CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C14 Elevator Shock
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C14 Elevator Shock
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C14 Elevator Shock

"Just because you don't participate doesn't mean that he won't trap you. Be careful!"

"OK!" Jiang Hua was handsome and had a carefree look on his face, as if he wasn't worried at all.


Mo Leeshen didn't come home for the whole night, nor did he eat at the mansion the next morning. Leh Zifei was enjoying her meal, eating the breakfast leisurely, humming a small tune with a face full of satisfaction.

Mo Leeshen, who was in charge of managing the Mo's, caught sight of this scene through the monitor. He took out his phone and dialed Chenxiao's number.

Leh Zifei was just about to go to the security guards' place to strike up a good relationship with them so she could get the surveillance cameras, but she was scared half to death by Chenxiao, who suddenly appeared.

She wanted to punch him. He condemned Chenxiao with a stomp on his chest. In the end, he didn't do that and didn't need to make enemies like Jiang Xinyi, that idiot.

"Cough …" Miss Leh, young master wants you to finish lunch and deliver it to his office at 12 o'clock on time. Also, young master wants me to inform you that the Mo's elevator is broken and the CEO's office is on the 72nd floor. "

After Chenxiao finished, he slipped away quickly.

Leh Zifei frowned. She knew that Mo Leeshen was purposely making things difficult for them, so she guessed that the broken elevator must be an excuse.

72 levels … Even Mo Leeshen, who climbed up, only had half his life left.

Leh Zifei was now a woman whose life had gotten better. She could not fight back, and could only enjoy it!

The suffering in her body was certain. In her heart, she did not intend to be miserable!

After calming herself down, Leh Zifei went to the security room at the entrance. She tried her best to find a few topics to talk about and her saliva was lost as well. However, the security guard just ignored her from the beginning to the end, with the exception of "hmm." That's right, there was no other meaning to it.

Frustrated, Leh Zifei glanced at the clock hanging on the wall of the security room. It was almost ten o'clock and she still had to cook and bring food up the stairs. She could only leave unwillingly.

While she was busy in the kitchen, Chenxiao appeared in the security room. Leh Zifei's performance these two days didn't seem like she would chat with people. What did the security guards have here that she needed?

Leh Zifei's cooking speed was very fast. At 10: 40 AM, she picked up the thermal insulation bottle and got on the car prepared by Chenxiao, then headed towards Mo's.

Urging Leh Zifei along the way, the driver forcefully brought Leh Zifei to Mo's before 11: 10 PM.

After getting off the car, Leh Zifei's heart was filled with mixed feelings as she looked up at the Mo's Building which had become increasingly grand compared to five years ago.

She had only come to Mo's once. At that time, her father passed away, and she trusted in Mo Leeshen to treat her well for the rest of her life, so she came to Mo's to sign the share transfer agreement.

At that time, she firmly believed that she would be the happiest woman in the world. It was only when she woke up from her dream that she finally realized that everything was fate playing a huge joke on her.

It was just a wild thought on the part of the world!

To her, Mo Leeshen was just a hurdle on the road of life, a hurdle that was hard to cross!

As expected, Leh Zifei was successfully stopped at the reception desk.

"Young lady, you …"

"The driver of the Mo family is outside. If you doubt my identity, I'll give you a minute to ask!"

Leh Zifei knew that Mo Leeshen definitely wouldn't say hi to the front desk, so she cleverly told the driver to stay outside for 10 minutes before leaving. She knew that the Mo family's license plate was registered at the front desk.

Leh Zifei's calmness made the front desk not dare to ignore her. She went out and quickly came back in. She flipped through the small book and let Leh Zifei in.

Seeing Leh Zifei walking in the direction of the stairs, the front desk was puzzled. Their elevator was clearly broken, could it be that this young lady fainted?

Leh Zifei looked at the time. It was 11: 20 and it was the 72nd floor. No matter how amazing she was, it was impossible for her to climb all the way to the 1st floor in less than a minute.

Time out, then? Or do you want to sit in an elevator and climb the stairs?

Either way, they would be in trouble if they went up, so why did they have to suffer the pain of climbing these stairs!

Gritting her teeth, Leh Zifeiya steeled her heart and entered the employee elevator on the second floor. The elevator could only reach the 60th floor, while the upper levels could only be reached by the executive elevator and the executive elevator.

When the number of floors stopped at 60, Leh Zifei waited for a long time, but the elevator door didn't open on its own. She reached out to press the button to open the door.

At that moment, the elevator suddenly shook violently. Leh Zifei struggled to find a support, staggered, and fell down. The thermal container and the thermal container in her hand also tumbled out and scattered. The inside of the elevator was quickly filled with the fragrance of food as a heart-wrenching pain came from her ankle.

However, everything wasn't over yet. After a few sizzling sounds of electric currents, the lights in the elevator went out, and the elevator started to descend rapidly, becoming faster and faster. Leh Zifei had never encountered such a situation before.

She endured the pain and struggled to stand up. She quickly pressed down the buttons on every floor and moved to the corner with great difficulty. During that time, her head and armrest collided and she nearly fainted from the pain.

Finally, on an unknown floor, the elevator that was descending rapidly got stuck. Leh Zifei took out her phone and wanted to call for help, but she found that there was no signal.

Mo Leeshen, you want me dead so much!

At this moment, Leh Zifei's heart was in so much pain! Why was this world so cold and cruel to her? What had she done wrong?

Sticky liquid flowed across her face. It was warm and warm. Leh Zifei touched it, and by the light of her cellphone, she could clearly see that it was her blood. It was bright red!

Little Xiyan and Little Haoyu's cute appearances surfaced in her mind. They trotted over to her and called her, "Mommy, Mommy …"

"Baby ~" Leh Zifei whispered. She opened her arms and was about to hug the child in front of her.

She had children. The children needed her, and she could not fall down.

With one hand covering the wound on her forehead, the other knocking against the elevator wall repeatedly, hoping that someone would hear and know that there was someone trapped here to save her.

After waiting for a long time, time seemed to have returned to five years ago. That night when she was imprisoned in the small dark room in the Mo Mansion's backyard by Mo Leeshen, she repeatedly told him that she was pregnant with his child …

Leh Zifei, a person cannot indulge in the past pain, must look forward, must be strong!

Leh Zifei gritted her teeth as she told herself this in her heart. Mo Leeshen just wanted to torture her, he won't let her die here, so his Mo's will not fall into the vortex of public opinion!

As long as he persevered, he would be saved!

There was only the faint light of her cellphone in the small and dark space. It was a great comfort to Leh Zifei!

The tiny body curled up into a ball, saving her energy and waiting quietly!

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