CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C15 Save Her with Her Own Hands
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C15 Save Her with Her Own Hands
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C15 Save Her with Her Own Hands

On the 72nd floor, Mo Leeshen finally looked up from the pile of documents. He looked at the wristwatch in his hand. It was already one o'clock in the afternoon and he looked displeased. Leh Zifei was already an hour late!

He called Mo Mansion and got it from Wu Tie. He quickly got the news from the driver of Mo's that Leh Zifei had arrived at Mo's before twelve and reported it to Mo Leeshen.

On the other end of the phone, Mo Leeshen hung up, leaned back in the leather chair and closed his eyes.

The office was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. The man inside had an inexplicable feeling of hatred, helplessness, and the love that was subconsciously ignored. These three emotions intertwined with each other, causing one to feel anxious and irritated.

This stupid woman, did she really climb the stairs? When did she become so obedient?

Thinking about the arrogant attitude of Leh Zifei when she came back this time, Mo Leeshen, who was going to call Leh Zifei, paused. This was an opportunity to depress her spirit.

Time passed second by second. Mo Leeshen's face was gloomy as he participated in the afternoon meeting. The moment he came out of his office, the female secretary came up to him with a serious face. She jogged to keep up with him and whispered:

"CEO, I just received news. About three hours ago, an employee mistakenly entered elevator number 1 and was trapped between the 17th and 16th floor. The repair company has already contacted them and they are checking with their department …"

"You mean three hours ago?" Mo Leeshen suddenly stopped and swept his sharp gaze at the secretary.

It was now three in the afternoon. Three hours ago, it was about 12 o'clock …

"Yes …" "Yes, CEO!" Under Mo Leeshen's pressure, the female secretary trembled.

Before she finished stuttering, Mo Leeshen was already walking towards the elevator with a heavy atmosphere. The secretary was shocked, as if a storm was brewing.

Inside the elevator for the CEO use, Mo Leeshen pressed the button at level 17 and then dialed Zhe'ning's number: "I'll give you two minutes to find out if the person in the elevator is really Leh Zifei?"

Zhe'ning did not participate in the meeting just now. The public opinion was scary, Mo's could not kill people. After he contacted the rescue, he rushed to the security room to check on the surveillance.

When Mo Leeshen called, he had already figured out the identity of the person who entered the elevator. In his shock, he couldn't help but guess what would happen after the CEO found out.

Regardless of guessing or guessing, he didn't dare to slack off when he heard Mo Leeshen's words. He said in a solemn voice,

CEO, the elevator is indeed Miss Leh, and Miss Leh has been inside for more than three hours. The # 1 elevator has not been completely renovated, and the vent is still in a closed state. The structure of the Mo's floor, coupled with the current situation in the elevator as well as the high temperature weather, does not rule out the possibility of hypoxia and severe heat stroke.

"Du du ~" Before Zhe'ning could finish his sentence, Mo Leeshen hung up the phone. On the 17th floor's live surveillance screen, Mo Leeshen's figure appeared. Without further delay, Zhe'ning also rushed over.

Three hours, hypoxia, severe heatstroke, so...

These words made Mo Leeshen feel restless. However, he had already treated hatred as a habit, so how could he find the hidden bitterness in the depths of his heart?

Leh Zifei, you have yet to repay your sins, you can only die in my hands. Without my permission, even God cannot take your life!

On the 17th floor, elevator number one was filled with people. It was noisy and full of all sorts of emotions.

The moment Mo Leeshen appeared, the temperature outside the elevator plummeted and even the air became thinner. She stopped in front of a smiling female employee. Her eyes were sharp and sharp.

He asked coldly, "Are you happy to see someone suffer?"

Alone, in a small and dark confined space, the rescue was delayed. Leh Zifei, you must be scared, right?

"Total... CEO... "I …" The female staff was flustered and at a loss for words.

Mo Leeshen did not give her a chance: "You're fired! "Scram ~" The voice was not loud, but the killing intent that was emitted from its body made one feel as if they were dealing with death.

The female staff did not dare to plead on his behalf. With unwillingness, she staggered away.

The rest of the people scattered like frightened birds, leaving only the Security and Logistics Minister, as well as a few employees in security uniforms bowed towards Mo Leeshen to greet him.

"When will the rescue arrive?" Ignoring their greetings, he cut straight to the point.

The Minister of Security and the Minister of Logistics looked at each other and saw three words in each other's eyes: I don't know!

The two Division Ministers' silence angered Mo Leeshen. His eyes lit up as he roared:

"Why aren't you going to grab the tools to suffocate the people inside?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" "You two, hurry up and get it …"

The Security Minister felt his heart skip a beat. He signaled the two security guards to get the tools while he made a call to have the security personnel prepare the tools and deliver them to them. That way, he could gain some time.

Listening to his arrangement, Mo Leeshen still maintained his solemn and cold aura. However, his killing intent was not as strong as it was before.

Two minutes was very short, but to Mo Leeshen, it felt like a long century.

Just as he was about to go berserk again, the elevator that was operating normally opened with a ding sound. Zhe'ning and two security guards walked out with broken tools in their hands.

Mo Leeshen went up to the town himself while Zhe'ning and the Security Minister helped from the side. Together, they cut the metal plate in front of them, and the Logistics Minister called an ambulance.

Throwing away the tools in his hands, Mo Leeshen stuck his head into the endlessly cold elevator shaft. Three to four meters below him, it was like an elevator that got stuck.

His heart suddenly ached, and was quickly suppressed by the urge to save someone, disappearing without a trace.

"CEO, I'm going to cut open the top of the elevator and let it into the air to buy some time."

Zhe'ning had been watching Mo Leeshen's expression the whole time. After so many years of his special assistance, he knew what he wanted to do now. It was too dangerous.

"I'll go!" It was just two simple words, yet his tone was so impactful that it already showed Mo Leeshen's determination.

Zhe'ning knew that no matter what he said, it would be useless. He retreated and said: "Then I'll get someone to bring the safety line right away …"

"It's too late!" Mo Leeshen interrupted him, and circled the small cutter a few times around his body, making sure that things wouldn't fall down during his landing. Then he started to descend while holding onto the steel rope in the elevator shaft.

Zhe'ning found a flashlight and lit it up for him.

"Leh Zifei, can you hear me? Now step back to the elevator door, do you hear me? "Leh Zifei …"

Mo Leeshen repeated the process twice more before he started cutting. The ear-piercing sound of the cut and the sparks seemed to have given this cold and dark elevator well a sliver of life.

Leh Zifei felt dizzy, her head felt heavy, her chest felt stuffy, and she felt like she couldn't catch her breath.

Her phone had run out of battery. In the darkness, she suspected that she made a mistake. Mo Leeshen really dared to kill her at Mo's!

She felt that she had let down a pair of children. She felt that she had let down her brother, Ouyang Ze, and she was really sorry …

She had let down many people, and the cause of all this regret was all because of Mo Leeshen. She once loved him deeply, but now, she didn't know how to face such heartlessness. Men!

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