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C17 Acuteness

The influx of fresh air made Leh Zifei cough violently. There was a sweet and fishy taste in her throat as the corners of her mouth curled up bitterly. After this experience, she no longer held any hope for Mo Leeshen.

He didn't have the ability to find out, so he blamed it all on her. Carrying the blame for so many years, she was obviously doing nothing but hiding abroad, not only unable to meet her family and friends, but they were also implicated by her as well. Such days, she had had had enough of them!

Determination flashed across Leh Zifei's lowered head.

There were very few people that passed through the safety exit of the hospital. Mo Leeshen walked in, closed the safety gate, leaned against the banister, and looked through the window in the corridor into the distance.

He had almost accidentally killed Leh Zifei just now. He was terrified, not because he was afraid of killing, but because after waking up, he actually hated his actions just now.

She was clearly a damnable woman. Even if he killed her, it would only be acting on behalf of the heavens. Why, why would she have such feelings?

He took out a cigarette from his bag, lit it up, and inhaled deeply, puffing out clouds of smoke. It seemed that this way, all his troubles would disappear along with the smoke.

He purposely ignored the things that he didn't want to admit to. Mo Leeshen's handsome face was frozen and his aura was cold. His whole body was emitting an aura that no one else was allowed to enter.

Occasionally, there would be people who wanted to go down from the safety of the passageway. However, when they saw him standing there like a supreme deity with a deathly aura akin to that of an Asura from hell, they would subconsciously change the route while trembling in fear.

Mo Leeshen didn't notice all of this. After smoking a few cigarettes consecutively, he noticed that the cigarettes in the cigarette box were all smoked by him. A hint of annoyance flashed across his eyes.

Ye Zichen scratched his head in annoyance, took a deep breath and returned to the ward with cold air all over his body.

The nurse was in the middle of pulling out the infusion needle for Leh Zifei. When she saw the tall and handsome man come in, she became obsessed with him for the whole afternoon. Her hands trembled, and at the same time, the needle was pulled out.

Mo Leeshen's eyes darkened and he almost yelled at the nurse. Luckily, he managed to control his emotions at the last moment.

It was impossible for him and Leh Zifei to coexist in a caring manner. The only reason he saved her was to torture her with his own hands. This little blood was simply not enough to repay her one ten thousandth of her sin back then.

Thinking about that, the aura on Mo Leeshen became colder and colder.

The nurse could clearly feel the change in Mo Leeshen's aura. She thought that her mistake had annoyed the president, who had an extraordinary status. She quickly stopped the bleeding as if she had fallen into an icehouse.

Leh Zifei knew clearly from the bottom of her heart that Mo Leeshen couldn't be angry because the nurse accidentally hurt her. On the other hand, this nurse was implicated by him and was affected by Mo Leeshen's cold air.

"It's just a little bit of blood. It's fine, don't be in such a hurry." Also, ask someone to fix that door later. "

Leh Zifei couldn't help but comfort the nurse when she saw that the nurse was so nervous that she looked like she was about to cry.

After what she said, although the hospital room was still freezing cold due to Mo Leeshen's presence, the nurse's expression had at least eased up a bit. She nodded and quickly treated Leh Zifei's wound before leaving.

There were only two people left in the ward. Mo Leeshen walked to the bed and stood by it: "You sure know how to comfort people!"

The words of praise were said with a tone of ridicule and with a face full of contempt. What would it be like to listen?

"Thank you!" Leh Zifei stared back at him without fear. Her voice was light and her face was full of smiles.

Mo Leeshen was deeply stabbed by her laughter and cheerful tone. While saying that, he clenched his fist tightly. He tried his best to restrain his urge to hit a woman, nearly gnashing his teeth in anger:

"Leh Zifei, it is enough for you to be so shameless. That's too cheap! "

"Haha …" However, Leh Zifei laughed when she heard what he said. She looked at him with a gaze full of ignorance and naivety. It was best for her to arouse the anger of a man the most at this moment.

"Young Master Mo is really hard to figure out. The first sentence was a compliment, but the next moment, he said something so hurtful. Are all people in the Merchant Sea like you?" Changing forms!

Leh Zifei's hidden needles, every word was sharp, coupled with her relaxed expression and feigned ignorance, it successfully ignited Mo Leeshen's anger.

"Is it like me? Shouldn't you know better than that? "Can't you understand that Liu Zhiyan is by himself?"

With these words, he lowered his body and closed the distance between him and Leh Zifei.

Leh Zifei didn't avoid him. She didn't hesitate to maintain her position on the bed, unafraid to look him in the eye.

A strong masculine aura enveloped her in an instant. It was both familiar and unfamiliar, bringing with it a desolate and changing atmosphere, causing people to be at a loss as to what was happening.

A beautiful, waveless appearance could clearly be gentle like jade, but she insisted on being a natural freezer!

"Young Master Mo, what do you think, what is it!"

Her tone was indifferent and her expression was cold. She only explained to those who believed that she would care about it, that there was no one called Mo Leeshen among them!

Back then, he was sure that Liu Zhiyan and he had a feud. Five years had passed and he was still holding on to his leg. He was' magnanimous' enough!

"Leh Zifei!" Finally unable to suppress his emotions, Mo Leeshen grabbed her by the throat and hatefully said, "Don't think that I'm afraid to kill you. Killing someone and trying to flatten it out is not a difficult thing for me."

Facing the murderous man, her face turned red. fruit. Leh Zifei's expression did not change even though her throat was in pain and her breathing had started to become difficult. She chuckled.

"Of course Young Master Mo has the ability. I have long since thought about that …" Five years ago, there was still … Experience... "We're here.

He just didn't expect that he would pinch her again so quickly!

Mo Leeshen slowly increased his strength. Leh Zifei's breathing ability was completely taken away while her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed over. Mo Leeshen admired this scene and covered his lips with them. By the side, a soft laugh rang out. Her posture was like the murmurs of a lover. Yet, the words she said made one feel as if they were in hell:

"Is it painful? Leh Zifei, everything is just the beginning. This kind of pain, will be much worse in the future! You know what? Watching you struggle is my greatest pleasure! I will keep you alive, torture you slowly, and make sure you don't die. Accompany me to continue this game, and use this as a condition to save your brother.

At this moment, Mo Leeshen was undoubtedly shameless. Leh Zifei had already cursed him in her heart, but she could only helplessly bear it in silence.

Before she completely suffocated, a flash of disgust appeared in Mo Leeshen's eyes. He let go of her hand, turned around and quickly left the ward. He was like a virus like Leh Zifei.

Leh Zifei sighed from the bottom of her heart. There had been so many happy times between her and Mo Leeshen.

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