CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C16 Can't Save People's Hearts
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C16 Can't Save People's Hearts
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C16 Can't Save People's Hearts

On a July day, the Hua City was in the heat, the elevator malfunctioned, and the air conditioner stopped working.

The stuffy and stuffy atmosphere, coupled with the cold feeling coming from the bottom of his heart, made him feel as if he had lost the consciousness of the world.

After staying in the stuffy and airless environment for a long time, Leh Zifei was already suffering from heatstroke. The dishes scattered on the ground also emitted a sour smell due to the high temperature catalyzing her sense of smell.

A ray of hope flashed through Leh Zifei's heart, but it stopped after a short while. The world once again became silent and dark, filled with an aura of death. It mercilessly pressed down on the last string in her mind.

What a realistic illusion. Leh Zifei leaned against the wall of the elevator and opened her eyes.

In fact, opening and closing her eyes made the world look the same as black. Leh Zifei chuckled softly. In such a space, it was very strange!

"Leh Zifei, can you hear me …"

A faint sound came from above his head. It was Mo Leeshen's voice. It sounded familiar. He told himself to retreat to the elevator door.

Heh … Fantasy about a man who shouldn't have any hope!

Leh Zifei, oh Leh Zifei, you are disappointing!

Tears rolled down her face helplessly as she looked at her own sparkling tears. They brought along a blinding fiery light as they dripped down onto her heart. They were scorching and stinging, making it difficult for her to even breathe.

Was his life going to end like this? What about her children? Who will wash away my brother's wrongdoings?

Leh Zifei's heart ached so much that she couldn't take it anymore and fainted.

Mo Leeshen finally saw a vent and the rescue team arrived at that moment.

Zhe'ning told him to go up and leave the rest to the rescue personnel, so he didn't care about it. He continued to operate the cutting machine in his hand and directly cut a hole through the top of the elevator to allow him to jump down. After he used the dim light of the flashlight to determine Leh Zifei's position, he jumped down without caring about anything else.

The elevator shook, causing Zhe'ning and the others' hearts to leap into their throats. Luckily, the elevator didn't continue to descend, so he quickly ordered the rescue team to take action.

He frowned as he turned on the flashlight on his phone. Leh Zifei fainted in a corner of the elevator, surrounded by scattered food and soup. She was lying on the floor alone, looking messy and pathetic.

This scene made Mo Leeshen's breathing pause for a split-second. He couldn't bear it any longer, so he walked towards her, wanting to make sure that she was alright.

At this moment, the elevator that had regained its calmness shook violently for a while, then it quickly descended. Mo Leeshen felt nervous and didn't have much time to think, so he quickly crouched down and hugged Leh Zifei with one hand, the other hand tightly holding the elevator's handrail, in order to reduce the damage caused by falling from the elevator at high speed.

The elevator got stuck on the second floor after falling down. Luckily, there were two cartons in the middle. Other than Mo Leeshen having a bruise on his arm, the unconscious Leh Zifei in his arms was not affected at all.

Five minutes later, the elevator door was opened and Mo Leeshen hurriedly carried Leh Zifei out. The moment both of his feet stepped out of the elevator, the elevator went down again, directly landing on the bottom third floor. The loud sound echoed in the elevator well for a long time.

Mo Leeshen was too obsessed to care about cleanliness. He carried the equally rotten Leh Zifei in his arms, and under everyone's shit-like gazes, he got on the ambulance outside of Mo's and sped away. Meanwhile, Zhe'ning drove his car and gave chase!

Along the way, Zhe'ning cursed in his heart. The CEO was the worst. Although he loved her to death, he did not forgive her. Now that the girl was injured, the one feeling heartache was not him!

How depressing. Sexy!

After arriving at the hospital, Zhe'ning went through all the formalities tactfully. He was He Zicheng's special assistant, responsible for everything from the company to his private life.

Mo Leeshen followed behind Leh Zifei's stretcher with a face full of bitterness and hatred.

In the VIP ward, after the doctor once again checked and confirmed that Leh Zifei's condition was no longer in danger, he looked at Mo Leeshen and spoke to comfort him:

"Sir, your wife is out of danger. If nothing goes wrong, she can be discharged tomorrow afternoon. However, heat stroke can kill people, so you must be careful in the future. "Furthermore, her body is very weak and needs to be treated when she returns. She can't be too tired …"

After the doctor finished speaking, he saw that Mo Leeshen didn't have any reaction at all. He shook his head and left. He took a look at the two people's clothes and the rotten food on their bodies …

Every family had its own problems. He was a doctor, but he could only cure the illness, not the people's hearts!

The ward became quiet again. Mo Leeshen stood in front of the bed and fixed his gaze on Leh Zifei's pale face. He looked at her cracked lips and couldn't tell what it felt like.

Knowing that she was in danger, he rushed forward without a second thought. However, when everything settled, he regretted his impulses. This woman's heart was like a scorpion's, so he shouldn't have saved her!

At this moment, Mo Leeshen had to admit that he hadn't completely eliminated Leh Zifei from his heart. In his opinion, this was a crime. Despicable!

A dark storm was raging in Mo Leeshen's eyes. He took a big step towards the bed and reached out his hand to grab Leh Zifei's neck, slowly increasing his strength …

Leh Zifei was in a dream. She dreamt that she was back to the freshman year when Mo Leeshen came to pick her up at the airport. He was still not cold to her, but he took her luggage and luggage with concern.

As he turned to leave, she called out to him from behind. The young girl thought she was the most perfect smile, full of apprehension. She was going to confess to him.

She wanted to tell him that she came here to study in order to pursue him!

She wanted him to know that she wanted to be his wife.

She would give all her youth to this man.

However, when Mo Leeshen turned around, his face was no longer as cold and indifferent as she was familiar with. He was as handsome as he was.

It was the face of a demon, its black eyes glaring at her. The devil's hands were tightly clamped on her throat, and she wanted to scream for him to return her Leeshen.

However, her throat was in so much pain that she couldn't make a sound. She struggled desperately, and the suffocating fear made her widen her eyes …

Leh Zifei suddenly woke up. She realized with sorrow that all of this was not a dream. Other than Mo Leeshen's handsome face, everything else was just like a dream.

Leh Zifei's body was ice-cold and her heart was cold. Looking at Mo Leeshen's eyes, it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

Mo Leeshen was the demon that wanted her life! At this moment, he was clutching her throat, wanting to kill her!

Mo Leeshen suddenly woke up, frightened, he released his hand. He didn't dare to look her in the eye, so he left the ward as if he was escaping. The door shook a few times from his fall, making a loud banging sound, it was on the verge of collapse.

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