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C2 Divorce

Please come to Gu Zhanfei, there will be no marriage that cannot be divorced, no marriage that will suffer a loss!

But she really didn't want to let go of his hand! She clearly didn't do anything …

"Cough …" "Miss Leh, what Young Master Mo means is, you should go out to clean up!"

Looking at this delicate and beautiful woman in front of him, Gu Zhanfei felt pity in his heart, but it was only for an instant. There were too many pitiful people in this world, so his sympathy was already insufficient.

With a resolute heart, he took out the divorce agreement from his briefcase and handed it to Leh Zifei.

Unexpectedly, Leh Zifei didn't hesitate at all as she directly received the agreement.

However, the next moment, Gu Zhanfei only felt his vision blur. With a ripping sound, the divorce agreement was completely torn apart by her.

Leh Zifei was agitated. Her eyes were bloodshot and her eyes were filled with tears. Her hands tightly gripped the piece of paper that was about to take her life. Her chest heaved up and down violently as she choked with sobs. Her attitude was resolute and decisive.

"I won't get a divorce, definitely! Right! No! "Yes!"

Gu Zhanfei subconsciously looked at Mo Leeshen. With a look, the bodyguard behind him immediately handed him two documents respectfully. He walked towards Leh Zifei and his voice became gentle and gentle.

"Fei, this is Zirann's notice about being expelled from the University of Pennsylvania. Take it, take a good look at it, it doesn't matter if the contract is torn, I still have a backup. If you're happy, sign it, just give me a chance to think about what to do next!"

His voice was so gentle that it could almost drip water, but the words he said caused her to feel cold from head to toe.

At this moment, she clearly understood that the man in such close proximity to her, the distance between their hearts, was really that far.

After many years of dreams, once the dynasty was destroyed, the beautiful, blissful palace collapsed right in front of her!

She looked at him with complicated and unfamiliar emotions in her eyes. Mo Leeshen touched her head intimately and smiled, bewitching all living things.

"Alright, Fei, don't look at me with such reluctant eyes. In the future, we will have so many opportunities to meet!"

Threats, this was a blatant threat! However, Leh Zifei was clear that he had the ability to do so to her!

The hand that touched her hair made her scalp tingle and her heart go cold.

She was his wife who had slept in the same bed for nearly two years. How could a person be so heartless?

Brother can't do business while in politics, Leh Family's company had all transitioned into Mo Leeshen's name when Father passed away. Back then, she was the one who voluntarily proposed for the legal person and shares to be written in Mo Leeshen's name, but now …

With nothing left, how could she contend against him?

It was all her fault!

"Alright, I'll sign it!" Taking a deep breath, Leh Zifei suppressed the hopelessness in her heart. She could clearly hear something shattering in her heart. It was so clear and so sharp.

Zirann was already like this and couldn't implicate her brother anymore. Her brother was in the political world and if Mo Leeshen tried to play tricks, she was worried that her brother would lose his innocence and even be imprisoned.

Clenching her fists, her nails dug deep into her palms. Her numb heart felt no pain. She flashed a bright smile at him, but her tears began to fall in droplets!

Mo Leeshen, it's over between us!

Thank you, for bringing me to heaven, and for letting me fall from heaven to hell.

I will learn to let you disappear from my world, let this broken heart full of holes by you, no longer have your Mo Leeshen's position!

Gu Zhanfei rubbed his nose and took out a pen from his briefcase. Leh Zifei took it and looked at the long signed agreement with the three words: Mo Leeshen. She smiled desolately. He was really impatient!

After signing, Gu Zhanfei kept the documents and nodded to the two and left quickly.

Mo Leeshen swept a merciless gaze at Leh Zifei.

"I've already informed the Civil Affairs Bureau. They will send the divorce certificate over tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, take everything you have and get out of the Mo family!"

Her ice-cold tone and indifferent attitude deeply stung Leh Zifei. She almost broke down and couldn't help but ask herself, "Leh Zifei, why did you become so blind all these years?"

"Alright!" Taking a deep breath, she didn't back down in the slightest.

Sixth Uncle watched from the side and could only be anxious.

When Mo Leeshen entered the ward, Sixth Uncle wanted to go up and say a few words of comfort, but Mo Leeshen's stern warning came from behind: "Sixth Uncle, don't forget your identity!"

Leh Zifei smiled at Sixth Uncle, "Sixth Uncle, go on in. Grandpa needs your care."

She thought, this should be the last time she'll call him Grandpa Mo Jianguo, and she won't call him that again. Plus, even if she wants to, Mo Leeshen won't allow it!


After leaving the hospital, Leh Zifei stopped a taxi by the side of the road. After a long time, she sadly found that it was 2 in the morning. Even the taxi was being taken away, should she walk back?

He subconsciously touched his lower abdomen. Inside, there was Mo Leeshen's bone and blood. Child, can mom still have you?

The sound of brakes could be heard. Leh Zifei turned her head, and a black Bentley stopped by her side. The window rolled down, revealing the face of a middle-aged man.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Liu?" Liu Zhiyan, the chairman of AL, was Mo Leeshen's rival in the shopping mall. He would not look for him for no reason.

"In the middle of the night, Miss Leh was out alone. I was worried about your safety." Liu Zhiyan said sincerely.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first!" Leh Zifei turned around and walked away. She wasn't stupid. Since Liu Zhiyan had spoken, she knew that he already knew about Mo Leeshen's divorce.

She was already in a sorry state. She did not want to continue being humiliated by others.

"Don't you want to know the real reason behind Mo Leeshen's divorce?"

Behind her, Liu Zhiyan was still as calm as ever. His voice was calm and steady, as if he was determined to win this conversation.

Sure enough, after she said that, Leh Zifei's footsteps paused. After a while, she turned around and walked back. Her eyes were staring straight at Liu Zhiyan and her words were sharp:

"You're right, I don't want to know, not at all! "Furthermore, this is a matter between Mo Leeshen and I. Let me advise you, don't extend your hand too long. There won't be a good result if you do that!"

Then, she turned around and walked away. Her appearance was extremely relaxed, if one ignored the tears after she turned around!

"Chairman, what should we do next?" Zhou Yun said. Originally, they wanted to get close to Leh Zifei to make Mo Leeshen more suspicious of her, but Leh Zifei's attitude...

"Hehe …" Do you think Mo Leeshen would not arrange people to follow his little wife? The contact he had with Leh Zifei just now was enough to dispel his final doubts, that person in Ouyang Family should be satisfied … "Go back, come out in the middle of the night, it's tiring!"

While speaking, Liu Zhiyan stretched lazily and closed his eyes lazily, covering up the calculating look in his eyes.


Leh Zifei originally wanted to walk back to the villa, but her maternal instincts made her afraid of the child in her womb. After a long period of hesitation, she still dialed Ouyang Ze's number.

"Fei?" On the other end of the phone, Leh Zifei was at a loss as to what to say when she heard Ouyang Ze's worried voice. Mo Leeshen went to look for Gu Zhanfei because of him.

"Ouyang Ziyun, I'm at the bus stop at the east side of the World Trade Organization. Can you pick me up?" Leh Zifei raised her head to look around to confirm her position.

"Okay, give me twenty minutes." Ouyang Ze did not hesitate at all. Towards Leh Zifei, he would never refuse her!


After hanging up, Leh Zifei walked to the bus stop and leaned on the stop sign. She stared blankly at the desolate city.

Under the dim yellow street light, she saw her own shadow, slender and lonely, the cold wind at midnight gave her goosebumps. She thought, ever since she was born, this was the first time she was in such a sorry state.

Mo Leeshen had clearly said that he would not let him off!

He had clearly done nothing, but he had to endure his boundless rage and the hatred he had forced upon himself!

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