonsense!" Mo Leeshen interrupted him and swept a sharp gaze across him. The manager was silent and hurriedly left.

Only two people were left. Jiang Hua no longer carried the bottle and sat on the sofa beside him. He took a sip of the liquor on the table and joked,

"I saw Xiaowei just now. She looked familiar, like I've seen her somewhere before."

"You can use this as an excuse to strike up a conversation with her!"

Mo Leeshen's voice was cold, his aura was cold, and his eyes were cold.

Jiang Hua secretly shrunk his neck and silently cursed. Crack. Men, continue acting. There will be a day when I regret my actions to your death!

"Did you call me here because of Jiang Xinyi's kidnapping of Leh Zifei?"

Jiang Hua asked with a serious expression.

"Ouyang Ze stopped working with Mo's. I have a batch of electronic components that need to be shipped to Zhou family port. Do you want to cooperate?"

Mo Leeshen didn't mention anything about Leh Zifei at all.

"Sure, but you'd better think about it. It won't be cheap." As a good brother, no matter what, his land transportation company would take advantage of this opportunity to screw over him!

"The cost of failure to deliver the goods on time is huge!" Mo Leeshen Bai glanced at him: "In the matter of framing Leh Zipei, Jiang Family has no way of escaping, sooner or later the Chamber of Commerce will send people to investigate, you need to make preparations early!"

"Heh …" Other than this surname, I have no relationship with Jiang Family at all. What I am least afraid of is that the Merchant Guild's headquarters will come and investigate! "

Jiang Hua laughed at himself. Jiang Zhengen had never treated him as his own son. It was the product of a woman. Since he never cared about her, why bother!

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