CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C20 It Was Just That He Was at a Loss at the Time
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C20 It Was Just That He Was at a Loss at the Time
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C20 It Was Just That He Was at a Loss at the Time

"What do you mean?" Mo Leeshen sneered, "Leh Zifei, can you find another scheming woman like you?"

"Humph!" Mo Leeshen had already confirmed Leh Zifei's guilt in his heart. He sneered and left with an icy cold aura.

Leh Zifei thought for a long time, but still couldn't understand the meaning of his words. She decided to stop thinking about it and got up to clean herself up. After the doctors checked the room, Zhe'ning helped her complete the discharge procedures and then sent her back to Mo Mansion.

Leh Zifei knew that it wasn't that Mo Leeshen was kind and considerate for her, but rather that he secretly contacted Ouyang Ze to prevent her from disobeying his wishes.

Sometimes, she really couldn't understand why Ouyang Ze, who had grown up together with her, would be such a warm and jade-like man. And he, no matter if it was before or now, was inextricably linked to being gentle.

There was nothing to say along the way. When they reached the Mo Mansion, Zhe'ning couldn't help but ask:

"Miss Leh, the CEO was only blinded by some superficial knowledge. One day, he will understand your good intentions."

"Zhe'ning, I know I'm good enough. I don't need anyone to understand, especially him!"

Leh Zifei left without looking back and entered the villa.

Zhe'ning took a deep breath. This was all he could do. There was no way for the CEO to get out of this dead end!


After returning to the Mo Mansion, Leh Zifei was already prepared to be made even more difficult by Mo Leeshen. However, what was unexpected was that in the following week, Mo Leeshen did not even make a phone call, let alone return to the Mo Mansion.

The first few days, Leh Zifei was nervously making preparations to be challenged at any time. After a while, she also slacked off and put all her focus on the security room at the door.

After changing the security guards for three years, the words Leh Zifei were taboo in Mo Mansion. No one dared to mention that these security guards didn't know that Leh Zifei was Mo Leeshen's ex-wife.

After a few days of hard work, Leh Zifei finally got to know the security guards well and successfully took the first step towards getting the surveillance videos from that year.

However, Mo Leeshen, who had not received any news for a week, had returned at this moment. Leh Zifei's plan had to be temporarily put on hold. She comforted herself that there was nothing to be angry about.

In the living room, Mo Leeshen was filled with killing intent. When he saw Leh Zifei walk into the living room, his aura became colder and colder.

"I'm hungry, go cook!" There was no other sound except cold or cold.

"Yes, Young Master Mo!" But what would you like to eat? " Leh Zifei did not forget Mo Leeshen's warning to her. She must learn to say yes to his orders!

"Do whatever you want until I'm satisfied!" It was the same reply as last time, except that he didn't catch his breath.

Mo Leeshen leaned lazily on the sofa and crossed his legs. His right index finger tapped on his knee rhythmically, one by one, against Leh Zifei's heart.

"Sure, please wait a moment, Young Master Mo!" Leh Zifei respectfully and properly smiled and then entered the kitchen. It was precisely as she replied: Smile inside your heart!

Mo Leeshen watched her figure disappear at the kitchen door. His dark eyes were deep, making it hard for people to guess what he was thinking.

The meal took Leh Zifei 4 hours to finish. There were no less than 20 dishes and the tables were already filled. Chenxiao even called the garden to send fresh vegetables over for her to choose from. Mo Leeshen was still frowning with a look of dislike on his face.

F * ck! Even serving the ancestors was not as troublesome as him!

Although Leh Zifei was mentally prepared for Mo Leeshen to make things difficult for her, she was still furious and almost lost control over it.

"Young Master Mo, can you tell me a little bit, what exactly do you want to eat?"

Leh Zifei could clearly hear her teeth chattering.

Mo Leeshen raised his eyebrows and looked at her: "If I had an appetite, do you think I would make you cook so many dishes?"

Leh Zifei was dumbfounded, so what did he mean by that?

Mo Leeshen stood up and went upstairs. The entire table was filled with dishes, but he had never touched them at all.

"I hate it when people waste my food the most. Since you have the strength to do so much, it would be best for you to eat them as much as you can!"

"What?" How could I possibly finish it? " Leh Zifei was stupefied. She stared at Mo Leeshen, but he only gave her a cool and clean view of his back. He turned his head to look at the dining table full of dishes. How was he going to deal with this?

Chenxiao and Mo Leeshen entered the study on the second floor and walked into the living room.

"Miss Leh, Young Master means for you to eat as much as you can, but not all of it."

"So I can eat as much as I want?" Leh Zifei's words were very ambiguous. It sounded like a hungry man who hadn't eaten in a long time. Chenxiao's mouth twitched, then he nodded.

He was not a witness and had no right to judge what had happened five years ago. However, he was clear on one thing, deep in his heart, his young master did not want to get along with Miss Leh. It was just that the gap between them was too big.

The Young Master was already used to suppressing the true thoughts in his heart. After a long time, perhaps even he himself did not know which life it was that he wanted to live.

This sentiment could be turned into reminiscence, but at the time, it was already perplexed. In reality, not only was he perplexed at the time, even afterwards, he was also perplexed.

In the torrent of time, they have long lost themselves, do not know where to go, and do not know the way back.


In the Ouyang Family study room, the atmosphere was tense. Ouyang Ze stood in front of the desk like a statue, determined and resolute. Ouyang Chengen leaned against the leather chair, gasping for breath while Kong Yun placed a hand on his chest. He moved forward nonstop to pacify the other party.

"I say, what are you two doing?" "What do you mean you can't say it properly? You have to argue like this. Ah Ze, you're really something. Your father's heart was originally not well, and you're still angering him …"

These father and son duo had been getting more and more conflicted lately. Kong Yun was also worried sick of this.

Now that the Leh Family was broken, Leh Zipei was in prison and Leh Zirann was unable to do anything even if she was a celebrity. Leh Zifei was also resented by Mo Leeshen, so she didn't want her only son to enter this muddy water out of selfishness.

Although Leh Zifei was indeed a good girl, after all, there was a relationship with the Mo family's brat. Ah Ze and the Mo family's brat were good brothers that they grew up together, and the brother's wife, even their ex-wife, couldn't be touched. How could Leh Zifei step into Ouyang Family?

"Dad, mom, you all know clearly that Fei is a good girl. She has suffered so much all these years. As people who have watched her grow up, do you all really have the heart to let her live under Mo Leeshen's demonic claws?"

Ouyang Ze's tone was heavy, and the atmosphere in the study room froze for a moment. Ouyang Chengen and Kong Yun couldn't bear Leh Zifei's situation anymore, but other than feeling regret, there was nothing they could do.

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