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C19 Obey

"Also, I hate being cheated, especially by a disgusting woman like you. If you dare to contact Ouyang Ze again, I will have someone take good care of your brother! Right, I almost forgot to tell you. I just received news that your brother has been officially arrested. His future fate is in the hands of your good sister! "

Seeing that Leh Zifei's expression changed, the corner of Mo Leeshen's mouth curled up as he arrogantly spoke. As long as it was something that could make Leh Zifei unhappy, he would not be tired!

"I promise, without your permission, I will never contact Ouyang Ze again!"

At that moment, Leh Zifei could clearly hear something shattering from the bottom of her heart. At that moment, her heart was in pain.

She couldn't tell if it was because of her brother's suffering, the helplessness of not being able to meet with Ouyang Ze, or Mo Leeshen's relentless pressure …

"Very well, I don't have that much patience. Since I've made a decision, I shall abide by it. It won't be as simple as this time!" Mo Leeshen Yin's eyes stared at her, making people fear from the bottom of their hearts.

"I promise! It definitely won't happen again. " Leh Zifei endured the trembling of her soul, her voice firm.

"I paid for the medical fees, remember to pay me back!" He wouldn't spend a dime on her.

"Yes." If she wasn't the main character, Leh Zifei thought, she would laugh out loud because of those words. But since the main character was her, then those words would have the effect of hastening her tears.

Her heart was in pain and her eyes were sore. The moment Mo Leeshen left the room, Leh Zifei's tears finally broke the dam.

Before returning home, she had held onto a glimmer of hope, but after coming back, Mo Leeshen extinguished the fire of hope time and time again. This kind of feeling where even breathing would make her heart ache made her feel despair from the depths of her soul.

Logic told Leh Zifei that she should let go of everything. However, the beauty of the past had caused her to work again and again. To be humiliated by Mo Leeshen. Stigma and mockery.

The moment Mo Leeshen left the ward, Zhe'ning came up to him, "CEO, you should go and bandage him. Wounds in this weather are easy to get infected."

When Mo Leeshen saved Leh Zifei, his arm was injured. Although it was not a serious injury, it was not light either.

"Yes." Mo Leeshen nodded. Facing Leh Zifei's anger, he forgot about the pain on his arm. He clearly felt the burning pain on his arm. If he didn't treat the wound after being in the water, it would be troublesome.

Mo Leeshen didn't really like being in contact with the opposite sex. All the nurses were women, so Zhe'ning personally bandaged him up. The nurses sneaked a peek at the two of them and wondered what kind of relationship they had with each other.

After taking care of his wounds, Mo Leeshen returned to the ward and sat on the sofa outside. His irritation made him addicted to smoking. He reached out his hand to touch but found that there was no more smoke, so he remembered that he finished smoking in the corridor.

Leh Zifei frowned in displeasure. Her actions had completely messed up his entire life.

Looking at his watch, it was already 7 PM. Mo Leeshen frowned, stood up and left the hospital and returned to Di Jing.

The next day, when she woke up, it was already close to 9 o'clock. When she woke up, a doctor came to check her room and then a nurse hung her up. When the nurse went out, Chenxiao came in with a thermos in his hand.

"Miss Leh, here's your breakfast." Chenxiao put down the table and opened the thermal insulation box. There were four steamed buns, a bowl of porridge, and an egg.

It was a very simple style and a very familiar taste, yet it made Leh Zifei almost lose control of her emotions. This breakfast was something that Aunt Wu from Mo Mansion cooked every morning, and during her years at the Mo family, she ate it almost every morning, never growing tired of it.

What did Mo Leeshen want to do?

He was heartless to himself, saying hurtful words and doing heartless things. At the same time, he also remembered his preferences and took care of them in his daily life.

He liked it so much. You want to mess with me?

"I'm not hungry, I don't want to eat." Leh Zifei's tone was harsh and her expression was cold.

Chenxiao had expected her to say this: "Miss Leh, the Young Master said, I hope you remember what you said last night, so I'll be leaving first."

Chenxiao turned around and left, leaving only Leh Zifei in the room. In the warm room, Leh Zifei felt an unprecedented coldness. Mo Leeshen, you are despicable to such an extent that you even want to play with your feelings. What should he do?

A bone-piercing coldness caused Leh Zifei to scream in alarm inside her heart. She and Mo Leeshen really couldn't go back in time. Since they wanted to play, she wasn't someone who couldn't afford to!


Mo Leeshen did not appear after a day. Leh Zifei suggested leaving the hospital, but was told that Mo Leeshen had already told the doctor that he would be leaving the hospital tomorrow. Feeling bored, she wandered around the hospital in her hospital gown.

The disease of the body is unhealthy can be saved, but what about the heart, if the heart is tired, what should be done?

That night, Leh Zifei lay on the hospital bed, thinking about this unsolvable problem. After waves of sleepiness, she finally fell asleep.

Late at night, the door to the ward was opened. A figure approached Leh Zifei's sickbed from the darkness and stood in front of it for a long time. After a while, she pulled a chair over and sat down.

Leh Zifei slept very early that night and woke up before 5 o'clock the next morning. Her body under the blanket moved and she immediately felt something was amiss.

She opened her eyes. It was still early in the morning and everything was grey, so she couldn't see it clearly. However, she was still able to recognize at a glance that the person sleeping on the chair in front of her bed was Mo Leeshen!

Leh Zifei was confused. It was really hard for her to understand the reason behind Mo Leeshen's actions.

As if he felt that someone was spying on him, the man in the darkness frowned and subconsciously tightened his hands.

Leh Zifei's hand was pinched so hard by his hand that it hurt, but she held back from making a single sound. She took a few deep breaths to suppress the emotions in her heart, then closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Mo Leeshen, do you only dare to treat me affectionately in the middle of the night that no one knows about, or what?

Leh Zifei had her eyes closed, but was completely awake. Mo Leeshen woke up at 7 o'clock. When he saw the scene in front of him, he saw that his hand was grabbing onto Leh Zifei's hand.

He was extremely tired last night. He just wanted to lean on the bed for a while, but he fell asleep right away. He even woke up in the same position as Leh Zifei.

He stared at the person on the bed with a dim light flashing in his eyes. Leh Zifei knew that he had woken up and was staring at him. Her heart was beating rapidly, and her palms that had been released were wet with sweat.

Mo Leeshen saw this action subconsciously. He even suspected that Leh Zifei let him hold her hand when he was asleep.

"It's such a waste that you don't want to be an actor!"

Mo Leeshen said coldly.

Leh Zifei opened her eyes and looked at him. Her eyes were clear and her expression was calm.

"What does Young Master Mo mean by this?"

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