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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C3 I Want to Go to E Country
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C3 I Want to Go to E Country

Leh Zifei's gaze fell upon the license plate and the license plate, but it was not Ouyang Shuo's car!

The woman in the red dress got out of the car and confirmed her thoughts.

Jiang Xinyi, Jiang Family Eldest Miss, her former good friend and love rival!

"Mrs. Mo? Oh, no, now I should call you... Miss Leh! How was it? Being abandoned by Leeshen was very uncomfortable, right? If you feel bad, you have to say it, or cry! In any case, you're already a joke, so it doesn't matter anymore! "

She had been waiting for this day for a long time. From the moment Leh Zifei and Mo Leeshen were engaged, she had been glaring at Leh Zifei and swore that she would break them apart!

However, Ah Shen was too smart, all of her tricks had been exposed by him, and he even warned her not to think too much, otherwise, he wouldn't let her off! She couldn't understand why Ah Shen would defend this woman like that.

The heavens were truly enlightened. She didn't even need to do anything, this woman was already courting death. She actually betrayed Leeshen and even poisoned the old man!

The word 'abandoned' pierced Leh Zifei's heart. She was once a good friend and once a lover. Yet, she treated her as an enemy. What had she done wrong?

Mo Leeshen, if I didn't fall in love with you, would all of this have happened?

Was it a mistake to fall in love with you? Being with you is even more wrong?

"You're right, I was indeed abandoned by Mo Leeshen. However, before I was abandoned by him, at least I owned him in one piece." And you, Jiang Xinyi, will always live in your own imagination, and even if you call him Leeshen affectionately, in reality he won't even look at you! Now that you have shown off your power in front of me, what are you relying on to deceive yourself? "

Leh Zifei was normally gentle and amiable, but when she was sharp, she was unforgiving!

"You …" Jiang Xinyi was rendered speechless by her obstruction. The woman who was the center of attention had a flushed face and was extremely embarrassed and annoyed.

"Leh Zifei, don't be complacent, do you think that old cunning fox Liu Zhiyan is truly cooperating with you? "You are no longer of any use now. He will not care about you. Leeshen will definitely make it impossible for you to live!"

"I think you're crazy!" Leh Zifei frowned and walked to the side of the platform. What does this have to do with Liu Zhiyan? Thinking about how Liu Zhiyan came to find her outside the hospital, she didn't have much to talk to him about!

"Leh Zifei, stop right there. Why are you running before I finish!" Jiang Xinyi saw that Leh Zifei was ignoring her, and her anger rose from her heart. She grabbed Leh Zifei's arm, not letting go of her!

"Let go!" Leh Zifei was infuriated. Was this person not going to forgive her?

She flung her arms in an attempt to break free from Jiang Xinyi's grasp. However, Jiang Xinyi was determined not to let go. After a few tugs, Jiang Xinyi suddenly slipped. Leh Zifei's body fell backwards due to inertia.

"Ah ~ ~" At this moment, she was facing the platform, and behind her was the road. There was a huge step between the road and the platform, which was extremely dangerous for Leh Zifei who was pregnant.

In a split-second, the sound of the brakes pierced through the night sky. A silver Maserati arrived at an extremely fast speed, and before the car had completely stopped, the door was opened. A figure rushed out from inside and pulled her into his arms before Leh Zifei could fall.

Leh Zifei's heart was beating rapidly in his arms. She was still in a state of shock, her face pale and drenched in cold sweat.

At that moment, she deeply felt that she couldn't divorce the child in her womb. Even though this child was closely related to Mo Leeshen, she would face endless trouble if she gave birth to him. She didn't care, she just wanted the child to come to this world safely and grow up smoothly!

"Fei, how are you? It's okay, don't be afraid! "

Ouyang Ze saw that her face was too pale and her eyes were filled with fear. He felt pain in his heart. Had he done wrong to help Mo Leeshen get divorced? However, even if he did not interfere, with Mo Leeshen's ability, the result would still be like this!

"..." I'm fine. Ouyang, send me back! "

Leh Zifei completely understood that if she wanted her child to be safe, she had to leave the Mo family and go to a place where Mo Leeshen and his henchmen couldn't find her!

"Alright!" Ouyang Ze straightened her body and carefully watched her every move. It wasn't until she got in the car that she turned her gaze to Jiang Xinyi. The gentle person instantly became stern:

"Jiang Xinyi, confirm your identity. Otherwise, even if it's Jiang Family, it won't be enough to protect you!"

This was definitely not a threat. Within the Yu Country, if the eldest son of the Ouyang Family wanted to deal with a mere young lady of the Jiang Family, it would absolutely be effortless!

Jiang Xinyi opened her mouth, but realized that it was difficult for her to utter a single word of excuse!

She really didn't mean to.

Even when Ouyang Ze's car left, she still stood at the same place for a long time …

In the car, Ouyang Ze kept his eyes on Leh Zifei who was sitting in the backseat. Seeing that her face was getting better, he finally felt relieved.

"Ouyang, can you help me leave?"

Leh Zifei suddenly raised her head and met his gaze through the rearview mirror, her eyes full of pleading.

"Leave?" "Leave?" Ouyang Ze repeated. Did she leave Mo Leeshen or something?

"I want to go to E Nation …"

Ouyang Ze was shocked!


After sending Leh Zifei back to the Mo family, Ouyang Ze confirmed: "Fei, have you really decided? Even if you stay, I can still protect you! "

However, Leh Zifei only shook her head. She was clear about his ability, but Mo Leeshen was his good brother after all. She didn't want to become the barrier between them!

Moreover, there was nothing left to yearn for in this city!

"If possible, help me look after Zirann. Mo Leeshen let her drop out from the University of Pennsylvania. I'm very worried."

"Alright!" To her, he would only agree!

It was just one simple word, and it had the power to make her feel at ease.

"It's getting late, you should go back quickly. I have to pack up too!"

With a smirk, Leh Zifei turned around and walked into the mansion.

His heart ached from her smile, which was uglier than crying. He knew that the vivacious Fei would probably never come back!

On the way back, Ouyang Ze's car and Mo Leeshen met. At this moment, he was very unhappy with this guy, since he didn't signal with his whistle like before. The lights intersected and the two cars quickly separated, heading towards their respective villas!

Ouyang Ze didn't care about the two black Mercedes-Benz behind Mo Leeshen!


Leh Zifei was very tired. She was so tired that she wanted to fall asleep on the spot. However, Mo Leeshen would not pity her anymore and would not give her time to clean up.

He called Leh Zirann forcefully dragged his tired body, told her that he wouldn't be able to meet his brother in the future, and also told Ouyang Ze to help her. No matter what happens in the future, she must live with a strong and optimistic life!

Only by surviving would there be hope!

Leh Zirann felt something was amiss from Leh Zifei's words. She asked repeatedly over the phone, but Leh Zifei had gritted her teeth the whole time, not revealing even the slightest bit of her current sorry state!

After finishing her conversation, Leh Zifei packed up some things that were necessary. Among them was a photo of Mo Leeshen that she secretly took. He didn't like to take pictures, it was the only photo of the two of them apart from the wedding photo.

In the photo, Mo Leeshen was looking at another direction with books in his arms, while she was looking at the camera with a sweet smile. It was obvious that she had secretly taken the photo, and she had even wittily asked him to be her background.

He sighed and was about to put the photo in his suitcase when the bedroom door was kicked open with a bang!

Turning around in fright, he saw Mo Leeshen standing at the door with a gloomy face. Behind him were two bodyguards.

Just as a bad idea sprouted in his heart, Mo Leeshen left the room. After he left, two bodyguards immediately went up and lifted her up without saying anything. The photos fell onto the floor and she was dragged directly to Mo Leeshen's study room, rudely throwing her onto the cold floor!

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