CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C4 Thorough Breaking of the Heart
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CEO's Ex-wife Has Twins/C4 Thorough Breaking of the Heart
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C4 Thorough Breaking of the Heart

She struggled to get up, but the moment she did, a kick landed on her knee and she knelt on the high grade wooden floor.

Just like that. Humiliated and humbled, kneeling behind the desk in front of Mo Leeshen, she raised her head and looked up at the man she once loved deeply, but now, she didn't know if she should still love him, whether he was worth it or not!

Soon, the door to the study opened again. Mo Leeshen's special assistant, Zhe'ning, walked in with a grey suit. He put the documents on the desk and respectfully moved to the side, lowering his head.

"I'll give you one last chance. Why did you harm my grandfather?" Mo Leeshen spoke with a gloomy tone.

"I didn't, I …" Leh Zifei's face was pale, her heart had suddenly shrunk, and beads of sweat dripped from her forehead.

"He's just an ordinary old man who doesn't care about worldly affairs. How could you do that?" Mo Leeshen did not want to hear her quibble, so he clenched his teeth.

"I really haven't! "Why are you so unwilling to believe me?" The high tone indicated her emotional agitation.

"Believe you? Heh … "Then let me ask you, what did you tell Liu Zhiyan tonight?"

Mo Leeshen changed the topic of the conversation. The way he looked at Leh Zifei became increasingly cold and gloomy.

"We didn't say anything, I …"

"Us? It seems like the two of you are quite familiar with each other.

Mo Leeshen suddenly laughed. It was so dazzling, yet Leh Zifei felt like the world collapsed. How could he say such words? How could he insult her like this?

Looking at her on the spot, she looked like a pitiful pet that had been abandoned by its owner. Mo Leeshen couldn't bear it any longer, but in the next moment, he wiped out the emotion that shouldn't have been there!

He looked at Zhe'ning and Zhe'ning immediately went up and said:

"Young Husband …" Cough cough … Miss Leh, if you didn't have a conspiracy with Liu Zhiyan, why would the research and development data of the dual camera smart phone that young master gave you for safekeeping appear on Liu Zhiyan's desk?

"What?" I don't even know what you are talking about. I... "I put that information in your study, I …"

Leh Zifei was momentarily flustered and her words were disorderly. She was muddleheaded and did not know anything about what was happening outside. It turned out that Jiang Xinyi's words were not baseless.

But she really didn't make any deal with Liu Zhiyan, didn't give him anything!

"I thought you'd have a better excuse! I've picked up the surveillance cameras around the mansion after I gave you the information. There's no one suspicious, and all the bodyguards are outside. Only you and Sixth Uncle have been in and out of the villa. The milk my grandfather drank was also in your hands. The poison must be added to the milk in order to paralyze one's nerves, and there was no poison detected in the milk my grandfather drank. "Leh Zifei, you're really scheming this well!"

Mo Leeshen gritted his teeth. He could tolerate her stealing the company's secrets, but she could not harm his only family in this world!

She stood up and walked step by step to stand in front of her. She lowered her head to look at her. It was not like they had never met before, but at this moment, Leh Zifei instinctively felt a sense of danger!

Sure enough, the next moment she felt her scalp tighten. Mo Leeshen grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him. Leh Zifei frowned from the pain and begged,

"Alright. Pain... "Ah Shen, I really didn't harm grandpa, I didn't follow Liu Zhiyan …"

"Shut up!" You bastard! What qualifications do you have to call me grandpa?! "

Mo Leeshen roared angrily. The flames of fury burned in his eyes. He raised his hand and slapped. In his fury, his slap sounded extremely ear-piercing in the quiet study.

Zhe'ning, who was watching from the side, felt his heart skip a beat. "Young master never beats up women …"

Leh Zifei's vision blurred, and in the next moment, her left cheek was burning. Hot pain, ringing in his ears, dizziness, and a sticky feeling from his left ear to his cheek. paste. The flow of the liquid made him feel as if he was bleeding. His abdomen also felt a little uncomfortable.

She subconsciously reached out for her left ear. When she reached back, she saw yellow and red fluid/sticky substance on her hand. The red color was blood, while the yellow color was. Was there a rupture in her eardrums?

She raised her head and looked at Mo Leeshen in fear. Her eyes were filled with grievance, confusion, and helplessness. However, the man in front of her had long hated her to the bone! Why would he care about the condition of her ears?

She saw Mo Leeshen turn his head and say something to Zhe'ning. Her ears were buzzing and she couldn't hear clearly. She only saw his cold gaze sweeping over her body and leaving with a murderous aura.

Zhe'ning looked at his hair on the ground. scattered. In the chaos, the bloodied Leh Zifei couldn't bear to do anything, but he had no choice but to do what her young master asked.

'Make Young Madam... Miss Leh closed up in the backyard, forbidding the delivery of food and water, and also forbade anyone from visiting, especially Young Master Ouyang! "


Leh Zifei only came back to her senses after she was locked in the small dark room in the backyard. The entire world was dark, and apart from the buzzing sound of her ears, there was nothing else.

She forcefully calmed her mind and told herself that she must not be agitated. She had to control her emotions or else her child would be hurt!

Mo Leeshen had made up his mind. He was determined to kill her. She had to fight for the life of the child in her stomach!

At this moment, Leh Zifei was thanking Jiang Xinyi. If she hadn't argued with her and almost fell down, she wouldn't have realized how much she cared about the child in her womb.

"Open the door! Open the door!" "Ah Shen, I've already conceived your child. You can't do this to me. The child is innocent, Ah Shen …"

Leh Zifei's mind was in a mess as she repeated the same words over and over again. She kept knocking on the heavy metal door that separated the light from the outside. However, there was no movement from outside the whole night!

Mo Leeshen was listening to Zhe'ning's report about Leh Zifei crying. When he said that she was pregnant with his child, he only disdainfully smiled and said, "Even if she is, I will not let her stay!"

The next day, Ouyang Ze came to the door, trying to take Leh Zifei away by force, but he blocked her in the front yard. Leh Zifei cried. After shouting for an entire night, Zhe'ning could not bear it anymore. He reported about the child once again. In front of Ouyang Ze, Mo Leeshen said emotionlessly:

"Let her think clearly, is the child mine or Liu Zhiyan's, or some other wild person's! Even if it's mine, it will only end up the same way, kill it! "

The last two words were heartlessly spoken!

Ouyang Ze could no longer control his clenched fists. He cursed and waved towards Ouyang Ze's face.

Mo Leeshen also had no place to vent his anger. After taking a punch, he returned the blow ruthlessly.

Both of them were practicing martial arts, there was no airs, neither of them let the other go. They ruthlessly beat the other to death, Zhe'ning could only stand aside anxiously. As for the bodyguards, they pretended to be deaf and blind!

Zhe'ning checked the time, it was three hours, a godly person!

"You and Fei have been together for so many years. Don't you know a thing or two about her? "She won't do that. Don't hurt her again. I will give you an explanation for this matter!"

As soon as he arrived, Ouyang Ze said that even if he couldn't take Leh Zifei away in front of Mo Leeshen, he had to tell him to temporarily stop crippling her. Dammit!

In his heart, he thought that as soon as he relaxed, he would immediately seize her and send her to the E Kingdom, which was a government office there. If Mo Leeshen wanted to have some relationship with him, he couldn't do anything to Leh Zifei there.

If all of these methods fail, he still has other tricks up his sleeves!

Mo Leeshen did not answer Ouyang Ze. Before all the evidence pointed towards Leh Zifei, he also thought that he knew her. There must be a secret behind this, but there was no secret behind it. Leh Zifei did all of this!

Ouyang Ze sighed from the bottom of his heart and pushed himself to the limit. He stood up and looked at Mo Leeshen who was still lying on the ground. "Brother, I have never been the right person for you in my life. Today … I want to try! "

Mo Leeshen knew things were not going well. Before he made his move, he was already hit by the needle in Ouyang Ze's hand and lost consciousness in the blink of an eye.

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